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PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2006 11:47 pm    Post subject: Disclaimer and caution statement Reply with quote

The link to this video should not be viewed by all. If you are blissfully happy doing the orgonite thing and saving the world that is a fine thing. The content and intent in this is very blatant and in your face kind of statement of how bad things could be. However watching several boards over long periods of time lead me to believe there is a functioning well established network in the area of the country in question.
The simple fact that this comes from a political board may lend confirmation to the awakening of more of the general public (I can only hope).
Note the first lines.
"He's one of the leaders, the leader of the one I was just at".
Hard core evidence of how evil it can be. Yes, this unbalances some people. For the warrior spirit though I offer this link.
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PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2006 12:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Minuteman I watched the Video in its entirety enventually people are going to get fed up with our NAZI like goverment and treat the Government Lackeys and Puppets like the Frankenstein Monster it is and chase it through the woods with torches and pitchforks. And put an end to this Frankenstein monster like they did in the movies.

Yes the People are waking up slowly but the Controllers, Puppets, and the Alien All Seeing Eye are afraid of a real movement and one they can not control that has no leaders but a type of movement where people are in a round table like setup where they are all equal and all discussion is on the table good and bad and open for debate, where all the people are considered on an equal basis. We are many but they are few. The ones they fear are whole populations of the World and USA the people who act on their own and think for themselfs and refuse to be controlled by Politics(Useless) or Religion(Useless) in symbolism they rule us by the Crown or the Cross. I think people are waking up and getting sick of the Constant BS the Illuminated Asses (The True Profane) who are spiritually dead and extremely toxic are constantly throwing at us their Hegelian Dialectic BS. Since they Create the Problems (Like all of the Wars, piting people of one race or belief against another, War on Terror so they can comit their crimes against humanity like torture and throw us into a concentration camps that are altready maned, setup and ready to recieve Terroist which is US who want simply to be left alone. War on Drugs so they can bring in the drugs and destroy peoples lives and become fiilthy rich while destroying the Soul of an Innocent Spiritual Being. They Control you by creating the problem, like 911 and they go over carpet bomb and brutally kill millions of innocent people and put a gun to civilians over in IRAQ and tell them get on their knees and then they blow their brains out.The people react (Please protect us from the bad terroist please Help us Government. ), then they make you believe their BS that they feel sorry for you and throw you a bone (With their solution the Pariot Act they tell you we will quickly round up them bad terroist we love you) and like a good little doggie they tell you go in the corner and shut up and live with what we give you. But I think most people can see through their Hegelian Dialectic BS they throw at people because they think most people are stupid and are easily manipulated since their Religious Institution especially the New Christian NAZI Right tell them how to think and what to believe which is how they really control people. Just Believe and don't you dare think or challenge US or God will send your sorry Ass to a Burning Hell forever. There is Serious Abuse going on in the Churches today where they try to control you and your life just ask the people whos been their. I say BS keep your distance and leave me be and let me discover the secrets of the Soul for myself and maybe the hidden mysteries of the Universe I dont need no Stinking Priest to tell me their fairytale version ot the truth. Their God or Jehovah is a Psychopath and one with human traits ready to kill you in cold blood and their human fairytale creation Jesus Christ is really a personification of the Sun and the 12 diciples represent the 12 houses of the zodiac since he says in my fathers house are many mansions. It is all Astrologicaly encrypted mythos so the poor superstiious and ignorant dummies will unknowingly worship the Sun (Jesus Christ who is the Light of the World) the Solar Cult of the Vatican. At one time their was the Moon cult practice by persia (Iran) and other nations look at their flags. Also the saturn cult (It is why the priest has a white ring around their neck and their black dress represented the saturn cult and monks shave their hair into a ring to also represent the saturn cult) and stellar cults. Their have been many savior Gods created to control men. Before Jesus Christ was Created the Romans worshiped Mythra. The World will be truely free when the Last Priest is strangled by the last entrails of the Last Capitalist. The Evil Sun Cult detroyed many of the wise men and woman since the Sun Cult was using their Occult (Hidden) knowledge to establish their New Religion Jesus Christ and By enforcing by Death of the sword if you refuse to (unknowingly Worship of the Sun) Worship Jesus Christ. So as a result they had to kill all the adepts and destroy the alexandrian library since this would expose the Sun cult as a bunch of liers. But most of the Very Powerfull and Great knowledge has been hiden by the Wise men or Adepts who wish to help mankind to discover many things about himself and the Universe and is kept secret from the Sun Cults eyes unitll such a time when manklind is ready to recieve this knowledge of who we are and why we exist and the mysteries that will finally give an answer to our existance and what are purpose in life is as well as many other questions will be answered.

And Once they are done with the people in IRAQ they are coming for you, me and others as enemies of the state and throw us into a concentration camp and torture us or kill us, what ever suits their Evil Toixc Ego and spiritually dead selfes.

A UPS driver that picks up our packages at the end of the Day mentioned to me about a man in Louisville Ky tarred a Federal Court House. I told him no I did not hear about that one. Here is the Story this is just one individual who decide to do something about it because he felt abused by the Federal Courts and felt like he was not getting justice. Since the Federal Courts are not True Courts but miltary type courts so they basically treat you like dirt.
http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060530/NEW S01/60530033/1008/NEWS01

It just shows you people are getting frustrated with the Matrix and they want out or desire a better life where no one bothers them including any government or any Priest sticking their nose where it dont belong. People want Justice and they are getting sick of the BS and Lies. Enventually a boiling point will be reached and all hell will break loose. Then government may try to grab the ones who escaped the matrix and throw them into a concentration camp in order to prevent them from showing the rest of the people how to escape the matrix and be free indeed.

Just my Thoughts.

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