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Hello everyone.

David Icke sent out an interesting article who gives his understanding of the Near Death Experiances of people who record their experiance while being dead for a few hours.

Most people have a terrible fear of Death. We are always in life it seems chasing after things that lead no where. When we get old we look back and wonder about what have we accomplished in this life and it all seems so vain and empty. But I can guarantee you that when you are at the threshold of leaving this world while on your deathbed (assuming it is a natural death) you will instantly understand the true meaning of this life since many have experianced this profound illumination just before they die. So in this life what was the important things I did that really counted for something of Spiritual worth since it is not really about me or is it something spiritually profound.

Like I say we fear death and getting old. It is funny you go to sleep at night not fearing the nightly adventures of your dream world which is a another conscious reality. You get tired you go to sleep and off you go to place that seem so real but at times is a topsy turvy world that is like a virtual world. But in my dream world it is full of life and artistic like a painting and more like a computer game. I am not an artist and could not even draw a straight line. I am amazed at the detail and the strange people of the night who talk to me and I talk to them. Very Happy Modern Science says it is all in our brain nonsense the brain is an inferface from the physical world to the outer realms or Spiritual.

Death is like sleep but we fear it. Many people who have died and come back and understand death is a release and in this world without a body your consciousness is no longer limited you can be everywhere at the same time, time ceases to exist. The past, present and future are one. Thoughts from your consciousness are faster then the speed of light. You are able to hear, probably have 360 degree vision , smell and taste and other unknown senses we are not aware that exist. No limitation whatsoever outside the body. Not just taking about your Astral Vehicle component but when you die that component will disintegrate and your consciousness will move to the highest component with the higher mind vehicle , the Buddhic vehicle, and Atma vehicle forming a triad where your Karma will determine at what intensity your Triad enters into a very lucid Conscious World of Devachan that is just as real as your previouse physical existance but will be a replay of your previous life but with the added bliss, excitement, and success. Before you enter Devachan all of your so called humanity you new in your previous life disintegrates and all that is left of your life is the spiritual fragrance of your spiritual life that enters Devachan. ALL those who knew you will be there. Devachan will be a place of no sorrow or pain but Bliss. Devachan will be a place where you get to live a more lucid and blissfull life that you could only dream about in your previous life. Where in your previous life you saw nothing but pain, sorrow, heartache, failure, lost hope, and disappointments due to this crazy world we live in of clashing of wills. But after Devachan you come back to life to learn a new lesson. You come back for more pain, sorrow, and heartache, But out of Pain and Disappointments we learn something. But as we come back again and again it starts to get easy since we begin to Understand that we took this physical world as the real when it was nothing but a shadow. We are at this stage are not really living life as it should be experianced since we die and are reborn but enventually our Understanding, Knowledge , Wisdom and Spiritually latent Powers will grow to the point when will have to die nolonger. But Ultimate Reality is our true destiny.

Well here is David Ickes Article on his understanding of Near Death Experiances:

David Icke Newsletter, May 13h 2007



Hello all ...

The greatest fear that most people have is fear of the unknown and the most fundamental 'unknown' is 'death'. How sad it is that lives are blighted by fear of something that doesn't exist. As the Chinese philosopher, Chang Tzu, put it:

The birth of a man is the birth of his sorrow. The longer he lives, the more stupid he becomes, because his anxiety to avoid unavoidable death becomes more and more acute. What bitterness! He lives for what is always out of reach! His thirst for survival in the future makes him incapable of living in the present.

Yet there is no death, just a transition from limitation to all possibility. I have been watching an interesting series of interviews this week about near-death experiences in which three men from very different backgrounds talk about what happened in the period that they 'physically' died. I have listed the links to them for you at the end of this article.

I have seen and read many such accounts over the years and their themes are extremely consistent: there is no death; the senses are an illusion and they can see, hear, and smell even after they've left the body; beyond this realm, communication is by telepathy, not words; it is possible to feel a level of 'love' and bliss that is unimaginable and indescribable compared with what we experience here.

They all talk about the 'light' that appears, sometimes amid the 'darkness' that surrounded them immediately after 'death', and as they followed the light they entered a 'world' they perceive to be 'heaven'.

For many, the belief-imprint remains with Christian near-death experiencers often seeing this light as 'Jesus'. Even some atheists who did not believe in life-after-death also think that the light is 'Jesus' because their belief-system is based on No God verus the Christian God and Jesus. When it is clear in after-death mode that the atheist view is flawed, they switch to believing that the Christian story must be true.

In fact, there is no literal 'Jesus', there is only the light of All-Possibility and we choose through our beliefs to experience this or that part of All Possibility instead of the whole. So a Christian believer may see the light as 'Jesus', a Muslim may see Mohammed and a Jew may see 'Yahweh'. What they are seeing is Infinite Love, the force with no name, which we label according to our beliefs.

This is what people do to an even greater extent during 'physical life', of course, when our sense of limitation and division is far more blatant and stark than after the release we call death. The manipulation of this reality implants a myopic view of possibility and this disconnects us from our true self - Infinite Possibility. If this belief-obsession is deeply embedded it can continue to influence our reality even after 'death'.

We can experience the 'afterlife' as a hell if that is our state of being at the time we leave the body. This belief-created realm was brilliantly portrayed in the 1998 Robin Williams film, What Dreams May Come, as was the limitless possibility beyond the illusory walls of this reality.

'Afterlife hell' in What Dreams May Come ...

... But in fact life is a canvas on which we paint our reality. The canvas is all possibility and the brush and pallet are called 'belief'.

We look in the mirror and think we are looking at 'us' when we are seeing the illusory reflection of a tiny fraction of 'us'. The rest is hidden away behind the firewall of belief in limitation. We think small instead of All. One near-death experiencer described what he saw once the filter of human perception was lifted. He talked of seeing the 'panoramic view of life':

... everything from the beginning, my birth, my ancestors, my children, my wife everything comes together simultaneously. I saw everything about me, and about everyone who was around me. I saw everything they were thinking now, what they thought then, what was happening before, what was happening now. There is no time, there is no sequence of events, no such thing as limitation, of distance, of period, of time, of place. I could be anywhere I wanted to be simultaneously.

These are all the things I have been emphasising in my books over the years. The manipulation of this 'world' has encoded us with a sense of limitation and time ('limited' time, as we perceive it). These are illusions designed to ensnare us and hypnotise us into the amnesia of limited perception. Those who have 'died' and then returned to tell the tale make a highly significant contribution to breaching the walls of suppression. They have seen what we are not supposed to know exists.

I have never met or read of anyone who has had a near-death experience and wanted to come back. There are now fantastic numbers of documented accounts of people who have left their bodies at 'death' and witnessed reality beyond this realm, only for their body to be revived. Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel produced a massive study of near-death experiences that supported the whole concept of life after death, as well as raising questions about DNA, the collective unconscious and the idea of 'karma'.

His findings were published in the British medical journal, The Lancet. Van Lommel's interest was sparked 35 years ago when a patient told him about her near-death experience, but his serious study only began after he later read a book called Return from Tomorrow in which the American doctor, George Ritchie, detailed his own experience of 'near-death'. Van Lommel began to ask all his patients if they remembered anything during their cardiac arrests. These are just some of the accounts he recorded:

I became 'detached' from the body and hovered within and around it. It was possible to see the surrounding bedroom and my body even though my eyes were closed. I was suddenly able to 'think' hundreds or thousands of times faster, and with greater clarity, than is humanly normal or possible. At this point I realized and accepted that I had died. It was time to move on. It was a feeling of total peace - completely without fear or pain, and didn't involve any emotions at all.

[Note what I say in my books about emotions as we experience them being body-computer phenomena.]


I was looking down at my own body from up above and saw doctors and nurses fighting for my life. I could hear what they were saying. Then I got a warm feeling and I was in a tunnel. At the end of that tunnel was a bright, warm, white, vibrating light. It was beautiful. It gave me a feeling of peace and confidence. I floated towards it. The warm feeling became stronger and stronger. I felt at home, loved, nearly ecstatic. I saw my life flash before me. Suddenly I felt the pain of the accident once again and shot back into my body. I was furious that the doctors had brought me back. This experience is a blessing for me, for now I know for sure that body and soul are separated, and that there is life after death. It has convinced me that consciousness lives on beyond the grave. Death is not death, but another form of life.


I saw a man who looked at me lovingly, but whom I did not know. [Later] ... At my mother's deathbed, she confessed to me that I had been born out of an extramarital relationship, my father being a Jewish man who had been deported and killed during the Second World War, and my mother showed me his picture. The unknown man that I had seen years before during my near-death experience turned out to be my biological father.

The tunnel, the bliss, being met by long-passed loved ones, and the disappointment at having to come back are constant themes of near-death experiences. Van Lommel said that when some people return they often have a sense of being imprisoned, compared with the freedom they had briefly experienced. Others say it transformed their lives and they all lose their fear of death. This understanding would free everyone from this ultimate fear and that is why this knowledge has been systematically suppressed. The Hidden Hand I expose wants the population in fear of death, in fear of everything. When people are in a state of fear they are most easily controlled and manipulated. Van Lommel says:

The most important thing people are left with is that they are no longer afraid of death. This is because they have experienced that their consciousness lives on, that there is continuity. Their life and their identity don't end when the body dies. They simply have the feeling they're taking off their coat.

Exactly. What passes through that 'tunnel', what makes the transition, is our consciousness - our Awareness. The computer is buried or cremated, not the Awareness that provided its power source. Van Lommel says of 'death':

At that moment these people are not only conscious; their consciousness is even more expansive than ever. They can think extremely clearly, have memories going back to their earliest childhoods and experience an intense connection with everything and everyone around them. And yet the brain shows no activity at all! What is consciousness and where is it located? What is my identity? Who is doing the observing when I see my body down there on the operating table? What is life? What is death?

The answers come in one short sentence: They are different states of Awareness and that Awareness is located everywhere. You can have body Awareness or Infinite Awareness or something between the two. Van Lommel points out that the brain does not produce consciousness or store memories. He says that American computer-science expert, Simon Berkovich, and Dutch brain researcher, Herms Romijn, both working independently of each other, found it was impossible for the brain to store even a fraction of our thoughts and experiences. Van Lommel's conclusions from his research are the same as I have been outlining for years. The body/brain is a receiver/transmitter of information like a computer or television. He says:

You could compare the brain to a television set that tunes into specific electromagnetic waves and converts them into image and sound. Our waking consciousness, the consciousness we have during our daily activities reduces all the information there is to a single truth that we experience as 'reality'. During near-death experiences, however, people are not limited to their bodies or their waking consciousness, which means they experience many more realities.

The truth is coming out at last. We are not our bodies; we are consciousness, Awareness. It is this which is released at what we call 'death' to potentially experience the limitless freedom that awaits us all beyond the 'laws' of this manipulated illusion. Van Lommel's view of life was transformed by what he discovered and this knowledge has been systematically suppressed to stop everyone having the same transformation:

I now see that everything stems from consciousness. I better understand that you create your own reality based on the consciousness you have and the intention from which you live. I understand that consciousness is the basis of life, and that life is principally about compassion, empathy and love.

That's what the three near-death experiencers I saw this week understood in their 'afterlife' state and it is no coincidence that global society has been constructed to sell us the myth that life is about the accumulation of wealth and 'things', and chasing all the illusory trinkets that confirm how 'successful' we are. It is designed to divert us from our true and infinite self.

Life is indeed about compassion, empathy and love. Real 'death' is the absence of them. Ask the Bushes, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and the Kissingers, Cheneys and Blairs of this world. They are all a 'success' by the system's definition, but they're all dead despite continuing to breath.

No wonder evil is live spelt backwards.

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