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PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 5:29 pm    Post subject: Teachers Reply with quote

This is a spinoff of the thread about net neutrality, in answer to Matt, and I thought I'd write a bit about my background.

Have you ever read Matrix V?

Haven't. I write from personal experience, and informed by training, but I find that I can't learn a blessed thing until I've digested it through my own experience. It's one of the hidden blessings that come with getting older and not being able remember things anymore Wink.

Then when I articulate it, it sometimes sounds utterly simple, like "Wow, I just discovered that grass is green!", because of course we knew that before, but if we only knew it with the intellect, it still has to percolate through the other levels of experience.

I Find if I get overly grounded into the physical, I can pop in a cd or two and it will lift me out of the muck and mire of the day to day life nicley.

Yes, those things can do that, if you want to be lifted up in that way. But I think to lift ourselves up can only ultimately come through the experience of going down into the muck and mire and liberating the spiritual being who is trapped there. New age methods are about avoiding all that, and going directly up to spirit. And that is "spiritual" in a sense, as opposed to material. (Ill say more about that later). Steiner said that Lucifer is here to help free us from the earth-bound Ahriman, but Lucifer himself is ultimately dark, and we can go beyond that.

But you can judge from your own experience, whether those techniques help you to learn to master your inner demons, do you feel stronger at the core of your being and more self-reliant, or does it foster dependence on a technique or guru or someone to provide an escape from the darkness. I'm not trying to tell you that the Hemi-sync or other tools aren't useful, but to suggest that you could evaluate it more deeply as you go along and challenge yourself with questions that might be uncomfortable, to keep you on your toes.

So, to answer your question of who are my teachers, I don't have a simple answer, and will say a bit about the system that guides me at present. I've had a lot of teachers in various forms. The most effective one is life, including the Agent Smiths of life. Those people who provided resistance have been the mirrors for the agents within myself, the only way to see inside and transform the darkness that had taken root inside. I can tell you that pain, fear, and being caught in a victim mentality over extended periods of time do an excellent job of wearing down the false self and its attachments. It doesn't make adversity less painful in one sense, because we're still human. But through the process, you're embodying the spiritual meaning of everything you go through, and that changes everything.

And when you think you've had enough and learned enough lessons, you get more. And you go further than you even knew the territory went, as it keeps opening up further in front of you. You keep getting stretched beyond your limits, so you can learn to see and let go of whatever you're holding onto. And it's very gradual, so we're not ripped to shreds, even though it feels like that at times. Something you can't get from any book or teacher directly, until you walk that labyrinth. You can't get the lessons directly, and you can't get the greatest gifts directly. But you can get both, and then the word "abundance" can't even begin to cover it.

For many years I pursued new-age type teachers and eastern mysticism, but there was ultimately a disconnect. At some point I had to admit to myself that all those teachings could no longer reach me where I lived. And that was scary, because letting go of a sense of support even if part of you knows it's a false one, while your connection to the true spiritual support is still very shaky, is a huge leap of faith. But the higher self pushes for it, and gets us into all sorts of seeming trouble, trying to steer us in that direction. And the higher self will push you into the abyss.

Then, all the belief systems in the world can't reach you, and now you know it. So, not wanting to just grab onto another belief system to replace the old ones, I came across the Dynamic System. And that's been my main guide for the past six years.

The Dynamic system brings together streams of thought that come out of the Romantic movement - Reich, Steiner and Hahnemann mainly. And also other Romantic era thinkers like Goethe and Coleridge (who have come to be known as poets but were really spiritual scientists). The hallmark of the Romantic era was this impulse to go back to nature, to live in accord with nature's law, but not in the ancient way.

Modern consciousness is evolving in a new direction, and we have the capacity now to go into the natural world in all its darkness, but with higher consciousness and our own freedom intact, instead of losing ourselves in primordial oneness as the ancients did. The old way wasn't about feedom - people lived in a more group consciousness, and didn't have much use for personal sovereignty and individuality. That was appropriate for that time, but a new impulse has come through in modern times.

So we have a false path for modern times, which is about getting stuck in the material world (homo normalis). Then we have the old consciousness, which is what the newage movement is about, and that tries to avoid getting stuck in matter, so it wants to just avoid the darkness and escape up to the light of spirit, no muss no fuss.

But that ultimately leads to loss of individual freedom, because we're the "man in the trap" - we're trapped down in darkness, so we have to go down there to liberate ourselves. If we go straight up, we can't find the wholeness we're looking for. There is a dynamic polarity between upper/lower, death/life, nature/spirit, and to be whole and connected to life means that we have to have this orgonotic pulsation (Reich) between the two. If we're trapped in matter, we have to first go down (into the Matrix as Neo did) to redeem this self, in order to come up to higher consciousness. But that's where all the fear is, and it's treacherous.

Not to say that newage stuff is all wrong - we can use some aspects of it, but the value of any tool is only in the consciousness with which you use it. Now the hallmark of our time is to make our experience our own by redeeming that "man in the trap," - spirit alone, cut off from this nether realm, can't free us.

So the dynamic system is a way of working with the Romantic impulse of going down into the darkness of nature first, so that we can come up to spirit with our Self intact. If we go directly up to spirit, maybe we can enjoy hanging out in the cosmos for a while, but ultimately this will begin to feel painful, because the human impulse is toward freedom.

There's a lot more I could say, but that's the main idea for now. The Dynamic system is being taught mainly at the Hahnemann College in Ottawa, Canada. They offer many different programs by distance learning, in the arts and sciences, dynamic philosophy, and medicine, all according to this paradigm of spiritual science. (I'm currently in the 4-year medical training). www.homeopathy.com

It's currently taught as a spiritual training, even the medical side (because true medicine has to treat the soul as well as the body and mind, and can't separate them). There isn't a particular book that encapsulates the system yet, other than the texts for the course material which were written specifically for this training.

For many years, people have been reading Hahnemann, Steiner, and Reich with the intellectual mind and losing the dynamic essence of what those geniuses really taught. The Dynamic system is opening up the dimensions that were missing, and in order to do that we need to train our etheric organs of perception, which we're not used to, because we're using physical thinking all the time (being dominated by the Kantian worldview that says that only the outer appearances of things can be objectively knowable).

So instead of just reading new material with the same consciousness we had before, we're developing a new consciousness that can extract the deeper truth of what was in the readings that have been available for 100 years (Steiner) and 200 years (Hahnemann). Pretty cool.

Now we don't have to vaccilate between material, reductionist thinking vs. subjective empiricism, because there is a true science, a spiritual science that is liberated from the bounds of materialism, yet is objective at the same time. Now we can go into the supersensible world with real consciousness.

And the medical side is of utmost importance, because we need to be healthy enough in order to resonate with truth. This measure of health is very different from what it is in the Matrix of allopathic medicine (or even alternative medicine as largely coopted). Real medicine, in this context, is about destroying whatever is obstructing our path to truth. As we fight those forces in the outer world, we come to see how they have taken hold of us interally, and we have to work on their outposts there.

The inner is the real frontier. Neo fought the critical battle down in the nether region, not up in the light, and that's how he developed his own inner light, in a true way.

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