Micro Chip that detects Bird Flu Virus?

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:45 pm    Post subject: Micro Chip that detects Bird Flu Virus? Reply with quote

I guess this is their way to microchip us to control us since they have not been having any success in getting people to accept this ideal of an implantable chip in your body.


They are very serious about using the bird flu virus scare to make people so afraid they will want to go to the hospital and have one implated in their arm and have their family as well get one implanted. If this gains popularity were screwed.

The World Health Organization (WHO arm of the UN) is pushing very hard on the reports of bird flu and giving its endorsement for people to use this VereFlu Chip. The ones who refuse this chip on moral and religious grounds will probably be sent to a FEMA camp (they will tell the media they quarantined you from the general public to keep you from gving the disease to humanity) to keep them from imforming others of the fraud and the real sinister agenda they have for the human cattle of chiping them (remember the Aaron Russo Video) since Martial Law will be in force due to this False Flag of Live Deadly Virus has been Detected by WHO. If it does gain in popularity the next step is your whole damn bank account and all available data on you will be put on the chip and implanted in your body for Multiple scaners to track you where you go and what ever you do and info will be available to DHS.

They have been testing the waters and getting us use to this bird flu by trying to scare the hell out of people even though it has been a false flag in the past. This is probably the way they think we will accept getting chiped for medical and health reasons is by planting the fear in our gloabal conciouness that people could die and our loved ones risk dieing as well. So they figure people will rush in like a herd of cattle to get chiped so this wonder of wonders will see if they got the some kind of virus and can be treated by a Vaccine (another trap).

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