David Copperfield uses real magic.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 4:12 am    Post subject: David Copperfield uses real magic. Reply with quote

Hi everybody,

I was just sitting here reading Master Li Hongzhi Zhuan Falun which has some very deep insights into Qigong (Chee Gong) and Gong or very high level cultivation energy. While Qi or Chee of the universeóa shapeless, invisible kind of matter that permeates the universe. The energy of this matter is activated in the human body through cultivation. Its activation changes the bodyís physical condition and can have the effect of producing healing and health. Although the Goal of Falun Dafa practioners is to acheive a very high level of highly refined energy through cultivation as well as transforming the material body into a very high state of highly refined and purified matter via this highly refined cultivation energy and allow the practioners to connect to the Divine Universe like the founder of Buddhism was able to do and who also explored the infinite realms but could never find the exterior or interior since he said in the Universe their 3000 great worlds with life but yet in a grain of sand their are also 3000 great worlds with life. So if he explored each 3000 great worlds grain of sand he would still find yet another 3000 great worlds with life itself and ad infinitum. Yet Worlds within Worlds. I am in Awe.

But as a Falun Dafa or Gong practioners practices cultivation Their low level Qi is enventually replaced by Gong which is a highly refined energy that is much like light itself and highly pure and refined compared to the low level form of Qi of ordinary humans which can't heal anyone. In fact Li Hongzhi warns practioners in the begining don't even attempt trying to heal people since you are asking for trouble due to you and their energy field becoming overlaped and becoming one field and more likely to receive that persons disease. But people can only reach this very high energy state if they persist in doing the cultivation with some seriousness amongst the ordinary people that is be prepared to turn the other cheek.

He mentioned something about David Copperfield and the magic trick he did in walking through the very thick and impenetrable great wall of China. Although he did not mention his name but when I wonder who David Copperfield name appeared immeadiatly in my mind so I did a you tube search to confirm.

Li Hongzhi says David Copperfield is a master of supernatural abilities.

Excerpt from Li Hongzhi Zhulan Falun on this subject:
Qigong is not exclusively a product of our country. It exists in foreign countries as
well, but they donít call it qigong. Western countries, such as the United States, Great Britain, and so on, call it magic. There is a magician in the U.S. who is a master of
supernatural abilities, and he once performed the feat of walking through the Great Wall of China. When he was about to pass through the Wall, he used a white cloth as a cover, pressed himself against the Wall, and then proceeded to go through it. Why did he do that? Doing it that way would lead a lot of people to think of it as a magic show. It had to be done like that since he knew there are many people in China with great supernatural abilities. He was afraid they would interfere with him, so he covered himself before he went in. When coming out, he raised the cloth with one hand and walked out. As the saying goes, ďExperts watch for tricks while laymen watch for excitement.Ē Doing it as he did the audience thought it was a show of magic. These abilities are called magic because they arenít used for cultivating the human body, but instead for stage performances which showcase unusual things and entertain. From a low-level perspective, qigong can change the condition of the body, achieving the goals of healing and health. From a high-level perspective, qigong refers to the cultivation of a personís innate body (ben-ti).

It always blew my mind how he done his magic it as if he did it by real magic so now I know how he did it. I believe Criss Angel opperates in the same way using supernatural abliities as well. We all have these but they are locked up and require cultivation. Li Hongzhi says they are useless compared to the Buddhic Divine Powers since you are able to control all Diamensions and Realms. The Divine Powers are an upgrade over the suppernormal powers. But if you have a show off mentality an attachment they will shut down or lockup. Some of Li Hongzhi practioners have reported supernormal powers such as levitation, remote viewing and other such supernormal powers. One person almost got impaled by some thick steel falling straight for this persons head but mysteriously slid off his head and into the ground. And some practioners reported being smashed against a wall by a tremendous weight but comming out not hurt. But he says supper normal powers are restricted to this physical realm as human supernormal powers. But as practioners practice his Falun Daffa over time will cultivate to very high gong levels of what he calls beyond triple world FA or Buddhic Nature and beyond. So you never stop cultivating oneself since their is never no end to cutlvating oneself.

I am mainly looking for the health benifits as a Falun Dafa practioner first but the other stuff is part of the package so their is never no mind intent in doing Falun Dafa. Falun Dafa is basically the very highest teaching of the Founder of Buddhism. The other stuff like super normal power is automatic but depends on how well the person is seriously cultivating and getting rid of his attachments. Although some people have some health issues and can't do all the exercise which are five of them. I can do the four exercises but can't do the 5th one since you have to double cross your legs (something to do with the yin and the yang polarities of the legs to get an optimal energy field) and is very hard for most people to sit that long with double crossed legs. So just doing the 4 exercise along with cultivation is good enough untill you regain your health and flexibility to do the 5th one which is elegant and very powerfull one called Strengthening Divine Powers much like the founder of Buddhism did with his hand movements in manipulating Falun or the intelligent Buddhic energy field at the Abdomen area that gets stronger as you cultivate and do the exercises.

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