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I just started reading a book by Norman D. Livergood about philosophy and the Perennial Tradition. I'm new to this subject, but find it fascinating, and feel like reading some of it has altered how I perceive reality already.

I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with Hermetics/Dialectics, and what advice they would give a newbie.

http://www.hermes-press.com is the website that got me started. It's a large site and I'm just scratching its' surface. I get the feeling there's a lot to learn here...
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Hi Lightsabre

I myself am looking into the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn which is considered the premier Esoteric Tradition of the West. Just like Buddhism, Hinduism and other related mystical religions are the Esoteric Traditions of the East. They all seem to have different methods to connect to the Ineffable Divine One.

Although the original Golden Dawn was corrupt at one time with Egomanical people that should of got the Boot along time ago. Originally the Ideal was to promote a fraternity and kind of brotherhood to help those who are going from darkness (Ignorance) to Light or Illuminations of Higher understanding for the benifit of Humanity. I believe the higher order of the Freemasons have the same corruption problem due to a supperiority complex. Just about any orgainization has its supply of Ass Holes and people who don't belong there and their arrogance violates the vary nature of the organization of the mystery schools intended purpose that is to hand down the knowledge, Wisdome and promote a brotherhood and in the end help out humanity.

The Golden Dawn use a high form of Magic that is really the vary nature of our Kosmos. The ideal is using it to invoke certain energies for the purpose of Helping the initiate activate withing himself the higher divine being that we all have access too but in many people it is highly suppresed by their lower nature and will take many Aeons of the passing of time for them to reach enlightenment and to finally see what the mystic and sages have been trying to tell mankind about the very nature of why they exist and for what purpose. They use lots of ritual and visualization for the purpose of opening the portal to the divine enabling a person to live a more productive and fruitfull life.

One of the things they caution people when they become more energized by the divine energies is most people will have to guard their mental state some people might feel like they are supperior to other people and that is the danger of this when their Psychic abilities increase to a greater degree.

The Golden Dawn covers a lot of subject matter involving magic and their system is based on a grade system. There is lot of memorizing of things as well.

Their are a lot of Golden Dawn sites that cater to people who would rather self intiate themselves then travel long distance and be intiated in a temple setting. There are some books out there that help an individual self initate himself but can have questionable errors. Although they just don't let anybody in so you have to apply which I did. Although this is not for everybody and it is difficult at best. The purpose being to do the Great Work which is to speed up Evolution of your spiritual unfoldment of your inner latent divine nature in order for it to exercise more control over your lower self. I believe many Golden Dawn Initations are done Astrally for those who wish to self initiate themselfs into a higher understanding of the true nature of their existance, purpose and destiny in life as well as the many lives to come.

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Hi Lightsabre,

Whatever path or tradition you end up resonating with, and there are many to suit our different personalities, what has really helped me is remembering that our own inner voice/guide, that is our connection to the Divine/Love/God, as I see it, is where it's at. Anyone who doesn't point you towards that is most probably setting up a labyrinth instead of a maze, and there's a big difference. Love is the goal, and the state of being where we become at one with that level of experience and relating to our reality from that place, I believe. So be aware when anyone guides to intolerance or elitism.
There are many paths as you know, and they are all useful inasmuch as they serve us in progressing/growing spiritually in different ways along our journey. You will find a path that suits you if you listen to your inner voice/intuition.
The route that suits me at present is The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.

Love, Light and Peace,
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