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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 2:11 pm    Post subject: Orgone and consciousness Reply with quote

This is in response to Oliver's post at WM, but since it's not directly about orgonite and gifting, I'm posting it here.

Tonight I was reviewing some of the older postings and ran across this one and a great truth was revealed to me by Paramatrix in this quote:

"Back to the topic: indeed this is of great importance, this synchronization with the global pulse. The Heart of the Earth beats, now stronger than ever before. As we are the consciousness of the planet Herself, our 'timing' needs to be in balance with what takes place.

Multidimensionality is the key word, have been receiving lots of teaching about that. Once we learn to detect the movements of our different aspects, mind being one, we can utilize the collective power within ourselves. Because human beings consist of multiple layers, and as all energy is more or less of consciousness, we need to get these layers or levels of understanding to dance together with the living Cosmos."

I have thought along the same lines since I started pouring Orgone. Could it be that the "spirit" of Orgonite is a teacher as well as a healer? Oliver

Hi Oliver,

I think you're right - the real teaching is the healing. But I think in order to understand what this really means, we have to understand what consciousness really means - if there is teaching, what exactly are we learning Smile.

We tend to use words like consciousness and healing very loosely and abstractly, and new age thought is full of complicated, abstract theories that could be debated endlessly.

But Reich pointed out that we need to ground ourselves in a true science where we're working with real phenomenon, not abstractions. Not to reduce the meanings down as material science does, but to be able to connect with the real phenomena behind the words we use.

So when we talk about teachings and healing, I think it's important to make a distinction between the teachings of past wisdom cultures, and the teachings that we need now to advance our spiritual development. It's not just that the outer forms have changed, but that the phase of evolution we're in now calls for a very different path toward consciousness. So although many people are looking to ancient or native cultures for their own development, it's a pitfall.

Older cultures were immersed in the wisdom of nature and cosmos, and heard the voices of the gods directly. They didn't have a high degree of consciousness, no matter how rich in orgone their environment was.

First I should explain a bit about the polarity of the mind. We really have two minds - an upper and lower. The upper mind relates to consciousness, rationality, linear thinking. The lower relates to unconscious wisdom, a sort of gut knowing or holistic thinking.

In older cultures, the lower mind was dominant, so they had a lot of wisdom but no way of applying it scientifically. People had spiritual experiences, but had very little sense of individuality. For modern people that's not a path of true consciuosness, because there is no freedom in that. If you hear the gods all the time, but can't really direct your own individual will except in terms of the will or fate of your blood ties, then you don't have personal soveriegnty. In that older consciousness, there wasn't the capacity for freedom as we have now.

The ancients didn't have the capacity for independent thinking - they had natural wisdom but not this kind concsiousness. Higher consciousness in modern times required that we separate from our old connection with the spiritual and natural forces, so that we could become conscious of ourselves as independent beings - we need a sense of self in order to have true freedom.

Then in freedom, we can reunite with the cosmic and natural forces, just like an independent person can enter into a healthy relationship, but he or she has to be whole first.

(The book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, by Julian Jaynes, is an excellent book about this phenomenon. It's not about orgone per se, but about the difference between older and modern consciousness).

The task of developing consciousness for us, is a creative one, and that process is what Reich called "cosmic superimposition." It involves polarity - two orgonomes resonating with each other, interpenetrating to create something that has never been created before - whether it's matter, or a unique thought.

So I'd say yes, that orgone is a healing force, yet we need to interact with it in a very different way than the older cultures did. For us, it's not just like a spirit healer, but we need to bring our own individual consciousness to bear when it comes to using and manipulating it.

That's what Reich taught us - he developed a true science, which meant that although we can have all kinds of spiritual experiences, we can't use what we experience until we bring the experiences that comes from that unconscious wisdom, up to consciousness.

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