My Son's close Encounter

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In 1991, just a few months after the death of my first wife, my son Chris was 16 years old then. He had an after school job that ended well after dark. His drive to our country home was about 40 minutes.

At a country crossing he stopped at a stopsign. He noticed a bright light array off to his left. He got out of his pickup to get a better look at the strange set of lights.

He said that It was a huge ship moving slowly about 50 feet off the ground. It was just above the georgia pines that lined the highway. It was moving directly towards him.

As it approached the intersection, he said he saw about a dozen humans standing behind the windowed midsection, they were standing on a deck behind rails. They were all wearing various colors of jumpsuits. They were all caucasion looking, men and women. They appeared to be looking down at him as the ship approached. Some were smiling.

The ship then passed directly overhead of him. He discribed it as being completely silent, except for the moving air it displaced as it crossed over.

It was about 100 yards in diameter. The midsection was one large window perhaps ten feet tall. this window had no seams, and went completely around the craft. The interior of the ship was well illuminated. There were no flashing lights. As it passed overhead he noticed the underside was dark.

After it passed overhead it silently accellerated upward at a 45 degree angle and suddenly zipped off into a tiny speck of light that soon looked like any other distant star.

He claimed to have lost no time, he came home only a few minutes later than normal. He was never disturbed by the sighting, nor does he ever talk about it, unless I ask him to retell me the incident.

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