Antidepressants are as dangerous as PCP and ECSTASY

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 4:56 pm    Post subject: Antidepressants are as dangerous as PCP and ECSTASY Reply with quote

I think something about this was posted some time ago, but bears repeating.

Here's an important interview with Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, author of "Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? - Our Serotonin Nightmare"

You need to log in to the site in order to hear the audio, but well worth it.

Here are the main points:

1. These SSRI drugs are all essentially the same no matter what the brand name. They interfere with serotonin metabolism so that serotonin builds up in the brain. The accepted dogma is that serotonin is too low in depressed people.

2. The actual research shows that in depressed people, serotonin is actually too HIGH. What is low is the ability to metabolize it, which is exactly what these drugs impair. The drug causes serononin overload, which results in dangerous effects.

3. SSRI's are essentially the same chemically as street drugs like PCP and Ecstasy. The only difference is that it takes longer for the antidepressant to have those hallucinogenic effects.

4. SSRI's can produce a temporary high as the body is shocked by the drugs, but then what comes up must come down.

5. PCP was originally used as an anesthetic in hospitals, but taken off the market because it was too dangerous.

6. What the SSRI's do is produce the same brain wave pattern as people who are on general anesthetics. The person is in a dream-like state, having nightmares and literally sleep-walking - imagine how frightening that could be - and this is linked to the acting out of suicidal or homicidal thoughts.

7. The mechanism for homicidal and suicidal behavior in people on these drugs is known. It is a REM sleep disorder caused by the drug. 86% of people with REM sleep disorder are on antidepresants.

8. If you are prevented from dreaming during sleep, you will go into a dream state while awake.

9. Healthy volunteers were given SSRI's and one hanged himself during the "study."

10. The drugs are preventing serotonin from being broken down properly, resulting in insomnia from lack of melatonin.

11. Ever wonder why so many people are "bipolar" these days? Or ar at least exhibiting manic behaviors? Find out if they're on SSRI's, which often cause mania.

My additional thoughts:

There are no "SIDE EFFECTS" of drugs. The reactions to drugs are all PRIMARY effects of the drugs creating iatrogenic disease in the body. What are known as "side effects" are just the primary effects that we don't happen to like. We should tell it like it is, and not minimize the seriousness of the situation by talking about "side effects" as if they are only incidental.

Remember that most doctors don't know much about drugs - they read the marketing material provided by the drug reps.

New markets are being created for these drugs to get more people on them. Diagnostic criteria are simply changed in order to justify prescribing these drugs to more people.

As usual, we're being told that suppressing symptoms is the only method of dealing with emotional difficulties. We're being managed, not treated.

The alternatives are available, for those who are willing to challenge the medical dogma, to educate those who are open to hearing another view, and as an individual, to take responsibility for your own choices.

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