Association of Tinnitus and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2009 2:11 am    Post subject: Association of Tinnitus and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Reply with quote


Tinnitus is a frequent condition with high morbidity and impairment in quality of life. The pathophysiology is still incompletely understood. Electromagnetic fields are discussed to be involved in the multi-factorial pathogenesis of tinnitus, but data proofing this relationship are very limited. Potential health hazards of electromagnetic fields (EMF) have been under discussion for long. Especially, individuals claiming themselves to be electromagnetic hypersensitive suffer from a variety of unspecific symptoms, which they attribute to EMF-exposure. The aim of the study was to elucidate the relationship between EMF-exposure, electromagnetic hypersensitivity and tinnitus using a case-control design.

Tinnitus occurrence and tinnitus severity were assessed by questionnaires in 89 electromagnetic hypersensitive patients and 107 controls matched for age-, gender, living surroundings and workplace. Using a logistic regression approach, potential risk factors for the development of tinnitus were evaluated.

Tinnitus was significantly more frequent in the electromagnetic hypersensitive group (50.72% vs. 17.5%) whereas tinnitus duration and severity did not differ between groups. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity and tinnitus were independent risk factors for sleep disturbances. However, measures of individual EMF-exposure like e.g. cell phone use did not show any association with tinnitus.

Our data indicate that tinnitus is associated with subjective electromagnetic hypersensitivity. An individual vulnerability probably due to an over activated cortical distress network seems to be responsible for, both, electromagnetic hypersensitivity and tinnitus. Hence, therapeutic efforts should focus on treatment strategies (e.g. cognitive behavioral therapy) aiming at normalizing this dysfunctional distress network. 26

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I have been noticing it in my left ear for about a year. I thought it was the clock in the bedroom but we moved the bedroom.

I found this in a search last night because I was curious about what the neverending cicada in my ear was all about. It turns out that some people have tinnitus that other people can hear. Sounds like they have something, well, something extra in there. You know. That is so weird. I'll have to have someone listen to my ear. LOL. That sounds ridiculous!

[url] [url]

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nepi- whitley streiber, whose a radioshow host, had the same situation and went to get it removed by a well known surgeon. I cant find the link but it shouldnt be too hard to find info on, whatever 'it' was, "went deeper" when the surgeon tried to pull it out. Confused
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