Possible Mock Drills and possibly they could go live.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:10 am    Post subject: Possible Mock Drills and possibly they could go live. Reply with quote

Here is a interview from cloak and dagger by Host Lenny Bloom and Capt Eric May about possible Mock Drills going live 3 locations for Government Mock Drills planed before 091106

http://www.cloakanddagger.de/shows/webcast/Ghost%20Troop/CLOAK_GHOST_S e4.mp3

Capt Eric Mays Article:

Scripps Howard poll:
A third says it just doesn't trust this government, citing Iraq and Katrina as the main reasons why. They want to get out of the war in Iraq and stay out of a war with Iran.

A third says it simply hates this government, and wants to remove it for ordering or allowing 9/11 five years ago to take us to war in the Middle East. They say the media covered up 9/11 and is setting up the second, follow-up 9/11. They use the Internet to get around the media, which calls them conspiracy theorists for doing so.

A third says it supports the government, which is run by the Neocons who got it elected, and who now say that the only way to win the global war is to turn it into a world war. Their Iraq war has been an utter failure, and they are fighting mad about it. In recent days they have threatened consequences for their foreign and domestic enemies, calling the one group fascists and the other appeasers. The joke in Washington nowadays is that they'll need Osama Bin Laden to save the Republican Congress in the midterm 11/7 elections -- or to save their president from impeachment afterward.

So two thirds of the American people hate Bush so this is a problem for Bush so he may commit more treason to keep the Bush-Clinton-Iluminati Criminal network hidden from the sleeping people and declare Martial Law and CollaspeThe World Economy and put two thirds of the rest of us Pissed OFF People in a concentration camp and drug and mind control the sleeping ones. But I don't think this is going to work since two thirds is alot of very angry people that are extremely pissed off at Bush and have had enough of his BS and lieing and the Media BS and lieing. Bush is Damned either way (CheckMate). If he thinks it is too risky to pull off another 911 eventually he is going to be impeached (Although he is an illegal sitting President through Vote Fraud but due to acts of murder he will get the Death Penalty as a War Criminal) and the people will get out their pitch forks and chase the rest of his illuminati Frankstein Monsters of the World down the street and kill them. If they go ahead and do a 2nd 911 they risk waking up half of the other third that is still asleep and folks that means Revolution of course they can easily collaspe the World Economy and force us to look at protecting our families due to Anarchy and Panic in that case we will go into survival mode (Living in the Woods on the Bare necessities). No Banks and Money is worthless , No Stores since they are all looted, No Electricity and No more luxerys. I don't like these scenarios they have happened over in other countrys America is not special. We had a similar scenario in 1930 the so called Great Depression which was created by the illuminati.

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