Symptoms of barium poisoning

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The homeopathic materia medica is great for detailed descriptions of the effects of thousands of substances. Here's something about the mental symptoms of barium. Interesting that a prominent symptom is "want of clear consciousness."

The full article is at:

MIND. [1] [Bar. c.]
Want of clear consciousness. Old age.
Feels stupefied ; as if benumbed ; brain seems to move to and fro as if loose, when moving body.
Weak memory.
Memory deficient ; child cannot be taught, for it cannot remember ; is inattentive.
Forgets what was just said, just done, or what he was going to do or get.
(Forgetful ; in middle of a speech the most familiar words fail him.
(bar. a) As if absent ; absentmindedness Apoplexy.
(bar. a) Has no clear perception. Apoplexy.
Great mental and bodily weakness ; childishness. Old people.
Imagines he walks on his knees.
Walking in street she imagines men are laughing at her, criticising to disadvantage ; this makes her so timid that she dare not look up or at anybody, and she perspires over whole body.
Delirium, with frightful figures and images before eyes.
Talkative mania ; < during catamenia ; yellow complexion ; white-coated tongue, with red edges, little ulcers on tongue ; nausea without being able to vomit ; fine skin becoming easily denuded. Young girls.
Mania ; talks much and confusedly ; wants to go out of house. During pregnancy.
Inclined to make fruitless exertions of memory ; tries to recollect past events.
Groaning and murmuring. Old age.
Childish and thoughtless behavior. Old people. Apoplexy.
Averse to strangers and company.
Laziness, averse to bodily or mental labor.
Child does not want to play, but sits in corner doing nothing.
Weeping mood.
Sadness, dejection of spirits, grief over trifles.
Hopelessness ; distrust.
Anxious about most trivial affairs.
She is suddenly overwhelmed with an evil apprehension ; she imagines, for instance, that a beloved friend has suddenly fallen sick and is dying.
Solicitude : about his future ; about domestic affairs.
A peculiar dread of men.
Fearful, easily startled.
Nervous anxiety, restlessness, desire to escape.
Irresolute, constantly changing his mind.
The highest degree of irresoluteness ; she proposes a little journey, but as soon as she makes preparation she changes her mind ; she wavers between opposite resolutions ; all self-confidence has disappeared ; great timidity and cowardice.
Loss of self-confidence ; desponding : pusillanimous.
Whining mood.
Sudden ebullitions of anger, but coupled with cowardice.
Very easily frightened ; a little noise in street seems to her like cries of fire ; it frightened her so that all her limbs trembled.
Dull pain in bumps of firmness and concentrativeness, with corresponding symptoms of mind.
Thinking of one's complaints makes them worse.
Worse in company ; better when alone.

(I may have posted this before, but I don't remember Smile)

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