Taking my case to a higher court

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 1:21 am    Post subject: Taking my case to a higher court Reply with quote

I have been frequenting political boards (yeah I know, glutton for punishment). After I recently came across several links confirming an official whitehouse.gov press release I started to rant on the left wing board dailykos. The quagmire can be seen under the name Lasthorseman.

The cause for my concern was news of the second major meeting of the most elite of players from Mexico, Canada and the United States. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss merging all three countries into one common European style union. I provided links, made the most snide and sarcastic commets just trying to get some type of reaction. I mean it's not everyday one gets to tell his fellow Americans that, well hey. your very own captains of industry and key government officials are selling you out!
It was the same as standing in a crowded theater yelling fire and producing a pile of smoldering corpses.
I was told by a few people to "knock it off" and that I would start getting "troll" ratings for butting in. Not sticking strictly and focusing solely on the topic apparently is "bad manners", and hence smoldering corpses.

I will submit to you people links and Google search keywords, the same I gave on this political board.
Google SPPNA
Google deep integration
Google Amero
All of these keywords bring pages upon pages of hits and returns each describing in great detail how this plan is bad for everybody.
I should have known better to start with this in the first place. It has taken away from pouring time. The hope was to educate thousands of other people. In this respect the project was a flop. I was even posting that perhaps they had caught on and my IP address went straight into the underground bunker and the agents were laughing their asses off at my rantings. Not being real psychic I can't tell.
What I can tell though is that it drains my patience, it's like explaining quantum physics to an autistic child.
Back to the orgonite.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 1:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

People are asleep.

It's that simple.

You may have jogged some people to think but remember, alot of boards/forums are NWO monkey operated.

It does no good to argue with idiots cause they will just drag you down to their level.

where is my jet pack THEY promised?
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 2:09 am    Post subject: A response Reply with quote

At least here people get it. Are we immune, or is it the orgonite. The media NWO network, you are so right, very extensive. Geared toward making evil more evil.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 5:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My understanding of their plan is a work in progress to destroy all nations it is not just Canada, USA, and Mexico and mixing all the people of various cultures and races from these great countries. When the USA is destroyed and if their plans are successfull it will be known as the American Union. Plus they will divide up the former USA into 10 regions and if they succeed we will be once more become peasants of the Dark Ages ignorant, superstitious and easily controlled under a fascist state. The other Unions will be the European Union, the Pacific Union and the Asian Union the plan is the same with these destroy all nations and merge all the people from other destroyed nations into one of these Unions.

All of are Wars in the past and present are for the purpose of destroying nations and have each and all peoples of the World fight each other and thus fulfilling the Albert Pike scenario. These Evil beings of whether they are human and non-human are working against nature and her laws. Karma the great Judge and Equalizer will deal with them to bring balance and once more bring harmony to where it is needed.

Just my thoughts on the matter of the futility of these Evil beings of trying to rule the World through conquest and enslavment by the few Evil Ruling Bloodline Elites (More animalistically driven to rule planet Earth and not by their Higher Spirit which they suppress and are at War with the One) since they just don't get it since we are all Spirits moving toward Unity through our many lives and being molded like clay by the Universal Law of Causation and Effects. Since we are the ones by are own actions in this World are the ones who determined how we are punished (For the purpose of getting us back on track toward harmony and Unity with all life) in the next life that is if we are going against natures laws. If you are working for the cause of nature and her laws your Eternal destination is on to bigger and better things as a Spiritual being of the One (Who we see at the moment as the Universe, Nature and all life but at some point in endless time the One will retract all Matter and Spirit into itself sort of like the Big Bang theory of the Universe manifesting (Closest Theory to the cycles of the One manifesting and then retracting all life and sleeping) but will implode sort of like a Reverse Big Bang which occurs in cycles (a time duration with alot of zeros like billions or bigger) like sleep) that has no begining and no ending as we are all Eternal Spritual Beings of the One since we are made of the Ones substance. We are Spirit encased in a human form for the purpose of expressing ourselfs and for gaining experiance over the many lives. As you go up the ladder of Evolution molded by Karma you will enventually take on different forms of expression and their is no end in sight. Even the Higher Spiritual Beings having more Wisdom and Understanding then we have at the moment and wish to help us only if we desire their help and we have earned it.

Minuteman you can't save the World but you can only help some, well the rest will have to wait until they catch up in the many Karma inspired Evolutions until one day they will wake up to the Truth that they are not alone and will play a big part in the Universe of the One in helping those lower then themselfs those new evolving spirits from the lower Spiritual Kingdoms becoming aware or self conscious therefore earning the right to take on human form. We on the other hand will continue to evolve to the effect that we become more Self conscious and work to perfect our Spirit through the Law of Karma. Since are journey is Eternal we have no ties to personality or Name since it is temporary. The next life I will have a new personality( Male or Female, a different Race, new more refined understanding of life itself) , name all determined by my actions in the previous life.
There is an Eternal Triad of our Present Being Spirit, Soul, and Mind this is who we really are and your spiritual Triad only takes what you experiance in this life and assimilate that which will help you to Spiritually to grow. The other lower parts body, astral, lower mind or animalistic drives will die off and your higher triad goes to Devachan (another great cycle of Sleep and you will have very Powerfull Lucid Dreams based on your previous thoughts on life but are unfulfilled dreams but in this state you will have dreams of fullfillment that seem very Real but is all illusion like this Life and your regular Dreams when you sleep since it is temporary and based on how much energy you put in your thoughts in a previous life ) to rest before the next life. And through the many lives you are Eternaly trying to perfect oneself with the help the Grand Universal Law called Karma of Cause and Effect. Karma is just like throwing a Stone into a pond and watching all those waves hit other material objects and they in turn send out waves which hit other objects and they each respond by sending out yet more waves but each succeeding wave becomes weaker due to laws of conservation of momentum but the sum total adds up to the force you imparted to the rock when you threw it into the pond. Are actions are like the Stone and the waves are the effects for Spiritual growth or if we are walking the Evil Path get taken to the Wood Shed by the Universe for being bad and down right Evil again all for the purpose of putting you back on to the straight and narrow.

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