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PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 11:54 am    Post subject: They look like us... Reply with quote

Change happens when we become aware of what we are already doing.
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Hey Lena

I read it and it was very interesting. I cover a vast range of subject matter and not just simply spiritual matters only but this falls in my category of interest in order to see the Big Picture more clearly.

There is a bunch of pices of clips or parts to the complete video called "The Alien Interview" on Youtube of a supposed interview that took place at Area 51 via a Psychic since the Alien uses some kind of Telepathy to communicate. But as I was Watching the video the Alien Being becomes very distraught and I would be to if I was held hostage like that. The film is very controversial that is people of differing oppion say its a fake and others are perplexed.

The producer of the film brought in all the experts such as two of Hollywoods top special effects masters to view the film one was in denial and the other was quite impressed as a puppet master and said if it is a fake the person that set this up is real good. There were also some Video experts that were looking at the film to reveal some possible fackery but could not find any and identified the type of camera equipment used in filming the Alien at Area 51. Also at the bottom of the video was a DNI date code being displayed which the Video experts believe it is reffering to the Dept of Naval Intelligence. The Former Nato Commander Robert Dean watched the video and become very teary eyed and confirmed that this Alien Being he was seeing on the video is a real live Alien Being from another world.

I was watching and was listening to Victor the one who smuggled the tape out of Area 51 but his voice was electronically distorted like through a Vocoder to conceal his identity. I watched the video and listened to what Victor (False Name) was saying about the aliens understanding of Death and Reincarnation of our spiritual essence of always existing as opposed to our temporary body. Which shocked me as Victor was explaining this since I have studied the esoteric nature of death and the process that happen as we are dying as Explained by Certain Mahatmas of the Trans-Himalayan Area at the Time of the Later part of the 1800's in their letters to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky cofounder of the early Theosophical Movement and mainly to A.P. Sinnett the Author of Esoteric Buddhism.

There is no Eternal Heaven or Hell to speak of since the early christian church distorted the esoteric teachings of the ancients and used it for their own Evil , Selfish and Perverted purpose. There is simlar states but they are not eternal. Most Highly spiritual pilgrims after death enter a state of being called DevaChan ( Sleep of the gods a Sanskrit word the easterners use in their esoteric teachings) a place to relive your life again but without all the hardache and suffering you are born or become conscious of a place of bliss depending on your spiritual state in your previous life. Since after you die most lose consciousness (Since your Physical Senses perished with your body) but regain consciousness again if they enter Devachan (To a degree depending on your spiritual state at death) and the very rare individuals (And who chose this path) enter a very painfull state of Avitchi (Sanskrit word sort of like the christian Hell and a black hole and hard to escape from but possible but depends on the individual). Avitchi is a very extreme State this is where the early church distorted this concept to become the Eternal Hell and came up with the concept of Purgatory in the Catholic Church. Nirvana (Unspeakable Extreme Bliss of just Being and enjoying it with Unspeakable Extreme Ecstasy) is the extreme opposite of Avitchi. You can understand why many Adepts were very protective of the Vast near Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom they possessed and keeping it from the so called profane (Those who in all likelyhood would abuse the knowledge and create a living Hell for themselfs and the world through their ingnorance and lack of wisdom like the Catholic Church and the priestcraft enslaving human kind via their useless and very Hurtfull and Selfish dogma) until they have reached the evolutionary stage and Wisdom to receive it. The Human Siddharta Gautama the Buddha (Meaning the Awakened One) screwed up because of his Great Overhelming Love and Compassion for Humanity failed to conceal his most Sacred Esoteric Teaching for his followers protection but instead created a split in the Buddhist Teaching resulted in the creation of the North and the South esoteric schools of what they thought the Buddha Taught were created due to a buddhist group getting hold of his most sacred secret teachings and could not understand it so they discounted it as useless so this resulted in a great division in the Buddhas Teachings. Look at what the Early Roman Catholic Church has done with this info by perverting it and distorting it and attempted to destroy the real knowledge through the Brutally Babaric Inqusition. Of course most of the people you see in Devachan (An Illusion even if they still live and even when you dream of those in the physical world they are not neccessarily in your dream like my dead father who died in 1988) you loved or who are still here on the earth will be there with you but it is all an illusion and only temporary some say Devachan could last 1000 to 2000 years depends how spiritual you were in your previous life. At the end of Devachan you become old and die of which the next step if you produced some bad karma from your previous life so out of neccesity you reenter the stage of life via birth and enter a new generation of Humans maybe much more evolved and continue on the Circle of LIfe until you don't make anymore Karma and die no more. The Adepts usually explain it in sanskrit terms the so called many esoteric worlds. The Kosmos is just too complex for me to even explain it to myself in away to help me see the Big Picture as they say.

The Physical Universe is just a shell of many other dimensional shells. Nobody really knows how big this Physical Universe really is except for the Adepts and no we are not alone in this Universe. This Universe is the Nth (Algebraically speaking) one since over eternity the Universe has been appearing and disappearing into nothingness over and over without ceasing and its pilgrims are a combination of Spirit and Matter and through its interaction with one another will cause us to Evolve into Higher and Higher realms of spirituality and Concious being. Since that is why we are here one group of the many Pilgrims including all the kingdoms on earth such elemental, mineral, plant, animal, man, and seven higher ranks of Dhyan Choans ( Progenitors.html ) and the other pIlgrims are out their in the vastness of the Physcial Universe going through the incredibly complicated process of life of Evolving and is eternally unceasing.

Although myself trying to explain this to others is at best is my small understanding of this true knowledge that can only be assimilated by individauls of a Pure Heart, Very High intellect based on evolution, Higher states of Conciouness. The Info is out their and you have to know what to look for in its writings that is does it have heart, altrustic goals to help humanity and have a deep love for humanity and be willing to make the great sacrifice ( such as what the watchers (fomrer mankind who stayed behind instead of moving to the metaphoric heavenly place) and Avatars are doing of watching are spiritual progress) without fail. I don't claim to know it all. It really depends on each individual that read the esoteric material some will get more then others and some will see things what others miss. The material like "the Secret Doctrine" can not be read like a regular book of reading from begining to end nor reading between the lines since you will be a lot more confused before you begin reading it. You have to read within the words is the key to reading this doctrine and it helps to understand Eastern concepts and its Symboloy as well but in the end it depends on the individuals Spiritual Progress as a Pilgrim. And last you need to understand the Three Golden Propostions of Theosophy to understand where the book The Secret Doctrine is comming from.

1. Cosmogenesis (First Proposition)
The Universe is underpinned by an Omnipresent Reality, One and Secondless, Attributeless, Eternal, Impersonal, Perfect Consciousness. Though Parentless Itself, It is the Universal Parent of All. It is the Parabrahman of the Vedantists, That of the Chhandogya Upanishad, The Absolute of Hegel, The Good of the Platonists, The One Life of the Buddhists. That Reality contains within Itself (a) the root of all individualised consciousness, and (b) the substratum of matter, different aspects of which
It, the Infinite, exhibits periodically “to the perception of finite Minds”3
• Unconscious universal mind (first Logos), still within the bosom of
Parabrahman, giving birth to
• Conscious universal mind (second Logos) or manifested universe and, finally,
• Self-conscious personal mind, humanity or Man (third Logos)—a Son of
On the plane of manifestation, spirit and matter or duality, par excellence, are the two prime aspects of the One Reality. They are inseparable and interdependent. They are modifications of the One consciousness, the One and only capacity of Perception eternally reflecting upon Itself.

2. Law governs Universe and Man (Second Proposition).
Impulses from an unquenchable Desire for self-analysing reflection give rise to an eternal procession from Darkness to Light, bringing continuously aspects of Consciousness into being through countless worlds and planets, cycles and epicycles, and reabsorbing them before another period of manifestation.

3. Anthropogenesis (Third Proposition).
Once more, from the Circle of Infinity or Zero arises the Circle of Necessity or relative Finiteness. It marks the dawn of another Manvantara, or Nature’s recurring march through the deepest recesses of Objectivity onwards and upwards to ever-higher realms of Subjectivity. By successive incarnations, and through the toils and drudgery of life, we spiral towards our divine counterpart. Inividually, we are all companions along a journey of discovering Self through self. Collectively, we are One Thinking Man, a Son of Necessity.

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