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PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 10:50 pm    Post subject: A bit of my reality Reply with quote


My view on the physical reality(3.D) we are in know is that the Earth was suppose to be a learning station, a place of free will, where you cuold have learnings, experincing to have an illusion where there was the illusion of being disconnected from the source, and through growth in many lifetimes, learn important things.

I also think from my own studies and experinces that the end goal for all physical life is to transcend the illusion of duality, and matter, so we realize that we are spirit having a physical experince and body, rather than a physical being having a spirit.

The time we live in now is the end time for Earth school, where many are closing up on different things, the choices we all have had, also through many lifetimes(If youre in to inkarnation) are being drawn together, this can be experinced as a life with many situations and people coming in and out of our life in a fast pace.

So by finishing it all in this lifetimes, we can move on to a greather thruth, the battle between light forces and dark forces is clear on a global level, and on a personal level its about making the right choises.

Much of what people accept as reality today, is what they are being taught and learned to be reality. some of that is usefull to navigate in this world, other stuff are keeping you from the truth, the truth about humanity being divine creations, with a journey to make, home to the source of all unconditional love.

As we awakend to the inner thruth, we also see that things is not allways as we where told they where, it simply isn't in the story books, and often if there is something in the books it sometimes is very misleading! Inner truth is a joyfull experince, that gives you the feeling of really knowing what's going on at different levels.

The Creation is much more than just the physical life as we know it, its just a little part, a very special planet in the corner of the galaxy, A planet that for centuries have had the attention of both dark forces and energies and light forces and energies.

But as I believe, there is a blueprint and a plan for every part of the creation, and the plan for the Earth is to move on to a new reality and dimension(in spiritual circles it's referred to as the 5.D) of love and light, a plan from the source. Those opposed or misguided are giving it all to prevent this great transformation to happen, because it would leave them out of control and nowhere to go. But many appears to have accepted the light.

Love is as I see it the highest intelligence in the cosmos, and humanity and earth are created out of that intelligence and Love. It seems that humanities brothers and sisters from higher worlds and other starsystems, eager awaits this great happening, Light being, very evolved are overseeing this plan and assist us if we want it, and are healing us and the planet all the time, so through our efforts, we are making a difference, and are anchors of love and light on this wonderfull planet.

Reality is an allways changing presence, that leads us towards greather understanding of who we are, and what our thrue origins are. We are allways protected if we choose the Light, we will allways recieve help in som form if we ask for it. My life has shown me that we are sorrounded by Angels, Beings of Light(Ascended Masters) and Brothers and Sisters from Cosmos, that finds great joy in helping us and transmit energi to us if we ask, and are open for it.

I know without a doubt that we all are on our way to great changes, that we should not fear, but embrace as a new beginning, where truth and love will be the reality. So many wonderfull things is in the near future for all people and the planet.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 12:56 pm    Post subject: More bits of my reality Reply with quote

Hi Smile

Well, here we go again with another part, or bit of my reality. I believe by following your intuition and your heart, you can acces your inner knowing and the Truth, I am not saying that what I experince is the truth, but that it's my reality, and what's the best part of it, it works for me Smile

It takes 3 dimension to sustain physical life, or the illusion of a physical existence. So the 3. dimension is known to us as the place where we experince our present physical life.

the 4. dimension is what's called the astral plane, it's a place that are very emotionel oriented, its the place where many rest between inkarnation(if you believe in inkarnation). The 4. dimension or astral plane have a section called the grey zone, a place or vibration where so called confused death people find themselves if their death had been violent or filled with frustration(suicide, drugs, e.t.c) from this vibration comes ghost stories, haunted places, poltergiest's, e.t.c. In the lower part of the 4.D you will also find a place you could call hell, when people dies they end up in a place in the 4.D that matches their inner vibration.

. The higher vibrating part of the 4.D has many loving and caring beings of light, that assist humanity, as guides, but the 4.D can be a mixed experince and therefore entity's from this place should be taken with a great deal of discernment. together the 3.D and 4.D is called "The lower worlds of creation". common for these dimension, is that you can experince seperation, time, and space.

the 5.D to the 9.D is the middle world of creation, where you and everyone is aware of yourself as a master and a spirituel multidimensionel being of love and light. The 6.D is where the DNA and blueprints for all lifeforms including humanity are. Also this is the place for light communication that is made among other things mostley of colors and tones, and ofcourse light, its the plane where the mind creates through your thoughts, and often the place wher you travel to under your sleep.

The 7.D is almost only creativity, light,tone,geometri, and expresing yourself in your purest form. This is a dimension of infinity, yet you see yourself a an individuel. The 8.D is where you see yourself as a part of a much vaster consciousness, here you are in touch wit ha much bigger and greater portion of who you are. You are focused on "Us" and "We", because youre existence and consciousness are focused towards working as a group.

The 9.D is the place of collectiv consciousness of planets, starsystems, galaxies, and dimensions, you will experince everything as being inside and within yourself. The 10.D to the 12.D is the "Higher worlds of creation". The 10.D is the source of rays of creation hosted by extremly vast cosmic beings or consciousness, known also as the Elohim, serving God or the source. Also this is the dimension where designs and models for creation is made, so they can be sent to the "middle world of creation".

The 11.D is the place before light created reality, the point of focus before any moment of creation, it's also the place for beings known as Metatron or any of the Archangels. The 12.D is the one place where all consciousness knows itself as being completly one with all that exist in creation.

As an example: In a part of the lower 4.D realms there is a source of darkness, from here many of the reptilian races operates together with dark brotherhoods or darkrobes.

fro the 5.D and "Up" we will find Ascended Masters, Angel, and ET's from a higher plane of existence, that through there own spirits evolution have chosen to serve the creation and mankind.

Every dimension has dimensions or plane within, that again has dimension and planes within, it gives a endless presence of reality, with multidimensionel layers, and parallel exsistence. As a being you will experince the reality of dimensions flowing together.

Many things we have to do ourself as humans, but we are not alone, we get help if we ask for it, we can have protection and help in very part of our life, so we can do our part of creating a better world.

In the end we can only do what we know, but no one is alone in this journey, there is a plan towards creating heaven on earth, that involves more than just the physical view of life, though its here our focus is at the present. The point is we are making a difference, and there is so much that we can do in our daily life. Smile

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