Wanting to share a little about my experiences

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Well ever since I was a kid I have been able to experience many of things. I rarely have dreams but have many outer body experiences. I have seen supernatural things happen while I am awake or in my outer body experiences. I even see things while I am in deep meditation. I have seen supernatural spirits and keep on seeing them. Some are formed like a human being but some are liquid in form and some take other forms. One time I was in REM rapid eye movement. As I woke up, I say my dog braking and I had a feeling something was in my bedroom. My dog would not go pass a certain part of our living room. He was alerting me but at the same time my dog was sacred. As I got up, I could see something or someone sitting on my bed. It had long black hair and it was covering its face. As I got closer to my bedroom, I felt this power that was coming from this spirit sitting on my bed. As I got closer, its power got stronger. So my reaction was to back away and get my dog as far away from it as possible. My spirit guided me to back away, so I did. What was weird is that before I even got up from my sofa, I had seen it like if I was out of my body or because I was in rem. I still will never know what that was but somethings are meant to be unknown. I am and have always been very sensible to energies and am able to see auras. I have experienced deja vu many of times. I have walked my dog and I walk my dog where there are no people, to enjoy the peace and enjoy mother nature. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a spirit looking like a human being pops out of nowhere and this keeps on happening to me. I felt it and it just happen to walk passed me and my dog and I could not see its face. Then when I looked at my dog, it did not even feel this spirit nor acknowledge its presence. So I meditated and focused on this spirit and right in front of my eyes it disappeared. I have been through many things and my mother, my grandmother and my sister are my witnesses to seeing it with me. My grandmother passed away but I see her with me everywhere I go. I feel her presence protecting me. My mother and I have also seen people shape shift into reptilians. One time we where shopping at trader joe's and my mother and I have a very strong connection, so we looked at this lady whom was giving us this sinister grin and bam, she shape shifted right in front of our eyes. No one even seen it other than me and my mother. I do not question anything that happens to me and my family but I use to question it till it would drive me off the wall. Now I take it for what it is and let it move on by. Some things I have experienced posses a bad presences but I never let it affect me. I have learned to acknowledge it and let it move on by. None of this creeps me out, I am use to seeing things that would creep anyone out and have never feared any of my experiences. I let my spirit by my guide. It has become a daily part of my life and my families life. I only wished I had the answers to everything I experience but I do not. All I can do is share a tiny bit of what I have experienced and hope to hear your views and feelings. I hope to share more of my experiences with you all.
May harmony and peace be with you and your family and guide you all into the light of honesty, honour, justice, love, loyalty, patience, perseverance and truth in mind, body and soul. Keep the spirit and stay gold.
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