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The Buddha on the Road of Life
By Hantayo

I am a very introspective type person and have been for most of my life. I have always actively sought to learn about and understand the world around me. I also actively seek the world within me, and over the years I have grown to realize several major insights that I feel to be truths.

I am still in the discovery process and will be until my light goes out, so my list of convictions is still in the making.

These are some of my conclusions about life, the human soul, reincarnation, and the Orgone energy nature of the Great Spirit we call GOD, that vast Sea of Universial Conciousness.

My Ten Insights:

I. Consciousness is a result of the natural occurring Universal, eternal, orgone energy field.

I think it prevails throughout the entire physical universe.

I also feel that it is Chi, Prana, or Orgone energy (Heck, use any concept to name it).

I believe that this vast Sea of Universial Consciousness that we are all imbedded within is the Living Spirit of GOD.

I also call this Sea of Consciousness, the Matrix of Life.

GOD almighty experiences all the worlds within the Matrix, through the eyes of all living things, especially us.

II. The matrix of life has multiple dimensions. We are currently imbedded in what I will call the 3-D world.

Our 3-D realization of the Earth world is only one of many that we have the potential to access, the next one over is very close to its next door neighbor.

Another “reality” is located just next door to ours. To use a metaphor, one might envision the multiple dimensions of reality as very thin pages in a very large book… the book of life goes on, and on. The Earth, and our 3-D version of it, is a hostess of Universial Conciousness. She is just perhaps one of trillions.

III. This life we now experience is a school. We graduate when we die and pass into one of the dimensions next door. I think our karma guides us through each life. If one lives a good life, then one may advance to one of the higher dimensions and are rewarded with a higher state of awareness. Live badly and one might descend to a lower state of awareness.

Spiritual awareness and our conscious perceptions of it give us the perceived consciousness “of being alive.”

IV. All living things are organic receptors of this eternal and universal consciousness to one degree or another. Inorganic things also have orgone but without receptors I don’t know if they have the gift of consciousness so as to be “informed” of their surroundings.

V. All living things within 3-D are specialized containers of Orgone Energy and its accompanying state of consciousness. The “containers” of this consciousness come in multiple shapes and sizes, as each species varies, based on its DNA nature.

Be it a butterfly, a tree, a fish, a gnat, or a human… all living things are processing the same “information” that constantly surrounds us.

It is the result of our species general nature as to how accurately we process this information and visualize it into a state of reality.

VI. There are billions upon billions of frequencies that compose the true nature of “life” and allows for individual Self Conciousness to occur.

VI. Every class of organisms in the 3-D world is supplied with a set of built in sensory receptors and processors. The receptors have the ability to experience just certain limited frequencies out of the billions or trillions that make up the matrix of the Universial life force, for instance we have ears to hear, eyes to see and etc… The processors allow it to experience, or make sense of just a tiny part of its overall environment.

These sensory receptors and processors come from pre-designed sources that we call DNA.

DNA is an organic program that is passed along through the genes. It is our physical blueprint and determines the extent and ability of a living thing to process those certain frequencies that allows that creature to experience and process the perceptions necessary for that species to survive best in its environment. For instance a wolf can smell a thousand times more effectively than a human, and a bat can hear a thousand times better than we, because in their environment they have a need to be able to do these things.
In nature these are important survival tools for those particular species.

Humans have no real need to hear the same frequencies that a bat processes. We humans actually process a very low range of frequencies.

It is the DNA of a species that determines what processors are needed for that species to survive in the three dimensional world.

One could say that DNA alone determines how a living thing is equipped to experience its life in processing data and realizing universal consciousness, through limited degrees of self awareness.

Humans have the processors required to achieve a much broader state of awareness than a wolf or a bat while processing fewer frequencies, due to our complex central nervous system.

I read once that if all the known frequencies of sound were laid out as a line measuring ten meters long, a dog would be able to hear about one centimeter of those frequencies and a human just a millimeter.

VII. The Receptor/processors of universal consciousness are our basic sensory devices all living things have such as ears to hear specific frequencies, eyes to see specific frequencies, and skin nerve endings to feel certain frequencies. Our brain processes all this data and reveals a thought form of our 3-D world. We create an image of it ourselves.

Every living species in the 3-D world are extremely limited in their ability to process only that information necessary for that specific species to survive, and thrive. Every living species creates its own awareness of the Matrix.

VIII. That Matrix we are all experiencing to one degree or another is that state of consciousness that we call life. It is the force that is also the soul of the entire physical universe. We draw and share that eternal energy with our mother the earth. I believe it is her energy… she is blessed with it, by just being just what she is, a living planet. We are her creations, we are her eyes, GOD sees reality through her eyes, as well as billions of other living planets. We have been conditioned by elements of our kind to think that God blessed us with cosmic consciousness as his own personal creations. I believe HE created the universe and gave it the power to create living things through itself. God is the physical body of the universe; his spirit is our state of consciousness.

We humans can “think” (because we are able to process more information than many other species). We think that “WE” are the main focus point in our lives. We eventually come to believe that universal consciousness is “our” soul.

WE think it is US that illuminates our lives and allows us to experience this life. WE think WE are the centers (Hantayo) of our world just about as much a light-bulb thinks it is.

An illuminated light-bulb thinks it’s doing a fine job of being a light-bulb and is usually pretty feeling self important about all the light he is creating around him, until someone turns off the switch. The poor ole light-bulb goes out and experiences nothing more, until that force is turned on… once again illuminating him.

IX. My theory on “reality” is that the Earth and perhaps our whole solar system… heck the entire UNIVERSE is the original source of our consciousness and our perception of self awareness.

The Earth has its own individual Earths share or portion of this universal “soul”. The soul can be measured it is pure energy…Orgone energy; the Earth sheens with it. We humans have measured it and we now call it the Van Allen Belt.

We humans are a real part of our Earths soul.

We are Earthlings.

We are the most intelligent creature on Earth, at least within in our dimension.

Earth allows us to perceive life around us through its living soul.

As intelligent creatures we are only capable of processing just enough information from the Earths frequencies to make us think that we are the center of that power.

We are constantly fooled by all the illusions being created by our senses. We are only seeing what we are capable of seeing, not all that there is.

The longer each of us lives, life gradually loses its original magic and its wonder, as we each become more and more embedded into the matrix of our daily existence… which we come to regard as our reality.

When we each entered into our current life as new human infants we were all basically tabula rosa (blank slate). Then our brain grew and developed while processing all the information around us. Soon we slowly developed our own cognative perceptions of reality.

At about the age of three years we had developed enough cognative ability to have a sense of self realization. Then as we aged, we become more deeply imbedded into our concept of reality. We then begin forming our own impressions of reality through our senses and our processing of those perceptions into what we “think of” as reality.

All of our conditioned responses became a major part of our personality. We soon begin to think that the very essence of “our soul” is ours…just like the light-bulb.

As we mature into adults we eventually become jaded to the miracle of life itself and we are most often blind to the beauties of that creation we are blessed to experience.

If one goes camping and discovers the most beautiful camp site he has ever seen, there is a beautiful waterfall, wildflowers growing everywhere, birds singing, and deer at the edges of beautiful woods…ahh the beauty…so unbelievable. He decides to stay. He sets up camp and stays. In thirty years he is still there…but the true beauty of the place is gone from his mind. Familiarity breeds contempt.

The place he camped is still as beautiful as it always was. The human’s perception of his environment had become jaded.

We must guard against this.

We must now condition ourselves to re-see the world as it really is, a very beautiful place.

A very young child sees the world as it really is, within our human perceptions, of course.

The aging process, along with outside conditioning, brought about by life in general, and interacting with other humans, tarnishes those original images of our surroundings.

We all begin taking on life as a self perceived personal experience, then we begin to take that for granted, and we begin to believe what the conditioning has done.

Not one to want to quote him, but President George W. Bush said recently something to the effect that if you say the same things often enough, the propaganda is soon a belief.

In old age we reflect on how we might have done certain things to make life more meaningful. We can sometimes catch glimpses of that other “reality” laying just a very thin page away. When our body wears out and we can’t stay in it any more, we slip away into the vast sea of Universial Conciousness.

Within it we cease to be ME and we become IT.

IT can experience all the lives within trillions of universes if IT wishes, and WE are able to return to 3-D reality if WE feel WE really need too.

This is an old Zen parable: If you see Buddha on the road please kill him.
Gift as if your future depended on it.
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