The fake Ashtar and the real Ashtar!

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 10:15 am    Post subject: The fake Ashtar and the real Ashtar! Reply with quote


Anyone talking about ET's have met the name Ashtar or The Ashtar Command, their seems to be a fake Ashtar, some lower astral beings find a great entertaintment in imposing others and that goes for imposing Ashtar Sheran or the Ashtar Command .

Also their seems to be or have been something called The Ashtar Collective?! and a sort of decadent space computer:
That has the name Ashtar connected to it. People channeling beings, are not allways a complete channel of truth, and that goes for channelings ET's also.

The Ashtar Command is a part of The Galactic Konfederation of Light Worlds(positive ET's), My experinces with Ashtar and the Ashtar Command(They are a part of and co-operative with the divine forces) is positive and very uplifting, Ashtar seems to be a very vast multidimensionel being, that hold a great amount of Love, i experince his energy as Golden with Rosa colors, and a very Loving Being, with humor, in a joyfull manner, that makes you feel like a brother/Sister.

I see him as a tall being with shoulderlong blonde hair, in the midst 30', apperantly he likes to be seen upon or called, a friend more than called commander, or Lord Ashtar, he has confrontet me as an cosmic brother and friend that, and shows great wisdom and love.

Ashtar and Anyone in company with him all shows unconditionel love towards you, none of them disrespect your free will, they see you as a child of God, and are willing to help and assist you in any manner possible.

As the things on Earth has evolved, the Galactic Federation of Light Worlds and therfore the Ashtar Command are given more freedom to intervene into stuff on Earth. The Ashtar Command has been very active in cleansing this part of the Galaxy, removing negative ET's, such as reptiles and the little greys!

Many negative ET's has been given an ultimatum, saying: Join the Light program or depart to somewhere else to evolve further, but not here. Some negative ET's has chosen the Light side, and some continue their dark path.

The Galactic Federation of Light Worlds and the Ashtar Command, are allowed to interfere directly or indirectly, if a population on a planet threatens the entire civilisation, with neuclear weapons and experiments, and or if the spiritual growth are going to slow out of balance with it's natural pace.

To bad there is so much confusion about ET's, the media holds a great responsibility in that! Though many negative ET's have had plans about a mass landing, they will not be allowed, the Ashtar Command have a massive control in dealing with the dark side. And they got Divine Technology to stop any neuclear war, or any other agressive action, they got Technology not to destroy or harm, but to paralyze anything hostile.

I think everyone on this planet are in the right to know that they are not alone in cosmos, that they have loving cosmic brothers and sisters out there waiting for us all to get to the finishing line! others

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 08, 2006 12:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Before I found about orgonite I read some articles / posts about ashtar and the ashtar command and other related beings.

The problem i had with all that stuff is when the question was posed to them or the plaeidans or the lemurians, about other beings supposedly light wrokers as well, they seemed to not know anything about the other allies.

Hence I didn't give any of those forums / stories any validation.

Basicly if someone tells you they are part of a bigger team and they don't know who the other players are, then in my opinion they aren't all that smart, or they are lying about who they are.

I'm just a lowly earth being but even I have a periphiral sense of the people doing the same work I am.

I'm sure there is some good planets out there and probably some kind of galactic federation of good guys.

But until they land a ship walk out of it and kick me in the butt, they are just the same to me as some guy eating noodles in china, who says he has my best interst in mind.

They have to prove it to me.

where is my jet pack THEY promised?
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