Further Exploring Cannabis: The Panacea

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I'm excited to be writing this as our story starts right here where I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Outside of the city in one of the rural areas lives a man names Rick Simpson. To get right into it, this man grew and cultivated hemp into a highly concentrated oil form for several years. The following will be a brief summary of the events which transpired therein.

First though, something to keep in mind. The nature of Rick's nomenclature is somewhat confusing, as for some he makes it sound as if this brand of hemp oil is 1. Hemp Seed Oil or 2. A different type of recreation cannabis oil one might find on the street. It's substantially not the former; its difference from the latter isn't really too radical save for an advanced potency. The main thing to keep in mind is that this is a 100% natural substance. This usually means jackpot for research purposes, as mother nature out-performs every single attempt at human imitation, almost always without fail. The science behind cannabis, in recent years, has become quite interesting. It has full-on breached the scientific field now without taboo. What has been found is that the human body, in every system, has what are called endocannabinoid receptors which regulate many things. I won't try and do it justice further in this regard, as the links explain it better, but needless to say the immune system and other 'healing' orientated components are within this ubiquitous receptor scope.

Instead I will do my job, and try to sum up the entirety of the what's in the links and what I saw. So this brings me back to earlier today, where I found myself sitting at the Dalhousie sub watching Rick Simpson talk. The first time I looked at him the first thought I had was 'radiant.' For those of you who don't know who Mark Emery is, he is a famous cannabis advocate who has sold more seeds than anyone ever, and was consequently almost jailed for life by US extradition. Anyways, those who know him know that he smokes a lot and looks like a shit. Dark circles under his eyes, like I look when I smoke too much. Rick Simpson is radiant, and he explains why.

"It's pretty straightforward" he says, a small grin on his face. "You take 60g of oil over a thee month period (You need about a pound for this which is quite a bit) and whatever is ailing you will go away. 90% of the medicinal properties of cannabis literally go up in smoke when you chose that method." He recounts the thousands of people of varying diseases like aids, cancer, MS, and some other ones which have no known cures that he's seen cured from people's bodies, sometimes in as little as three weeks He explains his own arthritis which used to plague him is nothing more than a nostalgic comedy as he dances about the room. Now for me this isn't hard to believe. Perhaps for journalistic neutrality I should play the skeptic card but its a fact, I've seen way stranger -- but still, I am looking around the room to see what everyone else thinks. Alright question period time. Skeptics go nuts, let him have it. "This man saved my life" one man recounts in tears, explaining how he had 2 months to live before he saw Rick. Another man just smiles as he explains his chronic back spasms affect him no longer. This was at the University; outside of the testimonials there were some other students like myself. The only thing that anyone could really muster up was that he needs to get some proper data on the books -- which you probably agree with right? I mean surely this man is wrong somehow, and he hasn't discovered some cure all? Surely there is some clerical mistake!

I mean if he had, surely you would have heard about it, right? So, what -has- Rick been doing all this time besides allegedly curing people? Well Rick's been in court. You see, this is all illegal. I don't mean in the conventional sense. It's perfectly legal for people to, with a government approved medical exemption, grow (or license someone else to grow) cannabis in Canada. It has medicinal value, after all. We're not totally savage. Like, you can smoke it out in the cold, partially chastised, to get rid of your chemotherapy sickness. What is illegal is the -oil-, even though Rick never charged a dime. It would seem, whether by conscious knowledge of this or not, that the government preempted this gift. Rick claims, while promoting anti-weed propaganda externally, the pharmaceutical companies may have learned about this on the inside a long time ago. Seems plausible, but either way the oil is a no no. So what came out of Rick's eventual arrest? Thankfully fate afforded us a judge with a conscience. Rick was fined $2000, probably just to cover court fees. "This man is guilty, but a healer" the official decision by the courts.

So what is Rick Simpson up to these days? He will be touring in Europe with the most well known cannabis icon on the planet, Jack Herer in the immediate future, who is among the list of people that he has cured. Yes, it seems like the cat has been definitively let out of the bag with this one. This process is catching on all over the world; and on a personal note: it brings my personal count of cures for cancer/aids/other terminal illnesses to three.

In closing: Some things are not too good to be true; the fountain of youth is here if we want it, if we can grow out of the taboo. I mean no offense to our parents generation but it was one molded by Reagan ridiculousness and Clinton distraction. Their, and some of the more closed minded people that spilled over into our generation's stances towards alternative medicine, psychoactives, and a whole range of other things is comedically un-sound from a logical point of view. I do not mean to make light of a serious subject, but to choose getting blasted with radiation over any one of the documented alternative cures out there, is at this stage in the game the equivalent to walking into oncoming traffic instead of taking the sidewalk.

In any paradigm shift the masses are always the last to understand. As we find ourselves in the transition to either heaven on earth of a horrid police state of unthought, the quintessential question seems to be one of epistemological authority: who to trust, and how will other people perceive? Well it seems to me that mother nature is blind.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0cSg5CW6PQ -- Dr. Robert Malamede, University of Colorado.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsK21EJDAPc -- The Run from the Cure Documentary
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