The mysterious origins of man

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2007 4:25 pm    Post subject: The mysterious origins of man Reply with quote

This is a great movie... about historical facts we didn't learn in school... wonder why?

Change happens when we become aware of what we are already doing.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2007 7:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Lena

I watched the whole video.

I figured Atlantis had to be the source of all this Knowledge and Technological marvel for all the other civilizations. HPB talked about how scientist in her day were acting like little children and will not face the truth no matter where it takes them. Since Spinoza laid out the foundation for the Scientific Method for all to follow.

Excerpt from CA Bartzokas from his work "Compassion is the spirit of truth" from:

Blavatsky’s own intellectual power and philosophical finesse are unparalleled. She follows “precisely that method of investigation which is termed by Spinoza ‘the scientific method.’ It starts from, and proceeds only on ‘principles clearly defined and accurately known’, and is therefore ‘the only one’which can lead to true knowledge.” In the Theory of Scientific Method, Spinoza explains how one can grasp clear and distinct ideas:

So long as we are dealing with the Investigation of things, we must never infer anything from abstractions, and we shall take very great care not to mix up the things that are only in the intellect with those that are real. But the best conclusion will have to be drawn from some particular affirmative essence, or, from a true and legitimate definition. For from universal axioms alone the intellect cannot descend to singulars, since axioms extend to infinity, and do not determine the intellect to the contemplation of one singular thing rather than another.

Excerpt from CA Bartzokas from his work "Rise and Demise of Atlantis" from:

Atlantis was a global configuration of islands covering of what is now the mid-Atlantic Ocean, as well as portions of the Pacific, and had islands even in the Indian Ocean. Europe and America were connected by a land passage, of which Iceland, Madeira, and the other Atlantic islands are remnants. Atlantis and its illustrious “Fourth Race” inhabitants sunk 856,000 years ago, coinciding with the elevation of the Alps. Titans and Cyclopes of old belonged to the Atlantean Race. Progressively, the human frame consolidated and symmetrised. Two front eyes developed but the “seers” sinned and lost the third. After the separation of the sexes, Karma forced the creative gods to incarnate in mindless men. Then, sight and speech developed, for, language is coeval with reason. Humanity had passed the middle point in the Great Cycle. The door for further monads (individual (us going in our immaculate state from the One Parent of all life to learn something) emantions from the Parent of all life) entering the human kingdom (The monads from the animal kingdom (monads who learnt just enough of the animal kingdom as a form of its objective exstiance) closed and the balance struck. Many of us are now working off the effects of the evil karmic causes produced by us in Atlantean bodies. Prometheus is the pre-eminent Atlantean hero and philanthropist. He bestowed to animal man divine mind. But the gift was abused and became a curse. The mystery of the Fourth Race “falling” into matter explained: Angels fell but not Man. Eminent Atlanteans are still kindling the Promethean fire. Zoroaster, Ulysses, Noah, Kabiri, Telchines, and other heroic figures are none other than mankind’s divine instructors and true benefactors. Atlantis was a land of beautiful and strong giants. Their initiates commemorated images of the five Races in stone for the instruction of future generations. Though perfected in materiality, they degenerated in spirituality. Black magic, bestiality, selfishness, and self-adoration spelled the demise of that proud race.

Atlantis was probably where remants of the dreaded Illuminati had their roots of which their evil priesthood past this knowledge down to their deceandants and established their order of today under deep secrecy but seems to be comming under the light lately for inspection by truth seekers. The Atlantean were sort of giants (Physically Giant in size to battle the giants beast in their time) of old myths of the greeks and according to occult teaching were the 4th type of humanity in its evolution of Man. Since we are presently the 5th type of Humanity of today. We also apparently in our incarnation have spent some time as Atlanteans and we had knowledge of this civilization and some of us were perhaps were a bunch of assholes and some probably of a noble class that had no love for their Evil and maybe made an attempted to stop them. But I believe the info of our Atlantean lives is recorded of what each one of us did for the record in our time in Atlantis since it would be too much for our brain to assimilate or it would traumatize us into shock. So we got enough to worry about or at least to be concerned about our present life and not some other life we lived that made us what we are at the present based on Karma good or bad do to our choices we made and the actions we took. But eventually their will come a time when we are ready or spiritual in maturity that we will have that opportunity to review the records of all our incarnations according to the teachings of the Occult.

The middle point which is where we are at (4th World of our most grossest matter for our objective existance, 5th type of humanity, in the 4th round of going around seven material worlds) something like 156 trillion years from the point of the last Manvantara of our Solar System. And we have approx 156 trillion or so to go before we have reached the apex in our evolution of Man as a form (from atom, elemental, mineral, plant, animal, man, Angel or Dhyan Chohan). Although many but few will reach the apex before this time and become great Adepts in order to aid humanity in a service of self sacrfice (Delaying their Evolution of going to the higher realms because of the their compassion for a suffering humanity sort of a rescue opperation). Since we are a duality of an interplay of matter and spirit of trying to reach equilibrium in the process of evolution. Although Man is by no means the final form. Since we eventually as spirit move into the Higher vibrational or higher realms. We will not be stting on our asses when we get there. We will be particapating in the great work like the higher brothers above are doing. Since it is not about ourselfs but for the greater good of all.

Although this explaination of the Occult (Hidden knowledge) are in simplified form since our minds would blow a fuse if we attempt in thinking too much about the Infinite. It is much more complicated infintely more so and when the Adepts teach their students it is in human based level knowledge that we can abosorb usually using allegory and symbols. As we evolve we will develope a larger and larger capacity to understand and assimilate huge amounts of knowledge without working up a sweat and understand it. And in our evolution will surpass the knowledge of the Atlanteans in both knowledge, Technology and we will also be superior in Spiritual things compared to the former Atlanteans. This will be the 6th and 7th type of Humanity who will accomplish this. In all likelyhood our physical height and size will diminish as well and the form will probably not look like us humans of the 5th type of humanity. Also procreation by sex will become obsolete since male and female differentiation will disapear as it will no longer be required like the animals who currently procreate by this method of sex and in turn we will use our Great Spiritual Powers to create our or the offspring of humanity.

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