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I am a Starseed,

Long ago, in the very mists of endless time, myriad drops of conscious Light, left the Source, The Great Creator force, the Golden Sun, beyond the constellation of Lyra, the Harp. As a golden shower of light, they slowly travelled through the huge and empty regions of eternal space, searching for new, undiscovered worlds that they could play upon and build their cities of ethereal light.

Dark, cold worlds which would be illuminated by their golden, omni radiance. For millenniums, they searched for suitable planets, to make their own. A mighty armada of golden beings, streaming forth in all directions. Until finally, billions of cosmic beings settled upon hundreds of planets within the limits of the Milky Way Galaxy, amongst them several small planets within the Pleiadian Constellations.

Upon these distant planets, they created marvelously intricate, physical forms for themselves and over countless eons of time, raised mighty civilizations. There came a time, when those loving and advanced beings, turned their sympathetic eyes to Earth, Mother Gaia. They had long achieved universal peace and brotherhood and they wished to share this loving gift, with others. Scout ships of pulsing, white light set out for distant Earth.

They observed with compassionate hearts, the countless problems of Gaia - her grievous pain, her bloody wars, her heartless famines, her lack of Oneness. Many of these advanced beings, saw the fair daughters of man and fell in love. Beautiful, semi- celestial children were born. But, still it was not enough.

" We must give up our celestial home planets and incarnate to Gaia. To help the humans raise their Light - we must become human! " They cried out with one, unanimous voice. And so, in waves of many hundreds of thousands, these brave volunteers, full of great optimism, incarnated to Lemuria, Atlantis and Mu.

They lived many millenniums as humans, eventually almost forgetting, their unique, extraterrestrial beginnings. For countless centuries, the various off planet races brought their information, customs and traits to Gaia. Some cloaked in authority and respect, brought the gifts of justice and wise rule. Others, lively and orderly, brought mystery and activity. The loving off planet races were joyously kind, and brought forth the gifts of happy, family life, abundance and spontaneity. And some special beings who existed as angels in the open spaces, brought spiritual sensitivity and unconditional love.

Now it is the time for the gentle, artistic Pleiadians to bring their gifts to the people of Gaia. To steer Earth in a new direction of Love and Light. To end the old reigns which mistakenly turned to power and fear, as a way of solving the problems of Terrans. In the latter quarter of the twentieth century, millions of Pleiadian volunteers flocked to Earth, incarnating as human children, being raised in all their cosmic power to become - "the Starseeds."

These sensitive and gentle beings, found the harsh vibration of Earth, difficult to comprehend and bear. Like all new babies, as they were born, the divine veil of amnesia, was placed upon their minds - they forgot that they were from a more advanced and loving race with extra normal powers, they believed that they were purely human, in a limited body and mind.

Yet, through their childhood and adolescence, they recognized that they were different! They thought differently to others. Their interests were contrary to those of their parents and friends. They created wonderfully, imaginative worlds within their minds, where life was so much more noble, inspiring and exciting. Still, they often felt very alone, confused and different.

They ‘saw through’ the absurdities of third dimensional life, in the 20th century. They didn’t need things, to make their lives special. A new car, a large house, the best job, power, fame, money - all these tools for life, seemed unimportant and childish. Restrictions by society, governments and laws, seemed overwhelming. Wars - senseless, and disputes and arguments - immature. They knew deep within themselves, that they were here for something special, something unique - they had incarnated for a higher purpose!

Many sadly, never found that divine purpose and instead turned to drugs and dangerous behaviour, as a way to deaden the harsh vibration of Earth. Numerous young men and women, prematurely exited their confused lives, returning once again to the higher realms, rather than remain on Gaia, unawakened spiritually.

Others began to search for a higher meaning to life, exploring new and ancient philosophies, meeting with wise men and women and slowly awakening their dormant, psychic abilities. Often, they would have amazing insights into others lives; predict the future through dreams and hunches; see ghosts and feel the kundilini energy raise up in their bodies. They began to suspect that they were not as limited, as they had formerly believed.

As they began to free themselves from the shackles of self doubt, they added energy to the planetary consciousness and gradually all over the planet, people everywhere, began to become more tolerant and open minded towards the psychic and spiritual aspects of their lives. New Age arts, skills and abilities began to flourish - they were no longer the talents of a just a selected few.

The Star seeds readily picked up these new abilities. They could see auras and feel chakras; spiritually heal and communicate with angels. Some regularly astral travelled to distant planets and explored the depth of Gaia’s dark, green oceans and hidden valleys. They wanted to explore their psyches, their thoughts, their inner worlds. They desired to communicate worldwide with all the other Starseeds - they created the electronic Oneness of the Internet.

Influenced by their Off World distant memories, they wrote gentle music and created flowing, colourful artworks, to share with others. They turned their backs on war and left these harsher lessons to their more primitive brothers and sisters. They left the world of commerce to their more active and earthy fellow beings. Starseeds learnt to flow through life with little effort and meagre attachment to earthly goods and riches. At night, in their lively sleep state, they travelled in loving bands of fellow beings, to help stabilize the Earth and bring peace to places of unrest. In their dreams they remembered their purpose for incarnating. On awakening, they had only hazy memories of their Divine Mission.

For the Starseeds have come to Earth at this time, to bring great changes to the planet’s consciousness. Their special, peace loving, psychic and artistic talents, en mass, will help to gently erase the harsh negativity of earlier generations. By simply being here and spreading their Starseed energy around them, they influence the thoughts and actions of more earthy beings, to those of being more loving and harmonious with nature. As they flow with life and show respect for all humanity, so others follow unconsciously, their behaviour and attitudes.

As Starseeds give less value to fame and fortune and instead, look to achieving spiritual growth, so their more earthy parents and friends, follow their enlightened example.

In time, the Starseeds will become more consciously aware of their immense mental and spiritual powers. They will become united as a spiritual force for good. Merging their psychic energies as one huge ball of golden/white light, they will be able to manifest fields of crops, that will feed the hungry; devise energy sources that are non polluting; control the weather and eliminate natural disasters; heal all illnesses; travel intergalactically; contact spiritual and higher alien beings and raise the entire human population of Earth, to a higher dimension of enlightenment.

This is the Starseeds reason for incarnating - to help humankind progress to a higher level of being. It is time now, for the Starseeds to take up the challenge! To remember why they have come to Earth at this time! To develop their spiritual gifts and use them for their own and other’s enlightenment. The future awaits ...........


There is a Divine God Source and I am part of it. I am a spiritual being with a human body. I am here on a special, Divine Mission. I have unique, paranormal powers. I accept the self responsibility to develop and use these powers wisely, for myself and others. I recognise that all beings on this planet are Angelic Beings, like myself. We are all equal in Light. By combining our spiritual powers, we can bring peace and harmony, to all on the planet. I have Divine help and guidance always on hand. At the end of my Life Mission, I will return to my true spiritual home.
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