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The Good Father

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PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 7:06 pm    Post subject: Energy Hook Questions Reply with quote

Hi everyone! I've been reading and learning a little bit about energy hooks recently, and I have a few quesions and figured this would be a good place to start! My main question is this: Are energy hooks always a bad thing? Or is it possible to have a hook that is desirable? For instance, could you be helping someone you love out by providing them with energy from an energy hook? Really I'm curious to know whether or not eliminating them is always going to have desirable effects or if you could possibly harm yourself or another person by removing energy hooks. Anybody know? Anybody have any good links about this stuff too?

Thanks for the help!

Peace and love always,
Rocky Smile
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PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 8:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Rocky,

When you help someone from a heart-centered love and grounding in Truth, then you're just naturally expressing yourself in the world on the principle of resonance. You resonate with people, and there is a give and take that occurs that's healthy.

But when you're acting from fear, false beliefs, control, power issues, then there are those energy hooks that connect people in harmful ways. Even when people think they're loving someone, it's often with that sort of attachment, smothering them, or holding expectations and beliefs about how they should be, not honoring their autonomy and right to make their own choices.

When you let go of those hooks, there will still be connection, but at a higher level of functioning, and actually you feel a deeper connection with people and with your life than you could before. You may actually lose some friends who are stuck in lower forms of relating, but can bless them on their own journey.

As you let go, and it's not a linear process but you can start to see the progression of it, you can experience that deeper sense of connection in the real sense, and know within yourself how different that is from the kinds of power attachments that only cause suffering.

It's really a blessing that we can know this choice is available to us.

There's a difference between resonance and attraction. People can be attracted to each other or to ice cream Smile, to relate in ways that aren't good for them. It's like an addictive craving. That's an unhealthy attraction, like empty calories, not real resonance. You get much better nourishment from resonance.

Your own growing discernment is what lets you know the difference!

Take care,
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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 1:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Rocky

What your talking about are Psychic or Energy Hooks that involve Energy or Psychic Vampires who steal your energy and make you feel like crap and run down and depressed. Usually this phenomenon involves the very people you are close to such as family, friendship and intimate relationships which alot of time people are not aware they are being drained of their energy and used. If you are opening yourself to recieve the light and radiate this light then others will hate you for being who you are and attempt to drain you since they are envious of what you got since they know they can never have it so as a result they reason you dont deserve to have this light so they drain you of your enrgy. It is just the way life is it seems. A lot of times people repress their feelings to such a point such as anger which is good to release every once in a awhile in a nondestructive(Such as Crying) way since people only wash the outside of their bodys, wash their food, forks, spoons and Hands , but rarely do people clean the the inside of the Psyche or Mind of Toxic garbage that build up overtime. If we become too toxic the Energy Vampires will cord you that is tap into your life force and mess up your energy dynamics where you feel like crap and really run down. So if some one is draining you it is not good since you pay the price. They feed on the Negative as well as the Positive so you have to have your gaurd up and be psychically aware of who is draining you or using you.

So you basically think about yourself and well being first, since you need to constantly recharge your lifeforce energy. Even when you try to Love people or Heal them that takes away from your energy and you have to recharge and do maintenance on yourself and a tuneup to be spiritually healthy. Same thing if you work your but off durring the day you sweat use up your physical energy and start to feel hungry so you have to eat otherwise trying to do your job will be a little hard to acomplish due to lack of energy. Plus you have to recharge yourself by sleeping a good amount of hours to feel rejuvenated.

I do not claim to be an expert on this subject but was reading a blog by Michael Tsarion on his blog on VAMPIRISM some people share their experiances and talk back and forth with Michael about questions about their relationships and with out warning they turn sour which they themselfs are at a loss to explain. What went wrong? I been reading them and looking at his reply and thinking about how it applies to myself. Altough Michael is extremely interested in this issue so he will produce a DVD that explains this and how to interact with people without getting sucked dry of your energy.
Here is the blog to read about this subject of Vamparism he is pretty knowledgable about how humans behave and how they respond from his own research and observing his own life and relationships and his past and present interaction with people good or bad.

Human relationships are very complicated and can be scarry at times in dealing with people. I am sure we all heard of the storys of the sordid problems people experiance in life. The person that comes first is you since you have to learn to let go and let them figure it out for themselfs the mysteries of life. If you try to save the world your definetly going to crash and burn and probably think about killing yourself feeling guilty that you failed to save humanity. It is not worth the energy. This is something we all need to learn about how to identify people that are trying to steal our energy and how to say "NO!" and put up a shield. Well any way Rocky when people are smiling at you, you really don't know whos behind the Mask, it could be a person whos so goal is to kill your soul so to speak and like a vulture pick at your flesh and leave you for dead.

So it is not good for people to steal your energy without asking you since it is your property not theirs so protect it at all cost and purge the toxic crap out of your Psyche and in all relationships try to maintain your center.

Just my oppion Rock I am not sure if there are any links on the subject that you can trust for your information but you have to decide this for yourself. Very Happy

You might try sending Dr Linda Kingsbury an email on this subject since she can probably explain it better then I might since she is a gifted full psychic so she might be able to answer your question. Heres her Website she is also an acitive Orgonite gifter and a very good friend of Carol Croft. She also works with natural ways of healing and does some work with Dolphins. She has a very nice personality and easy to talk to. If you do email her she sometimes has a spam blocker active so keep Emailing her until she Emails you back Very Happy

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Kimball Kinnison

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PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2006 6:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yay, Loggin worked!

Energy hooks, huh? Untrained these are very distracting, systematically dystopic and unhealthy. When I say untrained I am postulating that these are natural abilities that all sentient life have. They get stuck inside us when we make (subtly or directly) connections and agreements with people that are fully less than equal and synergistic. When one is lodged into the bodies there is usually a cord that traverses the 'distance' between beings that carries energy and information from one to the other (It's always two ways, though the cycle of flow changes). Most PJ ( and a lot of those taking off their bedclothes) beings are never aware of the mass spiritual entaglements they are creating everyday and that huge amount that already exist. There are ways to train the Self to utilize the abilities we all have that manifest these phenomenon we are discussing; the bodhisattva path is the one beingness that is required to start though. (Most here on this forum already have this as their foundation so that'll easy... Look it up if you're unfamiliar with the term. If you are really a worker for Life you'll instantly self-recognize when you see the various definitions available. )
There's always payoff for both sides in situations like this. Unhealthy short-cuts that degrade the existence of all doing these actions and agreeing to continue withthe relations that curently exist or that have been set to happen. Finding the payoffs and getting a healthy solution and surplus of these needed infoenergies is important to lastingly keep hooks of others away when they are unuseful and dysfunctional.

Now, these 'hooks' can be a VERY strong power for benefit when trained to be appropriate and self-sustainably sharing and synergized with Self. A flexible and focus 'hook' can extract unwanted excess that is cloggin someone sheaths and deliver it to someone who has a desperate need for this excess in their existence. One must being fully response able for one's capabilities and the Communication MUST be clear, full and cohesive between EVERYONE involved. This is _difficult_ and very -very- worth the travails and tribulations required to refine the skillsets needed. I first began this practice by repeatedly releasing and requesting release of my many hooks withint others to return to me with only what I need for myself IF there was enough surplus of the same within those situations it would be coming from and they agreed to this, with the one caveat to there being zero agreement formed by the other 'party' being that only if Divine Truth guided my higher self to retrieve a energetic that was _required_ for my continued Mission here. This took years to really have an affect lastingly, though I did feel changes instantly at first, intermitent though they were. I learned that when this choice is made by a being, the hooks they have turn from being an energy form that usually has a barb or other anchoring system into 'crooks', forms without the barb that (looks like the handle of most canes, are much softer to the energies they travel through and are much easier to disentagle.
Eventually, I was cleared from enough obstructions to experience and become empowered into the Energy Field of Amitayus, the Buddha of Limitless Life. In the meditational work of the red Buddha Amitayus, after much preparation via focused thought and Will of the boddhisatva path, only holding to actions that bring lasting benefit to all beings and full acceptance of good being the only lastingy existence - the essence of the Buddha Amitayus merges together with one's Mindstate, becoming inseperable. Then crooks of red light energy stream out in all directions and times to places of abundant experience, joy and health and bring to the body precious jewels, metals, experiences and fullness that are uneeded excess of those 'places' - dropping these within the sheaths of the bodies appropriately and they dissolve into your lifepath, bringing the connection with Life enhancing expereinces and surplus co-creation which benefits and enlightens all Beingness.

The focus of intention, balance, and communication is the key to unlocking nearly all of our Potential to bring Joy, Abundance and Health to be shared with all, so too with the abilities we all have as What We Are. Every composite thing is transfigurable to enable benfit to all.

May LoveLight ever be shining bringhtly to, from and through you,
Jason Kimball
Be truly Yourself: a care filled, response able, riskful, and confidently, compassionately, effectively empowered Solutionist.
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PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2006 10:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have met Dr. Kingsbury,
She is exactly who and what she says... likely more. She is a superior individual.
.I recommend her without hesitation.
Her calendula ointment is a product that I use regularly, because it works and (forgive me) has a high vibratory rate.
As does Linda.
Thank you for supporting WarriorMatrix at:
Please, share...
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