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PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 10:05 pm    Post subject: Fred Gunn's Online Live Remote Viewing Course Reply with quote

From Fred Gunn

I'm planning on being in Hawaii next Saturday, Dec. 16th to teach a Remote
Viewing class. I'll also be in New York, London, Tel Aviv and anywhere else
someone has internet connection and wants to learn Remote Viewing. How can I
be in so many places at the same time? Thanks to the latest in virtual media
technology new students will be able to take a Remote Viewing class in an
interactive classroom environment as early as next weekend. I'm finalizing
the details right now and getting ready to announce the class on Ken
Adachi's website...


What this means is PSI now has a way of teaching world-wide, live via
interactive audio/video feed through VM Direct.

Now, if you want to take PSI's Remote Viewing class but don't know much
about the subject yet, you can take the class on-line and try it out or
complete the full course. All you need to do is sign up as a customer for
1-2 months with VM Direct @$9.95 per month…


…and you can take the class which I will teach once a week for 8 weeks, 40
minutes each class. The class will start and end at a specific time each
week and will be LIVE with instant video and text messaging so that the
class becomes interactive with the teacher. Voila! Virtual Remote Viewing
Classroom. Some students may take the first and maybe second class before
deciding that they would like to get personal instruction and then make the
trip to Sedona. This opens up a lot of doors for people who have been
considering learning but due to the distance, time or finances they just
wanted to try it out and find out if it would be worthwhile to come to
Sedona to learn. So after the first class we expect a lot of people to
decide on continuing here in Sedona in a physical classroom environment.
Others may take the entire course on-line. Students graduating from either
environment, virtual or physical instruction, will develop the same Remote
Viewing skills. However, some people learn better in a physical classroom
and some are OK with a virtual classroom. It's all a matter of preference
and PSI is now giving everyone these two options to getting high-quality
instruction in Remote Viewing and help to spread the technology faster
around the world.

PSI's suggested donation for taking the 4-day Remote Viewing class in person
here in Sedona is $500 per student with lower donations accepted with groups
of 6 or more. However, learning on-line will be significant lower, and the
on-line students don't have to pay travel and accommodation fares. So this
is going to appeal to a lot of people who really want to learn but don't
have the means or time to travel to Sedona.

We're really excited about this and considering doing an Orgonite Workshop,
too, so that people can sign-in and watch how orgonite is made for both
beginners and those who want to explore the metaphysics and aesthetic
qualities of adding gemstones to orgonite. Lots of helpful tips, too.

Watch for the announcement either on PSI's or Ken Adachi's website early
next week and please tell your friends and neighbors!


Thank you for supporting WarriorMatrix at:
Please, share...
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