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I wanted to throw in a few ideas about the fear that comes up in the process of encountering the dark forces on this planet.

If someone was about to hit you over the head with a baseball bat, you would naturally go into a fear response (fight-or-flight) in order to mobilize the adrenaline you need to protect yourself. That response is only supposed to kick in when we're under acute attack.

Our physiology wasn't designed to be in fight-in-flight as a chronic state. But when we are chronically in fight-or-flight, we react inappropriately to stimuli. Everything becomes potentially scary, everything that reminds us of that previuos trauma. Then later, even when the the bat is sitting on a shelf, outside of that context in which it was used, it might trigger that same fight-or-flight reaction just by looking at it.

Most of us have had enough past trauma that has not been cleared from our etheric bodies, that we're in this chronic fight-or-flight state. We live in a climate of fear - a culture of emergency. Then even images of violence in movies can serve as a trigger into fight-or-flight.

As we get healthier, though, we can be developing what Reich called the "silent observer." Reich toward the end of his life often spoke of himself in the third person. It wasn't that he was schizophrenic! But he was able to see things objectively, as they are, because he had no personal buttons to be pushed. Then one could say, "This movie is an excellent depiction of the state of mind of tyranny and slavery,"

Then you would be free to learn from that movie whatever you wanted to learn from it! Imagine if no matter what circumstances the dark forces bring about, every situation we encounter in life could be a form of nourishment! We could choose to use everything for our own growth!

If something "good" happens - we feel soulfully nourished, and this gives us strength.
If something "bad" happens - we feel challenged and spiritually exercised, and this also gives us strength.

Just imagine that we don't have to live defensively anymore, as if a run-in with a bad guy lurks around every corner. Imagine that it's the "bad guys" themselves who are helping us to learn this lesson. That we have actually invited into our lives these dark forces for our own spiritual growth.

If there were no forces of resistance, we'd have no exercise and no incentive to grow. We could lie around the beach all day, with coconuts falling into our laps. We wouldn't need to think, or develop consciousness. But we don't want that, really. If our souls really wanted that, I think they wouldn't have signed up for life on this planet.

What is the Illuminati really? is it a bunch of bad guys "out there" who are trying to usurp individual freedom? On one level, yes, and we can address that level. But if we're stuck on that one level, we're stuck in fear, trapped like an animal.

Dr. Hahnemann spoke of the "inimical potences." Rudolf Steiner spoke of Ahriman and Lucifer. Reich spoke of the "invasion of compulsory sex morality." They're all talking about the same forces of darkness - the constricting, supressive forces that cripple the human life force. Some take us into mystical illusion (Lucifer), and others take us into materialism (Ahriman). But none of these great teachers taught that these forces were bad or scary.

They're not intruders in our lives that we can simply shake off so we can go back to living our familiar, comfortable lives. They're here to be a force for the human evolution of consciousness, as we transform the darkness within us into spiritual light. Then we've actually changed our state of mind in a fundamental way. I would call that a blessing. In this deeper context, how could the darkness be scary or bad?

On a human level, sure we go through suffering in this process, and no one wants to suffer. But we're here to be more than flesh and blood. If not for the resistance provided by the darkness, how else would we strive to achieve our spiritual potential, which is greater than we can imagine?
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