Interesting Reading on the middleEast courtsey of David Icke

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 10:45 pm    Post subject: Interesting Reading on the middleEast courtsey of David Icke Reply with quote

Hi All

I am a paid suscriber of David Ickes newsletter as well as the Cloak and Dagger. So I get some good info I can read. Although when you read the material in a quite place which gives you the opportunity to deeply contemplate what the Hell is going on in this world and who the real players are and also the invisable ones who are at the top of Pyramidic Hierarchy of the Illuminati who seem Xenophobic and never show their faces to the public because they are Cowards. I myself am a free thinker and read quite a bit and think deeply on the material I read and often reflect deeply back on myself as a human being which always causes a deep impact on me causing me to be humbled and brought to a place of humility. So yes I have to use discernment on what I read and it is not easy at times due to an Open Mind but it is each an everybodys responsibility to think for themselfs and rely on their own selfs for the truth since that is why we have Cults, Sects, and the Priestcraft because many people in this world refuse to think for themselfs and reject the hard path to perfection. Since the Priest tell the people don't think we will you tell you are version of the mysteries of Life and the Universe. But what ever I read is by my own choice and I alone bear the responsiblity of what I know or say. I can't prove what I am saying but that is for you to find out since you alone and nobody else is the final arbiter of truth. Very Happy

Here are some free articles courtesy of David Icke to the public on his view on
the middle east crisis and it seems all the countries got their trigger fingger on the nuke button ready to nuke each other.

Part 1:

Part 2:

next aritcle that will show up in my email from David Icke will be about the End Times but he will explain it to us folks about what it really means:




The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out Over The Weekend

'Fundamental to the manipulation is a massive conflict involving the Biblical land of so much 'prophecy' - Israel. This includes, it is claimed, the destruction of the mosque at Temple Mount in Jerusalem through either a 'terrorist bombing' or a manipulated 'earthquake'. The bomb is the most likely because of the horrors that would follow in terms of the Islamic response and I have heard this scenario predicted by my own sources several times over the years.'

It has got my interested peaked but I will have to wait Sunday. Very Happy
Although I don't know if the next newsletter will be free to the public but if it is I will post it as well.

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