Reich and orgone in healing

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Hi folks,

I had some correspondence I'd like to share, from a wonderful practitioner and student of Reich's work in the field of medicine. She talks about how healing with orgone is only part of the full "remediation" that many of our health issues require, and she cites Reich's work and his own observations with orgone and healing.

I think it's important to look at this, not that there is any negative judgment about orgone therapies, but to understand the particular place it has in the larger context of remediation from disease.

Here's a message from Ati Petrov, HD (R. Hom), and her website is

"There are many therapies one has to use during treatment of the tonic diseases [primary, underlying diseases] in order to increase the strength of the sustentive power [natural healing power of the body] and also to move things along. For example, we need drainage, detoxification, good regimen [diet, nutrition, lifestyle, etc.] - and all the therapies to help patients improve on that level, if we want to remove disease effectively.

Otherwise we have cured disease, but the body can't heal - it is not strong enough. Or if something is preventing a deep cure, then we can see the disease clearly, but unless we address regimenal issues or belief issues, the patient may not even want to come to treatment.

As it happened in the case of Reich - his cancer patients improved to the point their blood and body were healthier than in healthy people, but as the armouring started rocking, they suddenly developed anxiety and stopped coming to him. They stayed in bed and wasted away for no apparent reason - the cancer disease was still in place and treatment was not complete, something he himself ascertained. Reich cautions that to treat just mechanically without removing all other layers of disease will not be effective."

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