Where your thoughts-feelings go....by Starcat

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It has been said a little knowledge is a dangerous thing....
The Toltecs and other sages knew this.
I advise caution with what you invest your attention in because where your attention goes is what you begin to anchor more fully in your reality. If you can tune into the voice of Higher self you won't be caught out in a place of danger. If you are listening however strictly to
" mental " plane information that is making rounds on the net, your investement in vital energy might be getting usurped in ways that are not suspected.
The 3d stage guild navagator in Dune said he saw " plans within plans."
We are coming into a crossroads time and a nexus point by the feelings of many. To get too caught up in the intracacies of the negative agenda might have the effect of binding you to a timeline with them which would be sad. Human obsession is not a spiritually balanced thing and its ego-emotional body , DNA driven. When you go into those spaces and dwell there you are focusing mind energy and resonance there.So I say be careful where your beliefs go and check the balance of them against the type of realm you see as possible. Its far better to devote the lions share of your attention on the world you " want " to create rather than focusing on the negative. This is not to say one should drop their guard, but it should be tempered with the still inner voice of the intuitive mind.
I see quite a bit of belief system territory that could use a shattering in short order. Its a perspective and its rooted in perception.

until later
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