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PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 11:39 pm    Post subject: Secret Space DVD Reply with quote

Hello Everybody I order today the Secret Space DVD from this web site:

I got this message from the Author maybe it is automatic and maybe all marketing hype:
---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
Hello Douglas Brown

I see you have purchased my latest film SECRET SPACE - you are one of the first people in the world to have purchased this new movie.

The press reviews have only just been published.

It's release date has been deliberately kept secret. ›For seven years I have secretly been filming and editing this monster project. ›This movie contains footage which has been smuggled by very brave people.

The Secret Space DVDs are presently being manufactured in three different undisclosed locations and your consignment will be sent from one of several secret postal locations in order that the parcels we send 'make it through' the mail system.

Allow between: 12 and 28 days for delivery, depending on your geographical location.

Your support has helped us already put the sequel into production.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy SECRET SPACE. ›As always, if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me. ›I am always interested in knowing your reactions to my movies.

Kind regards
Chris Everard
---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
When the Video that Dennis posted "Stan Deyo's Video on Alien Tech & free Energy since the video is no longer available on his posted link. When I was watching the video Stan was saying that our goverment for many years has kept him out of the country for fear he would wake up the public to Illuminati Secret Activity on UFOs and that the Alien Tech has already been invented or they reversed engineered downed UFO's at Roswell.

So when I saw the email saying that I was the first one to order , I said to myself oh come on their is got to be more people that ordered this since many people are interested in this Stuff. The 2hr Video is suppose have some extremely rare Photos and Video the public is not someposed to see or know about. So I guess I am sticking my neck out for some very hot contraband. David Icke and Chris Everard are the main host of this video.

I have also got video footage of the Apollo 11 flights showing that they were faked. I even have the full length Press Conference of the Apollo 11 after the astronauts return to earth (since they were always in low earth orbit due to the Van Allen Radiation Belt) and show them as bored as Hell no Joy for someone who was suppose to land on the moon my mom's little poodle is got more joy and expression then these guys it was very painfull to watch these guys in pain because they at times did not know how to give an answer to the questions that were asked very painfull to watch them. The funny one was when this British reporter asked "while you were on the moon did you see any stars" I was shocked at their response they lied you can see how they choked on that one Question. Of course they never steped foot on the moon which is the big lie of all time. It was a pain in the butt in trying to get these videos since the mail people kept losing them I had to send an email to the company that produced these videos and I explained I have not recieved yet and what is the problem and they would tell me they were already sent out. I asked again in 2 or 3 wks and the guy said you would not believe the trouble we have had in shipping these via mail. So they said if you still have not received we will send out a new order but they told me it should take 2 weeks something like 2 months. Something to think about when you are ordering dangerous stuff that that public should not have.

I got every video they produced is authored by Bart Sibrel from his Web site:

For the effects going to or leaving the moon. I analyzed this myself looking at the video footage and my guess they had to use a Powerfull telescope with motor driven Lens and a clock drive to keep the telescope tracking on the moon itself due to the earths movement and maybe offset so it drifts giving the illusion of the them passing around the moon. Of course they had to move the telescope back to the start position due to movement of Earths rotation and keeping zooming backwards or forwards which ever the case may be when they are shooting a sequence going to or leaving the moon but using trick photography like time lapse Photography even the distant shot of earth to make you believe they were half way to the moon is fraud since I watch them pull the stunt off by setting up the Camera and covering part of the spacecraft window with part of the earth obscured so it looked like a distant earth in the void. Their many first attempt the earth was oval not like you would expect. Of course people asked what the hell is that vibrations effects when the moon keeps being reset back to its starting position. Neil or one of the Astronauts says oh that is natural ocillation of the LEM that is BS. The Vatican from what I hear owns all the telescopes in the world. If you have a Powerfull one in your backyard they either pay you to not use it or take it away from you. So what is on the Moon we are not suppose to see which can be seen by the most powerfull telescope they got. When I was young me and my Dad built a 6 inch reflector but did not have a clock drive that is used to sync the telescope with the earths rotation. We had to do it the hardway luckly we had a starfinder to get as close to the object as possible. So if I viewed the moon with the telescope it would race accross my view so I had to pull the telescope untill I got the view of the moon again but it was pain in you know what if you did not have a clock drive. At the time I knew most of the Constellations in the sky and had Star Maps to find the important objects in question. So if I view the Moon as powerfull as this telescope was You have to keep moving the telescope since the moon drifts right out of your view. I still for some unknown reason have a love for the stars and the vastness of Space. At a young age I was basically an explorer and very currious about the World and Nature itself.

Anyway when or if I get the video I will give a review about what is revealed in the video since it is about the UFO coverup by NASA and yes the bad guys the Illuminati have declared war on 100's these UFO entering our Atmosphere every day and what do they do shoot them down using modern and state of the art Starwars Tech and Nikola Teslas Death Ray. What puzzle my if these Illuminati are bad then what is up with these vistors to our Planet. I guess the Iluminati wants to Death Ray everybody and show them who is the Boss.

I also ordered David Ickes THE ILLUMINATI vol 2 - The AntiChrist Conspiracy. Like to see what that one is all about. There is also a THE ILLUMINATI vol 1 as well.

PS: I should Add the Secret Space DVD is Volume 1 "The Illuminati's Conquest Of Space" and they do have Secret Space DVD Volume 2 "Alien Invasion" planned to be released but date unknown, but it is not in production or on Sale as yet at their site although it has been shown to many people in its screening at a Free Thought Speakers convention with many guest speakers in attendance at a remote location.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 5:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello everybody

I have received my order of THE ILLUMINATI vol 2 - The AntiChrist Conspiracy which came friday 090106 and the Secret Space DVD is Volume 1 was delivered yesterday Saturday 090206.

Each of the DVD's are Narrated throughout by Chris Everard and each DVD had a brief interview between Him and David Icke about certain concepts. Chris Everard and David Icke seem to compliment each other since they were both in full agreement about each others understanding of the subject matter. Depending on the subject discussed their were other individuals that were brought in to discuss the subject matter depending which DVD you were watching.

The DVD's are full of Visuals, Movies, Photos, Sound Effects, and Music. The ILLUMINATI vol 2 - The AntiChrist Conspiracy was kind of spooky but it gave me food for thought. Well researched and he did bring out some interesting points.

The Secret Space DVD is Volume 1 had alot of Photos,actual film footage of UFOs many were photos over Nazi Germany as well as other countries which the germans probaby shot down and reverse engineered the UFO Craft they shot down and discovered the particular force driving these craft and gave it a name called the Vril force. They did not even invent this since they had know clue. They shot these UFOs down for the purpose of knowing how they work. The Third Reich was the first attemp in creating the NWO using germany which was controled by the ruling elite in Power for the so purpose of ruling with a Facist Iron hand. And all who oppose them get beaten savagely by their truncheons and tassers while hand cuffed and fully bound. This is happening in Tibet which under the mind controlled Most favored nation of china since Tibetan people who are very compassionate people and want to help those in need and do not desire war but peace. They wished to be an independent nation and pursue their understanding of knowledge on Life itself. Because they are people of peace and compassion they are deeply hated by the Mind controled chinese government created by the CIA and giving them the techniques in mind control. I did see movie clips (THE ILLUMINATI vol 2 - The AntiChrist Conspiracy ) of these people being beaten and savagely attacked. And you can look into their eyes and see the compassion and love they have for people but you also will fill pain and sorrow in their eyes as well. Many of them do protest against the chinese government but pay a heavy price of serious injury or death. I am ashamed to be an American in seeing what these people are willing to go through but yet nothing no matter what is done to them nothing seems to change that compassionate Spirit within themselfs because of their way of life but when they are beatened you can see the pain and sorrow in their eyes wishing for it all to stop. They even wonder why americans don't come to their aid. Some protesters in Brittain have protested but were beaten senseless like the tibetans are being beaten Their present Dali Lama sort of sold them out. What I have seen in China of the severe beating and rape of the Nuns and beating of the disciples is comming to america but it is here so when the people decide to protest the few the price they pay will be heavy and it will not be tolerated by the Mind controled America and Ruling Elite.

The other movie clips of Secret NASA Film footage. One of the Movie clips were from space and they were using an image intensifier so the the objects appear brighter than normal down below on the dark side of our Earth their was a massive thunderstorm and these UFOS would one by one converge near the massive Thunderstorm in formation according to Chris he said it was like they were Absorbing Etheric energy to power their ships something like Wilhelm Reich Orgone Energy. And you could see the flash of lightning at various locations on the cloud formation down below while these UFOS in formation were fixated on the storm below. Another movie clip from the shuttle flight near the Russian MIR International Space Station using again image intensifier which looked wierd the Space Shuttle was on approach to the MIR International Space Station but as you watched you could see shooting stars (The UFOs moving at like 1700 miles per hour and estimated craft size of like 1.5 miles across) Many shot passed the camera and one by one they formed a circle like formation around the MIR International Space Station and the final craft moved to the center and started to glow as well as the others. Chris commented about the circle formation and UFO craft flashing their craft to get the attention of the Humans on board the MIR International Space Station and Space Shuttle to him this indicated some kind of remarkable intelligence. This terribly spooked NASA and had them confused. Another movie clip shows a UFO moving toward the left of the screen and at that instance their was a green flash and the UFO quicly moved toward the upper right as if evading what Chris says was possibly a weapon. It is believed the Illuminati are trying to cause these craft to crash to earth so they can reverse engineer and get more technology and therefore more power since knowledge is Power. But without Wisdom and Compassion this is a dangerous thinking. Since it would be dangerous for the NASA Spacecraft to get to far inside of the Van Allen Radiation Belt high level of dangerous radiation and get fried big time by Dangerous radiation so maybe they are thinking maybe these recovered UFOs can help them break through the deadly Van Allen Belt since humans would be killed by the Deadly radiation. So how did we get to the Moon without killing the astronauts by going through the Van Allen Belt? One of the reason why NASA decide to fake it and fool the world is if they actually tried to pull it off and one or more of the astronauts were killed they feared the public would demad NASA be shut down their by stopping the flow of money going to NASA and end the program of the illuminati. Another Clip when the Shuttle was sent to repair the Spy Hubble Telescope. Most stuff NASA sends up via the Space Shuttle is of a Military Purpose. Their were two astronauts who were floating around the Hubble telescope trying to repair it one of the astronauts was spooked when he saw these UFOs comming near him the other more experienced astronaut explained to the lesser experienced one there is nothing to worry about keeping on working. The Space serpents were interesting and looked like a slithering slinky like creatures although the film in space above the earths atmosphere was of poor quality. But others recorded movies in our lower atmosphere by private individuals of simlar creatures. Although NASA brought over some very Nasty Nazi such as Wernher Von Braun who delighted in terroizing people with his V1, V2 and buzz bomb inventions when launched against the people of Great Britain. Most of these NAZI's were brought to America through the CIA oppration Paper Clip. The Nazi were also heavyly involved in secret weapons such as the UFO craft they shot down even Adolf Hitler believed in the existance of other life forms in our Universe. They Basically are continuing the Thrid Reich in American it never ended when Hitler killed himself supposedly. Basically they change SS NAZI Officer and Scientist Wernher Von Braun status on paper (Opperation Paper Clip) from being a War Criminal subject to the Nuremberg Tribunals to Good Guy. NASA = NAZI Aeronautica and Space Adminstration.

NASA main personal are all Free Masons including all the astronauts. Since Free Masonery at one time was an Altrustic Orgainization but got infiltrated by the Germanic Jewish group the Bavarian Illuminati according to Chris Everard. And many of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons since they had to flee to America due to the other nations routing the Bavarian Illuminati from their country. Of Course Washington was not to happy with the Take over by the Bavarian Illuminati and paid a heavy price latter on in his life. And our country America is paying a Heavy price for this infiltration and subversion of their original principals into a Luciferic One that is those who wish to use Black Majic , and to control Impure Spirits to harm others. Since their is Both Good and Evil in the Seen and Unseen Universe we inhabit Spiritually that is Spiritual Warfare has being going for eons since time began. Your choice the Dark Path or the Golden Path (This one is alot more difficult since you have to give up alot of things like selfishness, the Illusion that we are separate and learn a new mode of thinking that is almost impossible to accomplish at least in one life time but maybe the many lives according to the ancients)

The DVD's did not take very long to ship since it was shiped from another country via international mail. So if you are interested you can get it without very little problems. Both DVD's each have a sequel or another DVD being produced that continues on each subject matter and reveals more stuff.

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