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PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:10 pm    Post subject: Allopathic vs naturopathic - the dialectic Reply with quote

I want to talk about the false dichotomy of allopathic medicine vs. naturopathic medicine, because itís a pervasive error to assume that naturopathic approaches are inherently different and better.

I often get flak for criticizing alternative medicine, as if itís a religion. People are afraid to look at any holes in their new-found belief system. Well, in my world, critical thinking gets applied to everything, and holding onto a kinder, gentler belief system is just as false as the old belief system. Seeing through false dichotomies is what liberates us from getting stuck in traps, and there are many traps that are easy to fall into once people begin to think outside the mainstream box. Like going from one addiction to another.

Iíll start with the example of heavy metal detox, which a lot of people latch onto and want to just go in and get rid of toxins biochemically. Detox can be very draining, especially when the body really wants to hold onto the mercury and we're forcing it out. Then also, you have to make sure that you have proper drainage (the channels of elimination are all open). Most people need some drainage therapy before detox.

But you have to look at how and why the particular body is holding onto the toxin the first place, what is the larger milieu that allows that, and what is the deeper etheric function that is going on, which is beyond biochemistry.

It's being found clinically that the body will often hold onto mercury, especially when there are unresolved emotional issues - and even when the person has minimal exposure to mercury! When emotional traumas are treated and removed, then the body starts to release the mercury.

Louis Kervran with his work on biological transmutations showed that metals can be produced by the body on its own, out of silica - this means even mercury and lead! It's much like pleomorphic microbes that the body produces internally. The body will simply produce more of it until it's ready to release it.

Natural medicine has known for a long time about Bechamp's work that overturned the germ theory. Most or many common miccrobes don't actually come from outside the body the way the germ theory posits, but they're produced inside the body when it's trying to overcome disease. Microbes can be like "seasonal workers" that do certain repairs, and we need that, although they also produce uncomfortable symptoms while they're at it.

It's often the same with heavy metals, and attempts at chelation won't work and can stress the body further if the body decides that it actually needs the heavy metals to stick around. Why would any body want heavy metals to stick around? Well, the heavy metals act like the false ego, something we actually need temporarily as a stand-in, if the true self or individuality hasn't taken hold of the astral, etheric and physical bodies in the proper way.

For most of us, we're not completely self-actualized in that way, and really only bits and pieces of our true selves are in the driver's seat of our own lives. The false ego is doing the rest of the driving. And we need to respect that important function of tiding us over. We only fully release the heavy metals, safely, as we achieve this inner mastery. That can be sped up with proper treatment that understands this process.

There are biophysical methods to get rid of the mercury, but the body is not just a physical organism, and the biochemistry is just a reflection of what's going on at deeper levels. Getting rid of mercury and microbes physically can be done to a certain extent to help take some of the load off temporarily, but they'll just return if the deeper reasons for their being there aren't being addressed.

I like to use the image of a silk scarf caught on a thorn bush. The thorns are the foreign entities that are holding us captive, including toxins that donít belong in our system. If the thorns havenít impinged too deeply, we can pretty easily remove them. This is like using diet, nutrition, supplements, even energy balancing, to correct imbalances.

But if the thorns have penetrated deeply, then pulling them off will actually rip the scarf to shreds. We have to approach it systematically and usually more slowly to get best results.

And if we approach heavy metal detox from the simplistic view that heavy metals are bad and need to be gotten rid of, without looking at this bigger picture, then weíre actually using the same allopathic mindset that weíre trying to get away from.

Allopathy doesnít mean using drugs Ė it means applying a treatment without principle, just looking at the outer appearances, symptoms, and trying to make the symptoms go away without a deeper understanding of the real causative level.

Looking at the bigger picture, when a skilled practitioner really sees etherically what is going on in an individual, using a rational paradigm of medicine, and not an allopathic mindset, itís usually seen that people have a whole multitude of foreign entities hanging out in their energy bodies.

Do we just go in and kill them all at once? Iíve seen and experienced myself the devastating effects of doing that. You can destabilize a person real fast by going in and killing stuff just because itís there, even with ďnaturalĒ remedies, if you donít have a rational system of diagnosis and therapeutics thatís grounded in natural laws.

But we do have such a system. Itís not going to win any popularity contests, though, because itís not allopathic at all Ė itís based on real principles. And thatís a threat to most peoplesí belief systems.

The real deception, the real disinformation, is that the answer to Big Pharma/allopathic medicine is Alternative Medicine. Theyíre just two sides of the same coin, and if you know how to see the allopathic mindset, you see it alive and well in both camps.

When youíre looking at health issues from the point of view of making symptoms go away, youíre in the material mindset that sees only the outer appearances of things. This is the Kantian view that dominates modern thinking Ė that we canít know the non-material world scientifically, so all that energy stuff canít come into a principled system of medicine. Then weíre split Ė we have ďobjectiveĒ medicine that only looks only at the material aspect, vs. subjective energy stuff that looks at the inner content but canít bring those perceptions into a useable scientific system of medicine.

The kernel of truth in alternative medicine is that it wants to go into the inner content, acknowledges that itís real. But then it gets lost in subjectivity. Then we have a zillion different views about what supplement is best, what treatment modality or tool is best, what diet is best, and weíre lost in a sea of opinion with no grounding principles to stand on.

What we need is to resolve the false split between objective and subjective, between allopathic and alternative/natural, because itís another dialectical fallacy. What we need is to go into the non-material, supersensible realm, because thatís actually where disease is lodged. And we actually have a science that does that rationally, a spiritual science.

We canít treat disease with material means Ė it will never work. So when you see claims that this or that supplement can cure some disease, well, it never will. A lot of things can make symptoms go away. But thatís a magic act. Symptoms are just the outer appearances, the manifestations of disease, not disease itself. You can make it appear that the disease has gone, but if you donít have a true system of diagnosis, and you donít know how to identify the disease in its true etheric form, then you have no way of knowing what youíve actually done by removing the symptoms.

Did you suppress the symptoms - push the symptoms deeper into the system where they will have to manifest again and maybe in a more aggressive way next time?
Did you just calm them down temporarily?
Maybe you corrected one imbalance, but how do you know that that isnít causing other imbalances?
Are the real roots of the disease still festering?

Allopathy doesnít have those answers, and neither does naturopathy. Many of the tools of natural medicine have value, but a tool is only as good as our understanding of the problem itself.

If a nutritional supplement claims to cure malaria or cancer or even influenza, in order to evaluate that, first we have to understand what is the true nature of that disturbance Ė is it a condition that can have many possible causes, or a disease that has a distinct cause, or simply an imbalance. These distinctions are a total blur to the allopathic mindset, which cantí distinguish symptoms from disease.

True disease is not material at all, only the symptoms are. So nutrition can never cure disease. It can correct imbalances Ė that is its proper jurisdiction. Curing disease requires remedies that resonate with the disease entity according to the law of similars.

And because total remediation is a polarity of curing plus healing, nutrition comes in on the healing side, to support and balance. Nutrition is the necessary foundation, the first step in any effort to get well. But the support and balance alone canít remove the disease, never will.

If anyone wants to read more on this subject, here are some related articles:

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And other articles on my website especially in section 05 and 06 under Articles.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good One Karen
That is a very important distinction. Sometimes hard to remember when under the weather.
Dis-ease always comes from within. Conflicting inner beliefs can manifest as physical symptoms. If you don't get your inner self worked out the body will let you know.
I think it is more likely your mindset is what holds the poisons inside, not your body conciousness, which strives constantly towards repair and health on it's own. Of course the subconcious beliefs may not be in harmony with this natural state and we get symptoms telling us something is wrong.
However, is it possible the body holds on to the mercury to protect us from graver results?
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi HH,

I think it is more likely your mindset is what holds the poisons inside, not your body conciousness, which strives constantly towards repair and health on it's own.

Exactly. The natural healing power of the body has a mandate to maintain homeostasis. If there is no disease present, then that healing power can make all the necessary adjustments.

But the unconscious programming is what Dr Hahnemann called spiritual disease. Sometimes it's not too firmly entrenched, like if you have a false idea about something and you later realize it's false and change your mind. But very often it's deeply entrenched and actually has penetrated the internal organs. (The ancient Chinese knew that when you're depressed, for example, your liver is disturbed).

And when that's the case, then no attempts to educate the person out of their mindset will work - because the disease has taken hold in the body. Then the body will try to establish balance by creating symptoms, but it can't overcome the disturbance - it's like a wind-up toy hitting a wall and spinning its wheels. That's when people have chronic symptoms they just can't get rid of.

There are also diseases that aren't spiritual in origin, but every disease has an altered state of mind. Dr. Hahnemann discovered that disease is in essence an altered state of mind.

Homeopathic treatment done properly with deep acting remedies can reach to where the disease is lodged. Sometimes you can do detox methods in a rather straightforward way, but if the toxins are needed for some higher purpose of consciousness, even the most powerful detox, chelation therapy, etc., won't touch it. But the homeopathic treatment is the process of removing the disease blockages to allow for the release of the toxins naturally.

However, is it possible the body holds on to the mercury to protect us from graver results?

Right. Mercury is produced or held onto to help the body to deal with change. It actually assists in moving the person through certain rigid patterns and blockages that developed around various inner conflicts and traumas. The mercury produced by the body doesn't necessarily cause damage, but if the deeper inner conflicts aren't dealt with, then the mercury may increase to move the person through the blockage. But that's a stressful way of going about it. So it's the process itself that's stressful not so much the metal itself.

So the ideal course is to deal with the underlying traumas and conflicts, and then the body releases the mercury, because it's no longer needed. This is all explained by Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophical medicine.

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