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Remote Viewing is my passion and forte and I am happy to help anyone sift through the information and disinformation on this subject.

For one thing, the term 'Remote Viewing' has been used erroneously to generically describe any and all forms of clairvoyance. However, Remote Viewing is a specific type of communications skill between your conscious and subconscious minds that was developed with the help of Ingo Swann, SRI and the CIA in the 1970's. It is protocol driven and the term was used to try and distinguish what was being developed from clairvoyance.

When you astrally project or have an OOBE you are not Remote Viewing. You are astrally projecting or having an out of body experience, that's all. Remote Viewers do not project anything out of themselves and do not leave their bodies.

Anyone can learn to be a Remote Viewer and you don't have to have any psychic skills to learn. However, you can not learn Remote Viewing to any significant level of proficiency through audio or video tapes, books or on-line courses. Eventually you would need an instructor, live in a classroom. And there are many bad habits to be unlearned if you started for any lengthy period of time without classroom instruction. So if you are interested in learning, always seek out a classroom type environment for learning this unique art.

One important factor in becoming a serious Remote Viewer is that it does take practice and lots of it, just like learning to play a piano or learning to paint or dance. An average Remote Viewing session can take anywhere from an hour to two hours. And as a beginner it is recommended that you do 3-4 sessions a week. That's a lot of time out of anyone's schedule. Somehow I found the time to do the necessary sessions when I was first learning and the results were worth it. Since 1999 I've done almost a thousand Remote Viewing sessions. This is what it takes to be proficient in anything.

This Friday my family and I will be moving to Sedona, Arizona where our Remote Viewing group's new headquarters will be established. We've been there for vacation every year for the past few years but this time through the red rocks called out to us and said "You have to come back, and this time to stay." There are no Remote Viewing teachers in the area, believe it or not. And Sedona is ripe for orgonite awareness.

Looking forward to your correspondence.


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