Great Britain Owns the USA, An Eye Opener.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 2:43 am    Post subject: Great Britain Owns the USA, An Eye Opener. Reply with quote
You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to read the pdf.

Basically he says the United States was bankrupt in the year 1787 but eventually we were all made slaves to pay a Debt to the Monarch such as Queen Elizabeth II that can never be paid. They are milking us like cows. We are Slaves working on their Plantation and they give us food to sustain us so we can breed and birth more slaves to work their plantation for their benifit and not ours. The Author makes a very important point about the existing slaves. I myself refuse to be a Slave they may lay a claim on my physical Person (Birth Certificate) or my manifestation as Man via my Eternal Spirit which they don't own. They like all Souls will have to Pay a debt based on the Natural Laws of the Universe and is higer then their infantile and Ridiculously Absurd and deceitfull Laws, BS, Lies, Selfishness and Treachery. Since the Universe is governed by the Law of Cause and Effects and there is no escaping this since it is proven in Physics of the Physical Universe and the Adepts say it applies as well to the Non-Physical world. That is our Spirtual Growth is controled be what we do, how we think, how we act all causes to create effects since it impacts your neighbors, nature, and the Unvierse replies back at you with an effect in this Life and the Next Life. The Ancients call this Cause and Effect duality Karma which is Universal and ALL Life Seen and Unseen is governed by it. On the Physical Plane Science says for every action their is an opposite and equal reaction a very well known Law in Physics mostly proven by Newton and Others. According to the Ancients we are derived from One Source of Life which can not be perceived by our finite minds or understood since this One Essence is the cause of all Life seen and unseen. It has no Form , had no begining, Infitely intelligent, Eternal, Ominiprescent but all life in its infinte forms is made of this one essence and Life On Earth, Seen and Unseen even are so called Vistors from Other Worlds are souls expressing themself in their form Good and Evil as well and Life Seen and Unseen only exist because of the existance of this One Essence. Some would say this is God but God is a Relative term. Since we posses the same essence of divintiy and we can only become (Through many incarnations) that which we are made of. This crude concept of a Personal God is creation of diseased minds of the Priest Hierarchy. We are the ones who will be molded by the Laws of the One impersonal Suppreme Intelligence based on how we treat people, How we think and are very actions and decisions in life. We are at this stage in this present Time infantile in our thinking otherwise in the next life if we don't figure it out we will never advance to the next stage of Spritual Growth that is Becoming more divine like the One True Essence of all Life.

What really counts people is a Brotherhood of all Souls no strife but peace that is we can all love each other that is all Souls as an important part of the Universe. All is important even the least one. And as we grow through our experiance of the many incarnations we will each have a part as we mature to the point of Helping Others Lesser then ourselfs or other Souls. (Not Man only but other expressions of Self Conscious Beings expressing themselfs) Of Course because of Selfishness and deceit it won't work, only a few will choose the Path to perfection and learn to be in harmony with nature and find the secret to Lifes Mysteries. We can get rid of the whole Evil Cabal but we who would be left will have to deal once more with the unanswered question of why do we have Good and Evil. We each have monsters in ourselfs that we will have to face and deal with and over many incarnations more bad guys will be poping up and play the same old game again of trying to make the next race of mankind slaves. Even the Ones such as myself and others try to follow the Path but fall flat on our faces but the solution is get back up and make the effort to the best of our abilities. The Next life I will be ready for the next grade or my next lesson a good life or Bad one to be mastered that is become One with the Object in order to be an Adept based on your own efforts. No One becomes knowlegable unless he studies their are no free rides you have to pay the price and become both the student and latter the teacher. The True Adept is the One that is Always becoming and is on an Eternal Quest to know what it means to really be living. The correct Path is growing Spirtually and in harmony with Nature No Wars but Peace and for the Purpose in Helping and not Hurting Life is the True Altruistic Adepts Goal.

The Author says the real solution is for everybody to refuse to be slaves since they are the ones who demand that I as a Free Man don't rock the boat or the Master will beat you with his Whip for disobediance. I remember David Icke saying the same thing it is the Slaves that want to be slaves and they are the ones who will demand that we who wish to be free should quit thinking like that otherwise they will report you to the Master. Yeah No more Govt Hand outs, or Protection for the Slaves. If everybody suddendly refused to be slaves then their hold over us is broken and the whole deck of House of Cards of their agenda to Rule the World will collaspe. The objective is to tell people that the Government version of 911 is a Lie and Osama Bin Laden is Dead. If a large number and I mean a large number of Slaves are educated on this and they decide they don't want to be slaves anymore then we will have a revolution of people demanding these criminals be put in Jail and a better system to be established. If it don't happen then we can watch as our dissenters such as myself and others like youself get thrown into a concentration camp for termination because of what some of us may know and we would be a serious threat by the Facist of educating the Masses to the Real Truth.

I know some people will accuse me of being over their head or I am you know Full of it well I am not perfect and have had many short commings and failures in my life but knowing what I know I am in this race to go for the Gold but stoping along the way to help my fellow runner get the Gold as well. I am not important since the Altrusitic Adepts say help the ones who are struggling that is the Gold you really are going for is by Helping those to know what the Real purpose of the Life really means. Folks I am just playing a role here in Life to teach and help other people the best way I know how. And Yes it is up to them to decide if they want to be free or continue being a Slave and believing this Life is Real since it is an Illusion since Life in this Physical Realm we die Physically but if we are on the True Path to perfection are journey will continue advancing both in Wisdom, Understanding, more Highly developed senses, and Power in our Eternal Quest for knowing who we really are and at some point seeing the Big Picture and finally knowing what it really is all about that is how I play an Integral and Important part in the Universe seen and Unseen of the One True Essence from which all life comes from. We all will play an important part not just me but the ones who pursue the Path to perfection.

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