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The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out This Weekend

The prime role of Taser technology is the same as the electric shocks that mice receive in laboratory behaviour-control experiments. The mice are shocked each time they try to enter certain channels and eventually they stop trying. The fear of being shocked is enough to control them and that's the real role of the Taser.[ or Booster/Blaster perhaps?]

The videos of people being Tasered, and the stories of those who die, are no problem for those in real authority. They want people to see this because it is saying ... 'Look what will happen to you if you don't obey'. An article I saw about the Taser XREP included this line from the writer: 'We'll behave ourselves, officer, but please, just point that thing somewhere else'.

That's exactly the mentality that the Taser is designed to instil ...

... It shows how far we have come down the Orwellian road that the Taser.co.uk website can say that the Taser is a 'proven solution for stopping violence'. Hitting another human being with 50,000 volts of electricity is considered to be 'stopping violence'. Ahh, but you see the authorities are never violent, even when they are pepper-bombing cities.

Only the people are violent. The authorities merely employ the 'use of force'.

......I LIKE this perspective!!!! ( So sue me!!! )
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