The Sins Of Seven By Seven

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The Sins Of Seven By Seven
By Karl Schwarz

Are you aware that the US dollar is trading as of today, September 17, 2009 at 0.6580 against the Euro? If you are American, planning a trip to the EU, you had better double check your credit card limit because it will be 35% less than you think it is in the EU. It will actually be even more severe because Americans cannot run their cards into the red negative limits in the EU. The card limits stop well short of what can be done in the US.

The dollar is in free fall because of two major reasons: 1.) the irresponsible spending and debt levels of the US government; and 2.) central banks and major holders of dollars are moving away and reducing their holdings.

I have seen many Americans scrambling for the nearest Western Union office just so they could check out of their hotel and catch their flight in time. There is nothing like having to rely on 'care packages' of emergency funds from the US to snap some people into reality. I coined a phrase about two years ago "Dead President's Toilet Paper" and it has stuck. There are people in three nations using the phrase and recently it was cited in Moscow when someone was warning Russians to get rid of the 'toilet paper' dollars they are holding and convert to Euros. That was late last week.

Such is reality, regardless of what Americans think. There are places in this world where one cannot exchange US dollars for the local currency as of this week. That is the circumstance in much of Asia right now. That is reality, too, but we should not speak too loudly lest we wake up the American mushrooms that are fast asleep and kept in the dark, buried in the shit of DC lies.

The US stock market is booming, right? Keep believing that and most people will lose most or all they have. Experts that know what they are talking about say the US stock market is 2x to 4x overvalued, depending on the stock and real earnings of certain companies. The P/E ratios versus price per share are about as over-inflated as just before the bubble blew up and wiped out over $1 trillion in investments by average Americans. It is a cyclical demonstration of the unthinking masses that think they are smart in their investments and trades.

Many casinos have better odds than Wall Street and are run more honestly.

I am often asked why I moved away from the United States of America. It has taken some adjustment but truly, I miss few things about the America that is now as compared to the Americathat I grew up in. I especially do not miss the lies that emanate from DC, Wall Street and most US corporations.

I miss my son the most, family and friends, as well as my favorite restaurants, golf courses, and places that I like to go for camping, hunting, fishing and solitude. I now live in a city and even miss not having room to plant my own garden and raise fruits and vegetables. I found that most of that list was easily replaceable because this is a big world and America is not the home of 'all good things'.

Change and progress are inevitable in this world and America is not exempt. However, the changes in America over the past 40 years have now evolved into something that is neither good nor great while most of the rest of the world has improved for the better.

At the age of 58, I have watched much of this evolution occur in detail. Unlike many Americans, I have been on the inside at multiple levels of power in Arkansas, DC and Wall Street. I paid close attention and analyzed the negative affects that have now become accumulative to the point of shredding the very fabric of the United State of America.

My reasons for leaving America can best be summed up by what I refer to as 'The Sins of the Seven by Seven'. I saw the economic calamity coming but America has far bigger structural dysfunctions as a nation that will over time cause its doom.

I have watched a nation and its society violate every one of the Seven Social Sins that were elaborated by the great civil rights activist and leader Mahatma Gandhi. He stood up at great cost to himself and shed India of British rule. He never fired a shot, merely showed how to stand up to white-cracker supremacy through civil disobedience to the masters.

- Cited from Young India, 22-10-1925

** Politics without Principle.

That sums up our federal, state and local governments in just three words. However, our leaders are a true mirror image of the society they lead, to a large extent rotten to its very core. There are many good people in America but there are just as many scumbags, liars, con artists, morons and miscreants that refuse to accept any solution that would stop the wars, the lies, the corruption, the agendas that have ruined what was once a great nation. It is a 50-50 stalemate between right versus wrong, good versus evil and reasonable versus irrational. The problem is on both sides of the aisle and very much controlled by fringe lunatics on the Left and the Right.

One would be amazed at how easy it is to spot an American tourist in Europe. They are generally the people with the least manners, loudest, most slovenly and obnoxious in conduct, and truly quite offensive even to an American who sees their lack of grace.

Even in the category of "American tourists" I have seen, it is has been about 50-50 in good people versus people that need to go to finishing school before they are allowed to travel outside of America. Nothing about America is a worse ambassador than an Ugly American in the sense of total lack of manners and decency in a foreign land.

I have seen chunky-butt homely American girls trashing females that walked by because they did not like the way they dress. There is one word to describe many of the women I have seen in EU, Ukraine, Russia, etc: breathtaking. They truly put most American women to shame in looks, elegance and dress.

We have politicians that lie every time they open their mouth and a society that appears to think freedom of speech includes first and foremost the freedom to lie.

Most Americans do not seem to realize or even care that the United States government is the only one on this planet that uses food as a political weapon to bludgeon weaker nations. If Americans paid attention they would be livid at how many hundreds of millions of people Washington DC has willfully neglected and starved to death because their governments would not roll over and let the US titans rape their nation and its resources.

Even when there are natural disasters such as earthquakes, the US offer of aid has strings attached in the form of the inflow of spies and disruptors into nations the US does not like. That is why Iran rejected US assistance the last time they had a major earthquake. Many nations on this planet now clearly see that the feigned American benevolence is viewed by DC and the Wealthy Elite as a door opened miraculously by an Act of God to promote American agendas. Many say 'NO' to the US and its agenda of domination and hegemony.

The US sends such people to attempt to influence elections and deny peoples their choice for leadership. It has happened in recent history in Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, and Iran just to name a few. There are many people on this planet that view the US way as the last way they would choose to live. Our government is not helpful; it is belligerent, demanding, manipulative and meddlesome to the point of absurdity.

Mark my words. the odds are high that Georgia will soon turn anti-American, cast out the US educated puppet Mikiel Saakashvili, and then Georgia will be yet one more US enemy standing in the way of US hegemony in oil from the Caspian Basin. Right behind them will be the Ukraine as the US handpicked puppet Yuschenko is on his way out with less than 3% approval rating.

Americans seem perplexed as to why other nations hate America. All one has to do is see our government in action outside of the US and some of our citizens on vacation to get the quick and accurate answer. I have seen it in the EU and elsewhere and can assertively state that the US government seems to hire the biggest assholes it can find to represent our interests abroad. Arrogance has never sold well, anywhere, American, British or otherwise.

Our military policies died when the Roman Empire did, but still we as a nation persist with the inane, the stupid, the brutal and inhumane. We cannot have our leaders wake up and realize how wrong they have been since before World War I. God forbid that the citizens of America might actually start asking the right questions, demanding the right answers and demanding complete accountability for the actions of our government across this world.

The great Chinese general Sun Tzu cautioned that if one has to resort to violence they have already lost the fight. Behold Iraq and Afghanistan! The greatest general can take Heaven and Earth without shedding blood. Far too many Americans seem to prefer the blood as if the televised wars are the Super Bowl for entertainment, beer and pop corn.

To say that the 'shop 'til you drop' Americans have funded America's demise via China is putting it mildly. If China wanted to take an economic hit to nuke the US financially, they could dump their US Treasury bonds and China would survive while the US would not.

We do not have to worry about terrorists. We, in the form of our government and our unthinking, ill-informed masses, are our own worst enemy.

America can trumpet and celebrate its greatness when there are no homeless on our streets, our veterans are cared for as promised, there are none that are malnourished or starving, there are none without quality health care, there are no able bodied people unemployed and the government is minimized in the lives of our citizens. Americans can hold their head up high when no nation dares to tread on our might and we attack no nation based on greed and lies.

We will become a great nation if and only when our CIA is put on a permanent cease and desist order in their terrorism against smaller weaker nations.

America's first priority should be job creation but the economic engine is so broken do not hold your breath waiting to see that happen.

** Wealth Without Work.

I saw this one coming when college graduates as early as 1980 thought they deserved to be the CEO of my company by age 30, and I would have been about 44 by the time their dream came true. It truly stumped them when I asked if they thought I should be retired or made redundant by age 44 just to satisfy their delusions. Far too many Americans fail to realize that a college diploma does not automatically equate to excellence, competence, experience or advancement on merit. Life is an entitlement by birth, a job or CEO slot is not.

Wealth is earned over decades of work, not by the stroke of a pen in a sleazy deal. The current global economic crisis is happening because the US excels in lies, greed and corruption. Most of all the US has proven since 9-11 that it excels at financial fraud as well as military force based on lies. The savings and liquidity of entire nations has been stolen by US fraud to prop up the illusion that the American Dream only applies to Americans and only Americans deserve to live a good life and have financial security and own a home.

Literally, tens of millions of foreign people have had their life savings stolen by US fraud so unqualified, no-job dumbasses in the US could buy a house and artificially prop up a long past dead economy. Housing in America is not a Leading Economic Indicator (LEI), it is a sham designed to cover up the real weaknesses of the US economy.

No jobs equals no homeowners. It is that way everywhere, except America.

Only in America can the likes of a Bernie Madoff happen, or Ken Lay at Enron or Gary Winnick at the colossal fraud that was Global Crossing telecom. Only in America can 'D' and 'F' rated paper be AAA rated and sold by the Wall Street con artists to an unsuspecting world. Only in America do people think freedom is freedom to lie, steal, connive, cheat, plunder and wreck the lives of others just to be successful in terms of money. Only in America is freedom so taken for granted that freedom to be a criminal is now passť.

Only in America do self-professed Christians worship money and materialism before God and, sadly, do not know the difference. What fell in through the roof due to fraud and what comes as manna from Heaven is not the same thing.

** Pleasure Without Conscience.

One of the first things I noticed about Europe is the almost total absence of child abuse and pedophilia in most of the nations, while America is rampant with such perversions and evil. Divorce rates are much lower in the EU and they tend to marry later when they are mature enough for a responsible relationship. There is also much lower incidence of teenage pregnancy and abortion in the EU. Maybe their children are just smarter than the average American. I have talked with many of them and that is a possibility. They do seem to be smarter and more mature even in the age range of 14-21 than the average 18-30 American female.

From the statistics I have seen the two leading causes of divorce in America are infidelity / adultery and financial problems. The feminism agenda has destroyed the nuclear family, produced an incompetent generation of offspring, deluded people into thinking the essence of life is shopping, and that adultery is a statement of independence and freedom. The combined affects of those fallacies have now come home to roost on America in spades and has done so for the past 4 decades.

** Knowledge without Character.

When poll after poll reveals that America's youth think it is okay to do illegal and unethical things to get ahead in life and make lots of money, I see that as a flashing red warning sign. Many Americans think they deserve to be millionaires or billionaires, with no valid education or work ethic. Most Americans seem to be okay with a total lack of ethics, character, honor or veracity both in government and within society. They only bitch about it or try to do something about it when it impacts them personally, like getting ripped off by sham scams like Global Crossing telecom, or Enron, etc, etc, etc. It does little good to have knowledge if one lacks the honor and integrity to use it wisely.

Having knowledge and not thinking simply adds up to zero most of the time.

One of the key elements of civilized society is that the more educated should be the least criminal in conduct. That does not work in America any more as we have criminals from top to bottom in our society. From the halls of political power, from the corporate board rooms down to the ghettos and trailer parks, America is eaten up with corruption, criminality and people chasing the easy buck. That is a warning sign of a fundamental structural flaw in our system and our society.

Buildings collapse due to fundamental structural flaws and nations and societies do, too.

** Commerce without Morality.

I used to be affiliated with Smith Barney, back in the days that the John Houseman ads were true: "We are Smith Barney. We make money the old fashioned way, we earn it." I walked out when the insiders were snickering and joking in meeting rooms and at lunch and dinner meetings: "We are Smith Barney. We make money the old fashioned way, we rape and rob you."

The Wall Street of today makes it clear that there is no morality on that street. It operates on the premise of brazen greed, just like Washington DC. They promote to the top those who can lie the best and steal the most to pump up profits and line the right pockets. It is when the worst among us are the most rewarded financially that our nation is in very deep trouble. Even as many corporations were slashing jobs they were increasing the pay of the upper management, who in not dealing with the current economic crash or causing the current crisis, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are not worth the huge salaries and bonuses they receive.

They get those huge salaries and bonuses because they are not honorable people and will do what is required to play along with the US hegemony game for global domination, at any cost. They are economic hit men that crush anyone that DC directs them to crush. If you get plowed under financially, consider yourself collateral damage. They do.

The classic line from the movie 'Wall Street' is real: 'A fool and his money were lucky to have ever met in the first place.' Fools are pigeons to be plucked and roasted according to the procedures of DC and Wall Street.

Ask a politician why they do the stupid things they do and most often the answer has to do with commerce and jobs and blah, blah, blah. They would be the last to admit that they killedAmerica as if they held the knife and plunged it into the back of every American.

The US has a failed business plan. Most people in this world see that clearly, except Americans. The US does not stand for the rule of law. Most people around this world see that clearly, too. Most see that the US is no longer a model to be emulated.

For that blame, I assess the problem to be our leadership and our population in general. Both sides are equally as guilty for the demise of a great nation.

** Science without Humanity.

Being a Managing Director and CEO of a nanotechnology company, this one hits particularly close to home with me. I have watched as corporations and governments put profits above humanity every hour of every day. I call it the phenomenon of popularity overruling sanity.

We are one of the few nanotechnology companies that actually do research on toxicology and harmful effects, not just profits. Much in this world would be solved very quickly if companies remembered that popularity and profits does not always have to overrule sanity or equity.

There are many technologies that are suppressed by the US because they would change this world in beneficial ways. They would deny profits and power to an Elite Few but would benefit all of mankind. To mention just a few are pharmacology, alternative energy, and nanotechnology. There are ways to power cars without petroleum that are suppressed. There are ways to cure certain forms of cancer and are not allowed within the US because that would wreck the value of a cancer patient, about $1,000,000 from diagnosis to death.

One issue that is creating all of this dissension in the world is that the peoples of this planet are walking off and leaving the US behind. The hostilities from DC are their attempt to control all things and maintain their power and influence in the world. That is being rejected by most of the rest of the world, too. America is no longer the sole Superpower, economically or militarily. In their own right, the EU, Russia, China and soon India are superpowers and rather than a unipolar world dominated by the US it is now and will forever be a multipolar world. Even South America is showing signs of congealing and becoming a superpower in the near future.

Most Americans do not know that the combined exports of the EU top the US exports by $1 to $2 trillion per year. The EU is growing as the US declines. That is the direction to work out of a financial calamity, not more debt as the US does and line just the right pockets.

For $24 trillion that was wasted bailing out Wall Street, every American could have received enough money to buy a new home and several new cars. Nominally every man, woman and child in America could have received $80,000 each rather than squander that money on the thieving whores on Wall Street and their over-inflated salaries and bonuses.

Do not be surprised when you read in the near future of trade agreements between the EU and Russia. That is happening right now and will collectively top the US or China in total output, total exports. I know of such because I am directly involved in the Austrian ≠ Russian negotiations at the leading edge of high tech in nanotechnology.

Lest you missed the news, Australia is siding up with China because their alliance with the UK and US is not working to produce positive results. Africa is siding with China too because in doing so they do not have to put up with White Cracker supremacy and being raped like they have been for the past three centuries. WalMart and Target shoppers are financing the takeover of Africa by China. Yeah, shop 'til you drop. The day is coming that America will rue that societal flaw and most of the offerings are not 'Made in the USA'.

Many Americans do not realize that about 45% of total US exports are 'financial services'. When trillions of that is premeditated fraud year after year to prop up a dysfunctional USeconomy, the US welcome in many places is now pretty much worn out. Nations have to produce and export real products to maintain a healthy economy. The US slit its own throat about 20 years ago with unfair free trade and outsourcing and greed, and it has been downhill ever since.

I am not certain who in Washington DC and Wall Street made that assumptive error that this world belongs to America, or that America alone was qualified or entitled to dominate this world, but they were mere fools and delusional to have embarked on that path. It has made so many enemies that when America does fall, the world will celebrate.

At this current time, that is the legacy that America has created in just the past 20 years. Its collapse will be cause to rejoice across the world. That is not the America I was raised in or have fought for most of my adult life to preserve.

Worship without Sacrifice.

I have watched as my 'Christian nation' has evolved into one of sheer hate, hegemony and blood lust as "faux Christians" think it is okay for the US government to lie, kill and maim as it sees fit, just so long as they have gasoline and money to shop. When the pulpits of America are as corrupt and devoid of humanity as the political photo op stage, I see no future for theAmerica I love. Many of the pulpits teach hatred for their fellow man and seem to have forgotten that "Thou shalt not kill" is one of the Ten Commandments, not one of the Ten Suggestions. The greatest warmongering, belligerent, arrogant and terroristic nation on Earth is the United State of America wallowing in its shallow Christianity and faux democracy. Many Americans are waking up to that reality, but not enough to make a real change any time soon.

America was not founded as a Christian nation. It was founded on the noble idea that freedom of religion, any religion, was fundamental to a society. The theocrats, dominionists, the preachers who teach hate from their pulpits, need to be put in their place. The separation of church and state was for a reason and lines have been crossed that threaten the very existence ofAmerica.

Now that Barack Obama is in the Oval Office, up rears the ugly head of the theocrats again like Delay, Ralph Reed, Dick Armey, Hagee, et al. The last thing America needs is to become a theocracy based on a whacked out version of Christianity. These people are just as much fruit loops and nutcases as some of the Islamic extremists.

I am a devout Ecumenical Christian, I know a Christian idiot when I see one. Moderation is the teaching, not zealotry and extremism such as our Number One Christian lunatic Erik Prince of Blackwater USA. It is a very simple test: know them by their deeds.

Our nation has destroyed two nations on the basis of lies, killed millions of Afghans and Iraqis while Americans shop and pay little attention to the wrongs that are being done in our name. Blackwater USA was paying bonuses for number of Iraqis killed, even the innocent ones. We are no longer 'one nation under God' on some moral high ground; we have turned into the scourge of this planet. No lie is too big for DC to utter when seeking to steal what belongs to other nations.

Americans are notorious for not sacrificing their lifestyle that has been built on the backs of other nations and other peoples. Too many Americans no longer know the meaning of sacrifice or worship. Worshipping the dollar, shopping, war criminal leaders, or wantonly corrupt idols is not worship of anything of true value or worth.

- This is the 8th sin by Arun Gandhi.

∑ Rights Without Responsibility.

That sums up a vast majority of the US population, in just three words. The entire victim mentality society, wrapped up in just three words. ACORN fits those three words to the proverbial 't'. If I were president, ACORN would be banned and many facing prison. Few remember that ACORN started in my home state of Arkansas, and was aided and abetted in criminal and unethical conduct from the day of inception by the Clintons. Ponder on that and research the connections between ACORN and the Clintons and Barky Obama.

Our gutless Congress has finally decided to de-fund ACORN. The egregious conduct has now besmirched those who most ardently support the ACORN agenda. It is hard to besmirch a scumbag, but Congress now sees that ACORN is damaging their lackluster approval ratings. My estimate is that this action will not change the polls even 1%, Congress sucks that bad.

I used to see greatness in America but now I see far more of the circumstance of 'an accident looking for a place to happen'

Another great writer (person) of days gone by was Dante Alighieri, the author of 'The Divine Comedy', from which comes the Seven Deadly Sins. The interesting and melodic 'Vide cor Meum' opera scene from the movie "Hannibal" was derived from part of what Dante wrote in La Vita Nuova.

"Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), Italian poet wrote La Divina Commedia (The Divine Comedy), his allegory of life and God as revealed to a pilgrim, written in terza rima; Inferno (Hell),Purgatorio (Purgatory), and Paradiso (Paradise), written between 1307 and 1321."

I read 'The Divine Comedy' again recently and clearly see what America has become. I fought the government and corporate corruption for many years and it suddenly dawned on me thatAmerica is OK with such corruption. No one was willing to join the fight to correct the wrongs. Most Americans are quite content to ignore it until it flattens them like a Mack truck.

We as a people keep electing the same scumbags back into office in each election cycle. The con game of Wall Street keeps ripping off Americans on a regular basis. With each passing year for about the past 40 years things just keep getting worse. One can only come to the conclusion that Americans are lazy or Americans seem to love the pig sty that our leaders and corporate whores have turned our great nation into.

Nasty minded little twits and nitwits like ACORN have specialized in disrupting the public discourse while working like busy little bees to facture America straight into the sewer. They are just one of a thousand groups that were created to fracture America into submission.

What brought on the de-funding of ACORN was that group giving advice as to how to illegally buy a home and run it as a brothel. They were even offering advice as to how to hide the illegal prostitution income. That was not in one incident, there were many. One of the ACORN people even admitted to murdering her husband, on video.

At this time, they have succeeded in plowing America under and that will not change until Americans wake up, get fed up, and put an end to it. I for one am not holding my breath that such will ever occur. When I was young millions of people all across America stood up and put an end to the Vietnam War. Where is the outrage today? It makes me wonder if Americans are deaf, dumb and blind, or just cowards.

Most Americans should travel more and see how other nations have been plundered to build what we see in America. It is an enlightening experience to go see firsthand the mess UScorporations left behind in other lands and the millions of lives that have been shattered or crushed to build what we thump our chests on regarding the hollow greatness of America. Most Americans need to go see and listen to what US policies for decades have done in many parts of this world.

They would not be thumping their chests any more about the greatness of America once they lay their eyes on the reality of the situation. The American Dream at home is the American Nightmare abroad.

From sea to shining sea what was once a powerful and productive nation is now one of consumption and abject dysfunction.

By vote, by absence, by lack of participation in a Republic form of democracy, by partisanship, by ignoring the simplest requirements of citizenship, parenthood, lovingkindness, vigilance, and simplest humanity, Americans have chosen the Inferno and Purgatory over Paradiso.

In Dante's writings he cited the seven deadly sins as being: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.

One can go to any WalMart on any day and see all seven in one shopping trip.

Those seven words alone sum up the demise of what was once a great nation. We as a nation of people and the corrupt leadership we put into office have violated those seven deadly sins so many times it is incredible to me that Americans can and will sit still for it. Like a herd of cowardly sheep busily munching the grass and not paying attention to the realities going on around America and the lies that America stands for now around the globe.

The opposite of lust is chastity. The antonym of gluttony is temperance. The opposite of greed is charity. The antonym of sloth is diligence. The opposite of wrath is patience. The antonym of envy is kindness. The opposite of pride is humility.

Even the great Roman leader Marcus Aurelius cautioned that the greatest virtue starts with 'gratitude' and it is the parent of all other virtues. I have noticed in America that very few are satisfied with what they have, yet they will not take 5 minutes of a day to realistically ponder why that is so.

We have bigger houses, but not better homes. We consume an ever larger share of world energy supplies yet produce less each year except debt, financial services fraud and lies. Many scream about their rights, but fail to see the basic rights being stolen from them right in front of their nose. Even the right to life, liberty and happiness was stolen yet the sheep keep grazing. The American Dream was raped and murdered, and still the ignorant sheep grazed right through the slaughter.

When I came to the realization that those first words on those preceding Seven Deadly Sin sentences are what America has become today, and the antonyms were the America I grew up in, I came to realize that maybe home and what felt like home would be elsewhere for me.

It was a hard decision to make but it turned out to be the right decision. American is both broke and broken, beyond repair. It is now dysfunctional as a nation and to a large extent as a society. I left behind the shallowness that my nation has turned into and have no regrets in doing so.

In the land that likes to boast about 'the rule of law', crime, lawlessness, corruption, absence of character, virtues, honor or integrity rules. No leaders, no solutions, no answers can arise from the cacophony of babbling fools, many of whom have not a single damned clue what they are talking about. Silence is the virtue of a fool but in America the opinions and lack of cohesion to a purpose are also signs of a nation that has no plan to fix what is wrong.

We have self-proclaimed experts on Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran yet have never been there and many who have never been out of their home state or outside of the United States. I learned quickly outside of America that just because DC and the Zionist controlled media say so, does not make it so.

A perfect example of that was August 7, 2008 when Georgia attacked sleeping Russian citizens in South Ossetia. Yet, the next day the Western Zionist controlled media pointed the finger at Russia as the aggressors and tried to weave and sell the world on the fallacy and premeditated lie that Russia did this dastardly deed on the opening day of the Olympics. Nothing could be further from the truth, Russia defended and counterattacked; it did not attack first. I wrote on that subject many times and was the first person to disclose in writing that it was Georgiathat commenced the hostilities with US permission and blessings straight from the Bush Oval Office.

The Georgia president Mikhiel Saakashvili has admitted exactly that. For some reason they did not anticipate that Russia would hit back so hard.

Jeff Rense and I did a radio show on August 5, 2008 just before the conflict started. We were discussing Georgia as a flash point in the near future. Little did we know that the flash point was to occur in less than 48-hours. It is easy to see America and the evils of our government.. from outside of America.

I regularly run into Americans in Europe that still think Russia did wrong, uninformed fools that they are. Most Americans cannot seem to grasp that the Georgia conflict was all about a damned pipeline to get oil out of Central Asia and the Caspian Basin. For over 30 years our wealthy elite have been coveting that mother lode of oil and natural gas but it is in a landlocked area.

Over the past 8 years since the US attacked Afghanistan to 'seal the pipeline deal', Russia and China have locked up most of the natural gas of that entire region. What the greedy elite coveted for over 30 years is gone. Now maybe they can get a trickle of natural gas and a little bit of oil to sooth their bruised egos. They lost, the mother lode has been carved up by Russiaand China and sooner or later America will figure that out. Trillions squandered and many maimed and dead, because the greedy elite were salivating over all of that oil and natural gas and how much money they could pocket at the expense of America and our soldiers.

That is what The Grand Chessboard is all about, oil and natural gas greed. $100 trillion in debt and climbing; a nation ruined by lies to chase pipelines, oil and natural gas for the greed of an elite few.

However, I will not hold my breath until Americans figure it out.

It is little wonder to me why liars start wars and then continue to lose. They are too cowardly to admit what they did. Not even once has the US or UK uttered the name Bridas Corporation or the fact that they had sewed up agreements with Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan to build the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline. They never mention that the goal in Afghanistan is the pipeline they stole from an Argentina based company with military force. The US could have easily joint ventured it with them but no, the US and greedy elite wanted total control.

Most Americans cannot seem to grasp that Afghanistan is all about a pipeline so the US can get oil and natural gas from Central Asia to the ocean. Nor can they grasp that Pakistan is now an enemy because they no longer support the US agenda of running a pipeline from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the ocean. Most of the Islamic world clearly sees that the Global War on Terror is a disguise for a Global War on Islam and theft of trillions of dollars of oil and natural gas controlled by Islamic nations. Many in Pakistan, Afghanistan andIraq now clearly see that the US is waging war on Islam due to the greed of certain parties in Tel Aviv, London, DC and Wall Street.

Most Americans do not know that the CIA is conducting (right now) a covert war and terrorism in the Baluchistan area of Iran as that is a key area for the IPI Pipeline, from Iran, toPakistan, to India. A condemned prisoner in Iran recently went public that it was the CIA that created their terrorist group, funded them, armed them, and told them who to shoot and not shoot, and what to bomb and not bomb. Such is our government and Americans need to wake up to that reality.

Our government will do anything, including be terrorists, to control the assets and resources of other nations. They will kill anyone so you Little Sheeple can have gasoline and go shop. If one can read that and not accept what the definition of shallow is, they are hopeless for that is the bottom line truth about our government.

The excuse for attacking was 9-11, and no, Afghanistan did not attack the US on 9-11. It was all about a pipeline, domination of energy supplies and lining the right pockets. That in a nutshell is why 9-11 happened and still unsolved 8 years later. They lacked the excuse to attack and take over a damned pipeline right-of-way. They could not get their way so they created the excuse to attack. Now almost eight years after we commenced the attack on Afghanistan, there is no "Mission Accomplished".

I predict there will never be a mission accomplished in Afghanistan. We lied; we killed maybe up to 1 million Afghans. They are not a forgiving people and their strength grows daily to hand the US its ass in their nation. No one has ever conquered or subjugated them and the US will not either.

The EU coordinator in Afghanistan resigned in disgust because every opportunity for peace and settlement was intentionally upended by the Bush Administration. Barky Obama, as unqualified as he is to sit as president, has not only changed nothing, he has escalated it.

Most Americans cannot seem to grasp that Iraq is all about oil and bludgeoning that nation into the Stone Age because Saddam Hussein was using the oil money to build a modern nation and benefit the Iraqi people.

It is now abundantly clear that there were no WMD, there was no imminent threat against any nation nor was there any connection between Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and Iraq. Those were all intentional lies by our government and the UK.

This is a quote from a known Zionist Jew Pro-Israel Neocon hardliner about exactly what the coalition was going to do to Iraq and why. This was in one of my email updates in November 2005 titled "Enemies within Our Gates":


"If you refer back to the comment made by hardliner Pro-Israel Neocon Edward Luttwak as to why Saddam must be attacked (in 1991, not 2003), that Saddam was a threat to the Middle East status quo and then compare to Baker's comment regarding Germany being an enemy under "the war was actually only an economic preventive measure" the picture should become a little clearer on what I am trying to emphasize.

"Saddam is not like the Saudi Princes who spend the bulk of their lives outside of their country, and who fritter away the Kingdom's oil profits on prostitutes and bottles of champagne in Paris. No, Saddam is building railways! Creating electrical networks! Highways and other important elements of a serious State infrastructure! After eights years of war against the Iranian regime of Khomeini, he desperately needs to demobilize his Republican Guard, which incorporates so many of this technical elite, in order to rebuild the war-devastated country. These people are his technicians, his engineers. If they are put to work in the way Saddam wishes, they will rapidly make Iraq the most advanced power in the region, and we cannot allow this to happen." "


Imagine that, from the mouth of a Zionist Jew Neocon came the truth.

Now do you get the picture as to why we have destroyed Iraq at the whims and demands of Israel? Why our nation has killed over 1 million Iraqis so they cannot have the same level of life we have in America or Europe? History will record that this was genocide by Americans because Israel cannot get along with any of its neighbors. Add in oil and greed and both we and the Iraqis get a travesty.

Most Americans cannot seem to grasp that the only problem with Iran is they intend to use their oil, natural gas and uranium reserves to benefit their own people, not the greedy thugs inLondon, Tel Aviv, New York City and Washington, DC. Their only sin is they are adamant that their resources belong to the Iranian people, not the greedy thugs in London, Tel Aviv, DC and Wall Street.

They too are building 'serious state infrastructure' and that threatens poor little Israel. Most Americans do not know that the Jews living in Iran tend to think the Zionists living in Israel are terrorists and genocidal maniacs. History has proven that they are exactly so. Just ask any Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian or German what role these Zionist Jew thugs had in some of the largest genocides in the history of mankind on this planet.

It is when one truly thinks it all through that they come to realize that the former Czech Republic leader Vaclav Havel was right:

"In this state of things, it is the duty of politicians to bring back to life this potential, timid and lethargic, to show it a way, to clear a passage for it, to render it assurance, a chance to come forth -- in brief, hope. It is said that a people gets the politicians it deserves. This is true up to a point: politicians are in effect the mirror of society, and a sort of incarnation of its potential. Paradoxically, the opposite is also true: society mirrors its politicians, because it is largely up to the politicians to determine which forces are liberated, which are held in check, to choose what they depend on, whether on the best or the worst in each citizen. The preceding regime systematically aroused the worst in us: selfishness, hate, envy; it was not far from the reflection of what we deserved; it was equally responsible for what we were. In my opinion, anyone who goes into politics bears a greater responsibility for the moral condition of society and it is his duty to seek out in it that which is better, and to develop and nurture it."

The leaders of America could not, would not, pull off that trick with a cocked gun pressed to their head. They would first have to admit the extent of their lies. They would have to do the impossible for them and that is to be an inspiration to the American people. It is sort of hard for a lying Congress Critter scumbag to be an inspiration to anyone. They are a despicable lot of nothing people.

Americans elect exactly what they deserve. That will only change when the American population changes.

I doubt that I will ever live in America again. I see no way to fix its many problems in how the media, the Internet trolls, and other partisans make damned sure that America never gets a leader who will fix the problems. I have become convinced since George H W Bush sat in the Oval Office that Americans no longer have the foggiest clue what a real leader looks like or sounds like.

It starts with the truth. Since Americans prefer to believe any lie before they will face a simple or difficult truth, I shall not hold my breath waiting for Americans to change.

I came to realize that Americans prefer to believe in any lie rather than face any truth. That is what finalized my decision to live elsewhere.

In a land that is known as freedom, how can such at thing be true? The propaganda and lies nullify the truth almost every time.

It sure as Hell is not the case that George H W Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush or Barack Obama are leaders. None of them are leaders by any stretch of the imagination. They are hand puppets and mouthpieces only for the Wealthy Elite who financed them into their positions of power. Only in the land of delusions can anyone look at them as leadership.

Do not misread me. I am proud to be an American, but I am just as proud to not be living any more in the zoo of miscreants and nitwits that is the current day America. The tide has turned to the point I do not think it will ever be reversed to save the USA.

But, no one man or woman can do it on their own. It will take the will of a nation to fix what is wrong with America and I do not see that will any more as residing in my homeland. I see a nation of sheep that will not face anything and deal with it and on the other side a bunch of loudmouthed belligerent idiots that keep any real change from happening. I see a nation of shrill opinions that add up to exactly nothing.

The cancer has been allowed to eat away at America for too long, and that is a sad thing to me. The America I grew up in was to be admired and emulated. The America of today is the laughing stock of the world.

I have stood up for the many just to experience the many sit idly by as spectators while I was financially crushed, not once, three times. That will never happen to me again. Americans claim they want change, but they want it handed to them on a silver platter. They refuse to work, earn and deserve that change.

Most Americans no longer understand that first they must be American; then they can decide on whether they are Republican, Democrat, Independent or other. Then they have to grasp what is workable and what is just yet another idiot idea.

I have a much better life now and at age 58 am quite content to watch America continue to sink from its own follies. The dollar is crashing but my life is no longer dependent on dollars or US policies, or corruption within America or the endless droning of hype and foolishness.

It is sad to see but all hostile empires eventually fail and collapse into the pages of time. History has proven that so many times it makes one wonder why certain morons keep doing it over and over again. The answer is one word: greed.

America excels in lies, military and political belligerence, debt and greed. That is not a nation; that is a nightmare that will end sooner or later.

I chose to not live under the tyranny of The Sins of the Seven by Seven. I guess one could say that I got to the point I had seen enough and suffered enough for America and got nothing back but hardship for even trying to make things better.

Rather than 'American', I am now a citizen of this world and I find that to be much more rational and comforting when one considers the many problems facing our species on this planet. This world is not about America; that is a flawed delusion for those who believe this world is all about America.

I wish my homeland well, but I clearly see that the mistakes have now reached the point of not being reversible. The greatness is gone and what is covering that up are the lies fed to Americans all day, every day.

I cannot say for you as a reader, but I refuse to live under the tyranny of any lie. That was my choice and my right to choose.
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