Light Up Louisville.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2006 3:42 am    Post subject: Light Up Louisville. Reply with quote

I don't know if their is anybody from Louisville Kentucky here maybe Indiana. I have a brother Darryl Brown who has sponsership to set up a 40 ft Electronic Tree or really Hi tech computer controled matrix of lights in front of the courthouse downtown Louisville between jefferson st and 6th st. From his website he has a nice flash video in the upper right in green trim (Just click it with the mouse to start the video) of this display he setup in front of his house probably 2yrs ago since he recently moved back to Ky. People get all choked up and emotional when they see this display sort of brings back childhood memories and children love it as well. not trying to spam anybody. Some people are into this stuff as hobby for the community and love putting up lights and love seeing the response from people to their creations. The city of Louiville sponsers these type of events such as thunder over louisville for the community. Friday I plan on going down early to see Darryls creation of 50,000 lights on a 40 ft tree and probably try to take some pictures with my binocular camera and get in touch or conect up with him. He will be running this starting Nov 24 my birthday from 6pm to 10pm a 14 minute Hi Tech Light show with the lights synchronized to the music up untill new years eve.

Just some more video about my brother Darryl's Hobby of making people happy with his Christmas Light creation and hard work putting them up.
Hes got a counter going for the lights to go on Friday.

It seems my 2nd oldest brother Dennis is setting up a Christmas Light show in Georgia this year and setup one last year when my 3rd oldest brother Darryl was living in Georgia at the time and they both setup up a Christmas light display in their community at the time. My younger sister Deanna is helping as well this year to dedicated her time in helping my brother Dennis along with the help of the other volunteers who wanted to be a part of the project. It is alot of hard work involving alot of hours of their time. ord=topstory

My brother Dennis is Handicaped due to metal rods in his legs due to an accident of a drunk driver in a commercial mack truck hitting my Dad and Dennis and his family on Labor Day 1988 while they were crossing a particular four way intersection my Dad was not injured but was under extreme stress. After he checked his loved ones into the hospital the nurse checked my Dad out to make sure he was ok but after that he hit the floor and went flat line instant Heart Attack and did not recover after repeated attempts to revive him at the time I stayed in KY at my Dads house or residence. My Dad at the time had a business going with his brother writting the software and his main clients were Doctors and EMS companies his brother was programming custom software for the EMS companies for accounting and billing. In my spare time fixed some of his clients TTY monitors. I was also involved at the time as a programer with my Dad on a programing project with a EMS supplier in KY one of communicating with medical pice of equipment costing 5000 dollars via a PC. My dad was using Pascal I latter converted the software to the C Language. The companies Engineer was an Asshole I got their software written for demo purposes at one of their medical shows and they seem to like it according to my Dads business contact or owner of the EMS supplies company in KY but it was never for a complete final software product never got anything out of the project since it was an agreement made by my Dad with this company. Atlhough The EMS supplies company located in KY and their family (the owners Bill and Nancy Martin were once EMS techs themselfs) showed me alot of respect durring the funneral of my Dad and considerd me Family.

I have 5 brothers and one sister I am the oldest. If you have not guessed are parents although my dad passed away in 1988 and my mom still lives chose each of our names to begin with a D letter since their names were John and JoAnn. Very Happy

Just sharing a little about myself and my family. Very Happy

So everybody have a nice Thanksgiving and a good week.

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