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PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 11:55 pm    Post subject: Lasthorseman, on the political boards Reply with quote

So far not bad. The planes are making "normal" contrails as I sit by the pool in my suburban North of Boston setting.
We came from the hospice house where my wife's aunt is dying and I spoke with the family about my "conspiracy" theories. They have hooked up with Arnold who is far and away light years ahead of my own survivalist planning. Complete off the grid homestead with ten year foodstocks, way back in the woods, I am green with envy.

Problem is my daughter and the family she married into. My son-in-law's mother is an evil entity and a long history coupled with some knowledge of abnormal psychology supports my judgements. Anyway.

It was allowed is my statement. A financial institution gave a 30 year, half million dollar mortage to a woman approaching the age of fifty. I am however talking about "Joe's Mortgage" Brokerage house, who of course will lend to anybody. That means a payment of 3218.00 per month and the primary signer is very close to retirement age. She also "vacations" in Florida and those very same family members who know Arnold told me about interstate finance scams where people take out extensive loans and then take off to a state which does not persue this type of criminal. A further search of the registry of deeds shows that these parents have essentially mortgaged a lifetime of debt and lavish lifestyle and left it to their oldest son. These are the effects of 50 years living in a capitalist society on the wife of a tradesman. Not educated by any means, something I would call "trailer trash", a woman but then again something I would use the "C" word to describe.

It all fits the mantra, my mantra, the destruction of America, by design. I rallied before about the guns of August and the coming bombing of Iran and while we actually made it through August the next date is Sept 21 because of the stock market put options on the impending crash. This makes sense as Iran might close the Strait of Hormuz killing the flow of oil.

The call just came in. My wife's aunt died. Yet in addition to this I have to worry about another daughter who is scheduled to be in California five days before the due date of Sept 21.

My you live in interesting times and even though I wanted the last horse ride before the Apocalypse I could do without it, at least this month.
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