Who´s had good experiences with them?

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Jay Daga

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 7:22 pm    Post subject: Who´s had good experiences with them? Reply with quote

I meant to write about this already about week ago... but now i make own topic about it. So, have you had any good experiences with UFOs or ETs?

I have had many very interesting experiences... really odd dreamtime experiences and have seen quite many times things in the sky that are not ´normally` seen there.
the dreamtime experiences have been most clear and appearing real experiences with ETs, they have been most often very clear and what has happened has in some way always been clear to me, even though i wrote "odd experiences"... i have been in quite many,,,hmm,, places . . and i understand many times of my whatever travels on whatever levels (not only on astral) have been guided by something, i dont know how to explain,, by spirit simply said..... and sometimes i have had experiences with ETs and those are different.
First time when i "met" some clearly et being in dreamtime i became aware in one dream of my dreaming and then got in my mind clear awareness that i shall go to another "room" (in the dream;house) and meet an alien there. i went there and noticed next to me standing short brown being. I felt moment of fear and then got over it very shortly, i asked it by words if it has connection to my mind and got telepathic answer `yes´. another question what i asked from it was ´who are you` and the answer was
"do you want to know about divinity, love or history/infinity . . . and i started to wake up and in next moment was in my bed awake. This happened in time of solar eclipse in autumn of 2001 if i remember right. Before this time great will to become aware of everything in philosophical and ontological way,, from very base level of all existence i wanted to understand everything and had understood that there exists some numerological pattern in our reality and in everything that i had not yet grasped quite well. This experience lifted my consciousness to understand the first infinity between third and fourth dimension. this was the conclusion and clear understanding what i got from that some strange experience.
About three months later i had another this kind of clear experience with something looking visually veryvery ET... i was in dream and in the sky there were ufos and one of them came to where i and my friends were standing. I saw and felt a shot of light coming from one ufo to me and i said to my friends calmly that ´i go now´,, like see you later,like that... and then i started to float towards the ufo that was closest and had shot the light. I was in next moment sitting in back seat of taxi and the driver was quite long, grey colour humanoid..... i got of those sort of beings that kind of info that they are some "zetas" and later i learned that some longer sort of those grey beings are "antarean"... whatever. My experience went on so that the being asked me a question that " what kind are you??" and i didn´t understand what that meant,, what question was that... ´asked it what that means,, what u think?` and the answer was that ´you are that kind of cute and very intelligent.` i got again short moment of confused thinking `whatta..?´ and started to see a vision. I was very high somewhere above some big water, a lake. On the water there were many many ducks swimming and they made some very detailed geometric patterns and i felt at the same time some sort of loading of information coming into my mind... or activating in it. Then i went lower and into the water and floated towards a shore and then the vision faded and i saw clearly just how i floated very near to my home and went towards my room and the bed behind the wall and without any change, without any waking up, i was back in my body and felt absolutely amazingly good and happy about what just had happened.
This activation concerned understanding of second infinity which exists between the sixth and seventh dimension (2/3 of 3/3=9).
Then, third experience was such that i was in some cave where some king was sleeping or was otherwise in very liveless condition.. I saw there some grey tall being, familiar from somewhere earlier,, dancing in a way like some shamans would maybe do and it was there to heal the king, to wake up...
Next moment i was just standing there with the being and talking this and that about how plain too normal the 3D life is and that i like so much more of the reality where it is so easy as in that cave there, to mentally slap some empty cigarette package in the ground and make it fly for some meters..... like that,, or to walk trough walls or fly without any other effort than just willing it, and the being just nodded yes yes,, understood what i felt.

that time was somehow special in a way that it was third and final in that part of reality,, it opened somehow the understanding of third infinity which connects all of them and thus opens portal to higher dimensional existence. In other way said, it opens in third dimension, a higher dimensional energy portal in order for the existence to heal itself or work like that, that where i go, there can flow that sort of energy in to the energetical atmosphere. It was as something,, ability to boost and heal with energy and very deeply to concentrate on something had appeared to myself. Im not saying that my concentration is veryvery good always and that i am always on such levels of consiousness consciously, , , it just happened so that i will not forget some of those things anymore as they opened up to me like that. I understand someones concern might be concerning this the named numerological pattern of some sort,, some structure of the existence in our reality.... I can guarantee somehow that it has not much anything to do with any sort of hierarchy even though i used word "higher" and thus also lower.

After these three experiences and the time around them i had many very powerful dreamtime experiences where i felt i remember something i have not remembered for a very long time and they only were able to happen because in some of the experiences somewhat guided by spirit (?higher self?, own-, multidimensional self) i confronted hug loads of fear and always easily got over it and got it transmuted so that the fear went out of me and in came the information/energy in numerological/geometrical or in form of hieroglyphs from somewhere,, feeling told of egyptian or atlantean origin...
I felt many of these experiences were in a way of ET nature and in a such way `ancient´ that it doesnt matter if the origin is from earth or not... in time when all the information concerning reality´s important things has been known by all people around the world the population of our world has been partly ET anyway,, and still is.
The energy/information/consciousness is universal.

First when i came to internet and found all the information what was partly familiar to me due experiences what i had had, i did not know how deeply corrupted all of the info in net actually was and it took about some year or two to find info about orgonite and sent mail to Don to get an answer which contained info that for example the I AM is corrupt movement and its the same fascist system in control of manymany, maybe most sites in net that are telling about esoteric things... i should have guessed it all myself already but life has its ways to show important things in one way or another... hmm,, intuitively i never got very interested about some things that are most certainly the deepest sort of manipulation of mass psyche... i felt not good to read some things.

In some times, not many times, i felt how something sort of evil tried to do something to me and was also in some guided dreams confronted with something like that... one time i was after hours of travelling somewhere in really extraordinary realms in a black space where there was some entity which communicated to me it wanted my soul,,, i surrounded my "self", become conscious of love and the entity got shot of it and vanished and i was flushed to some other realm where the guide was waiting with other ones who were also guided there...
One time i woke up at night and could not move. I felt something trying to get into me and just concentrated to love it and hahah it got away soon and i got own hold of my body. in this same night my mother was visited in her dream by some really really cold looking evil woman who looked at her and my mother felt very bad due that......

After those experiences connected to each other (threefold) i had different sort of experiences... some of them was a dreamtime experience,,, i cannot remember the whole dream but in it i was given a gift by someones, it contained roller skates with both having four violet colour wheels and i saw in my vision strong statement/text SIRIUS FULL POWER . . hah. After this one dream when i have felt something not so nice trying to surround me or get close to my field it gots automatical shot of this energy which was loaded into my energybody by these many experiences and this sirius one.

Every now and then i saw ufos in my dreams and also sometimes in realtime... not very often but sometimes.

Then, i had experiences with arcturian energy,, definately most odd experiences of all what i have had.. I´m trying to compile what i tell in this text now,, hmm.... I tell one and the most clear of these experiences that far,,;:
Well,, one morning i wake up from dream,, and in a short moment of coming back to my body and still `seeing`in dreamtime vision because have not opened my eyes, i saw very strong statement/text " arcturus - log in " ... and knew that if i better get back to dreamtime and not wake up now. I can not compile the whole dream here, but in one part of it when i was "very far" i saw some device with a screen in it and some sort of buttons or thing to use the device. It contained huge list, i dont know how many, maybe millions and millions,, different detailed information and a picture of different beings.... i looked at some in the list with detail and saw , well, many sorts of beings... these all had something to do with this Arcturus- what happened. I felt moving with huge speed many times to many different places then and also part of time, some times, were conscious in my body, not moving but feeling in trance and hearing some very insectlike but anyway robotic device doing some operation to my left hemisphere of head..... it was weeeeird.... huh.... I remember some writer telling that some hyperspace beings had told the experiencer "to try to be not so amazed" of what was happening to him.
This was most physical contact so far and it was great,,, i got good feeling of it and felt something reeeeeally opened up in my awareness and way how i could concentrate to boost energy on anything... and maybe something else too. After this experience i felt in meditative mindstates that when some specific three things (three triangles?) connect in my energybody, i open vortex of really strongly flowing energy and at that time feel strong pressure around my head and light feeling in third eye... others who have meditated with me in those times said by their own that they experienced very strong energy at those times.
Also, just around the time when this arcturus thing happened, i saw a dream where i was walking somewhere outside and UFO flew in the sky and came to me and i went into it and remember some "beings"..... then, after this kind of dream i noticed i have some strange mark in left side of my head,, circle..... like to show and tell me for sure that what happened to me was extremely real.

Not long time after this experience i came to read about "implants" and became littlebit concerned because the texts told only about very very not nice implants and nothing of any good ones. But, i had such good experiences and actually very strong trust to who i had met in dreamtime and all those experiences, that i do not think that i have been manipulated in any way but in some natural (for this time) way activated.

This one is the last one now,, happened about two weeks ago. Well,, i was in my bed, had woke up but was almost sleeping, still feeling my body,,, i felt how in area around my head something changed and my "head become bigger" and feeling heavy... then very loud noise,, like some machine or motor, started in the left side of my head, or actually inside..... and i tempted for a moment what is this and should i just accept all or shut it off somehow.... and i felt safe to go with it... and was in lucid dream after that long time.
If someone asks me where im from,, i dont feel really true to answer im from finland,, i really dont feel like it. Im aware of something very ET in my energybody and its not problem in any way. I´m just working here,,, like all of you others in this forum and all life around orgone..

This text is ready now, i go to sauna now and throw water to father sky and mother earth and four winds and the creative force.... and rest in the energy of it all. Let all be blessed.


have you any good or interesting experiences with ETs or UFOs?
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 12:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I haven't had any experience as far as I know.

The bad aliens know I will take their ship.

And the good ones know That I feel if they have anything to tell me, come down physically and tell it to my face.

The higher dimesnions just make my head throb.....alot lately.

where is my jet pack THEY promised?
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 6:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


First, sorry if my spelling sometimes isn't correct, i'm from Denmark Smile

I have had only positive and loving experinces with ET's the last 10-12 years.
My experince shows that there are a lot of them, focused on the stuff going on present on the planet.

In fact they seem to play a more and more direct role in the development on Earth. Those I have been in contact with is tall angelic like beings, with endless love and care.

They appear in a human form like we know it, i think its called Adam Kadmon or Adam HU- man, but im not sure. It's importent to them that people on Earth are getting aware of that they are not alone in Cosmos.

So what I see is that there is good guys and bad guys. The bad guys seems to be the Little Grey's from Zeti Retuculli, and the Reptiles from the Draco System, among others, and the good guys serve a higher purpose of creation, and they have technologi and starhips that makes the grey's Ufo's look like old Ford-T's.

The positive thing about it, is that the good ET's are supervising the bad ET's, and putting on them a degree of control, also removing them from different Earth bases. The good ET's i have had experineces with, seem pretty much in control and charge, and is overseeing the hole thing on Earth, while things is chaning on the Planet.

They are very positive loving beings(Thats the Good ET'sSmile) and with a lot of humor, they make you feel worthy, and loved, like you are a brother or sister, its quite an experince, that leaves you with a warm feeling in the Heart! Very Happy

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