A case of sleep paralysis

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:37 pm    Post subject: A case of sleep paralysis Reply with quote

hello wm

About a week ago i experinced something quite strange. I had woke up to find my self paralyzed. Im not sure if i was a dream or if it was real but i witnesed was even stranger.

Suddenly i awoke to i think pain or just the surprised feeling of whats happening . i was laying on my back and this senesation shot through my body . My chest propped up for a few seconds ( as if you were bringing your arms back to stretch your pecs) , i cant remember if that was because of the pain i felt or the sensation. I then relized i couldnt move , i was just laying there trying to figure out what is going on .Out of my peripheal vision i saw that my arm was up on my elbow, my index finger and my middle finger were pointing straight up.Now the next thing that i saw was freighting. It was some sort of being , it was hard to make out what it looked like but from what i remember it had two long ears that pointed up and i think a large looking mouth and its head was entirely black. It wasnt looking directly at me but at my hand so i only saw the side of its face.Next thing i knew it grabs my wrist with both hands and puts my fingers in its mouth. Im not sure if it bit my fingers and i didnt feel any pain or it just didnt bite down because i fellt no pain . This freaked me out , i think i started to painc then i remember something i read from wm or ken adachis site im not sure .It stated that every being has to follow the laws of the universe and that you have to have permision to interact with another being, those arent the exact words but their close. I couldnt speak so i repeated in my head " you have no permission to be here ,leave now". i kept saying this over and over again and before i knew it the being was gone . the next morning i was wondering if it was a dream or if it was real i also wondered why i fell back asleep after the whole shindig.

It happend again couple of days later but it was only paralysis and it was the early morning with no being there . i was a bit more aware of what was going on. i know for sure this wasnt a dream . After a few minutes i was able to move .

Has this or any of the sort happened to anybody else
and if so i would apreciate your thoughts on this.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Usually sleep paralysis can be explained a few different ways....everyone goes into it when they go to sleep. That feeling you get to "turn over NOW"?? Thats your body seeing if you are asleep yet so it can start paralysis.

That being said, when people actually SEE an entity thats another ball of wax. And the sticking the fingers in its mouth thing is just creepy on every possible level. There are things you can use and do to ward off stuff like that that actually works. I never knew about orgonite when I was still investigating cases, so I don't have experience with it in that way. I DO plan on doing a run of personal protectors with blessed St Benedict medals in them to see how much better that works.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

i've had sleep paralysis many many times before...

the more recent times i've noticed a few strange things:

a more recent time i was sleeping in my bed, and i woke up (probably in an astral plane) basically bound to my bed, paralyzed.. the strange thing was when i tried to move, i kind of just floated off the side of my bed and fell onto the floor on what seemed to be a 45 degree angle. it happened a few times, "rewaking up" on my bed after falling out of the bed (on many attempts to move) in the same manner.. finally after about 10 times i was able to get up and run out of my room.. but it almost felt as if there was no gravity when i was "falling" out of my bed paralyzed...

on a less recent time, i was lying in a hospital bed, woke up in the middle of the night and couldnt move... now that i recall, the first time i tried moving i fell out of the bed in the same manner... almost somewhat floating on a 45 degree angle out of the bed...

after realizing what was going on (its happened many times before), i looked down and noticed 3 implants (kind of like the mines in minesweeper flags, but more pointy) in my heart.. i stretched my arm out to pull one out, and viewed a translucent astral arm (probably etheric, actually) come out of my body and rip (painfully...excruciatingly painful i might add) the first implant out of my heart... i never got a chance to rip out the second two, i think i woke up and calmed down instead.. or at least that's what i remember of it Razz

i read somewhere before that paralyzed feeling in many cases is being abducted..i'm starting to think its a possibility. i read that after many of the same experiences of an almost anti gravity feeling while in that state and falling out of bed (try moving real hard and i guarantee you'll probably slide outta bed in this fashion next time it happens, as well.. try try again and eventually you can get up and leave Razz just fly fast.. and don't stop to do anything stupid because you realize you're lucid ;D - i suggest flying away)
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