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Have you ever abruptly awakened from drowsiness or sleep to experience the jolting sensation of suddenly returning to full wakefullness?

During sleep, have you ever dreamed of flying, perhaps over familar terrain, and viewing in detail a scene below?

Have you ever awakened from sleep to experience disorientation concerning your location or surroundings? It may have taken you awhile to get your bearings and to reorient yourself to directions or the layout of your room.

Have you ever experienced during a passive state of relaxation or reverie the sensation of literally leaving your body and travelling to a spatially distant location? In that state, have you actually interacted with others, perhaps engaging in conversation or feeling emotions.

If you've had these experiences, you are not alone! These are common to almost everyone. They're not illusions or products of the imagination. They each have the unmistakable feel of astral projection.

Astral projection, also known as out-of-body experience (OBE) and soul travel, is a state of being in which consciousness functions apart from the physical body to experience other realities. In that context, consciousness is a function of the astral body, the spiritual counterpart of the physical body. In astral projection, the astral body disengages the physical body while being remaining connected to it by the so called "silver cord", a lifeline that energizes the physical body and sustains it during the out-of-body state. Only at death is the silver cord severed, thereby disengaging the spiritual body from the physical.


In the projected state, the astral body as the bearer of consciousness is seemingly unlimited in its capacity to experience other temporal spiritual realities. Here are a few examples:

* A former student whose grandmother recently moved to a distant city viewed her new premises from ovehead during sleep.He noticed a dislodged brick on the walkway leading to her front door. A phone call to his grandmother the next morning proved the accuracy of his out-of-body experienced.

* A business owner planning a trip to Cairo visited during sleep the hotel where she would stay. She noticed in the lobby a bright yellow phone and a man behind the desk with his arm in a sling. Upon her arrival at the hotel the next day, each detail of her visit was confirmed.

* A teacher with experience in astral projection travelled out-of-body to visit a colleague who had recently moved from New York to Hawaii. Upon entering the house, she noticed a large arrangement of mixed flowers on a round table in the center of the foyer and a marble sculpture of a woman on the first landing of the staircase. A phone call verified the details of her visit.

* A student who was involved in a serious automobile accident experienced a spontaneous out-of-body state in which he viewed his apparrently lifeless body from overhead as it was placed in an ambulance and transported to a hospital. He remained outside his body during emergency surgery which he also viewed from overhead.

* A TV reporter who had been trained in out-of-body travel accepted a new position in a distant city. Prior to relocating, he decided to visit out-of-body the new work setting where a very attractive woman he had not met commanded his attention. Upon reporting for his new work assignment, he instantly recognized the woman who was later to become the love of his love.

As seen from these examples, out-of-body travel can be either spontaneous or deliberately induced. One view of astral projection holds that out-of-body state is so common that we all experience it on a daily basis, particularly during seep. Dreams of flying or floating in space are believed to be astral travel.


Case studies have found that spontaneous OBE's during sleep often involve interaction with the discarnate realm, to include visits with departed relatives or friends. In many instances, they provide crucial information of life and death relevance. A building contractor, for instance, reported a dream-like visit from his deceased father the night before an important business trip. In the visit, he was transported out-of-body with his father at his side to a certain location on the mountainous road he would travel the next day. As they viewed from above a sharp curve, his father pointed out a huge boulder, tenuously situated above the curve on a high embankment as if poised to fall onto the road below.

With his father's visit still fresh in his mind, he started out early the next on his trip as planned. Upon approaching the familar sharp curve viewed with his father the night before, he slowed his car and cautiously rounded the curve. Blocking the road ahead was the huge boulder which had just fallen from the high embankment. According to the contractor, he would have collided with the boulder had he not slowed his car upon approaching the sharp curve. His interaction with his father, literally saved his life.

Perhaps not surprisingly, among the most effective astral projection strategies known are those that use the sleep state as a vehicle for astral travel. As we've seen, sleep not only promotes spontaneous out-of-body travel to distant temporal destinations, it can connect us to the departed who become our travel companions. Studies repeatedly suggest that sleep can literally break the communication barrier between dimensions. It can link conscious awareness to the spirit realm and promote direct out-of-body interactions with it.

One very popular view of sleep holds that sleep itself is an out-of-body state, in that during sleep, the astral body disengages the physical to hover gently over it for the duration of sleep. To fall asleep may then may be literally to slip out of body. A sudden interuption of sleep that results in a startling awakening could be explained as the abrupt, premature reengagement of the astral with the physical. According to this view, many of our dream expereinces, particularly lucid dreams characterized by being borne aloft, are actual out-of-body experiences.


Since out-of-body travel seems to spontaneously occur during sleep, it would seem resonable that controlled strategies designed to utilize the sleep state could facilitate deliberate astral travel to designated destinations, including both temporal and spiritual. It is important to note that the setting for astral travel using any procedure must be safe and free of distractions.


Whether sleep is an out-of-body state or simply a state conducive to out-of-body travel, strategies that utilize sleep have been highly successful in promoting astral travel.
One of the most effective is the Hypnagogic Arrest Strategy which was developed to induce travel during sleep to designated destinations, including the discarnate realm.
The procedure is designed to arrest the early hypnagogic stage of sleep- that in-between, hypnotic-like state during which the mind is particularly receptive to suggestion. During the arrested state, the simple procedure establishes a mental condition conducive to out-of-body travel during sleep.

This strategy is based on the premise that sleep is a normal altered state in which the astral body as the embodiment of consciousness is receptive to travel to predetermined destinations. Just prior to sleep, the procedure designates a particular location, and then arrests the initial stage of sleep, called hynagogic, during which astral projection spontaneously occurs. Astral travel to a designated destination then follows. Upon completion of the travel experience, you may spontaneously enter a state of restful sleep during which your astral body remains in a normal projected state, or you may experience a reengagement of the astral with the physical to result in full wakefulness.


It's important to read the entire procedure before starting. The steps are well defined and should be easy to follow. Here's the procedure.


Before falling asleep, clear your mind of all active thought and, with eyes closed, formulate your goals of travel, whether into the spirit world or a distant temporal reality. In setting your goals, be specific as possible, but do not close your mind to other experiences. Your goal may be to experience those spiritual or physical realities that are presently relevant to you.Invite your personal guides to accompany you throughout your astral travel. They will provide protection and empower you to benifit from the experience.


As you prepare to enter peaceful,restful sleep, mentally scan your body and release all tension. While lying preferably on your back with your legs uncrossed and your hands resting at your sides, begin the scan at the forehead, and slowly progress downward, letting relaxation soak deep into the muscles, joints, and tendons of your body, from your head right down through the tips of your toes. Follow up the body scan with peaceful imagery of a special place, such as a tranquil moonlit cove, still meadow, peaceful waterfall, or secluded beach. Formulate in your mind whatever peaceful imagery that works best for you and puts you in a calm, relaxed state. Immerse yourself in the imagery until drowsiness ensues.


Upon becoming drowsy, spread the fingers of either hand, and hold them in the spread position. You will feel the tension building in the hand and spreading into your arm. As you remain drowsy, continue to hold the spread position as the tension in your hand builds.


Very slowly relax your fingers as you sense the tension lifting. As your fingers become more increasingly relaxed, let relaxation spread from your hand into your arm. Let the relaxation in your hand and arm then spread over your entire body as you become more and more drowsy.


With your body now loose and limp and yourself ready to drift into restful sleep, you will sense the gentle release of your astral body from the physical. Allow plenty of time for that projected sense of awareness to unfold. Flow with the experience of being outside your body- do not resist it.


With your physical body at rest and your astral body disengaged from it, you are now free to travel wherever you decide throgh sheer intent alone. Restate your goals and affirm your intent to achieve them through out-of-body travel. For travel to the spirit realm, give yourself permission to experience the spiritual dimension and to understand its present relevance in the company of your spirit guides. For travel to spatially different physical realities, affirm your intent to go there and benifit from the experience. For unspecified destinations, give yourself permission to spontaneously experience whatever realities that are relevant to you. If possible, form a cognitive map of your journey and envision your destination. Be receptive to the visual aids your consciouness provides in cooperation with your personal guides to help focus your travel. Remind yourself that you are safe and secure in the company of your personal guides.

Take time to enjoy the experience! Travel freely and be receptive to the interactions that are enlightening and empowering. Set aside any preconceived notion about astral projection that could become a barrier to productive travel. Your travel experiences will be unique to you. Do not try to fit them into a set of unworkable rules about OBEs.



Upon completing the astral travel experience, give yurself permission to return to your physical body either to immediately re-engage it and thus awaken, or to remain suspended over it until wakefullness and re-engagement occur later on.


Once you have reengaged your physical body, take time to reflect on the experience and its relevance. Express your appreciation to your spirit guides who accompanied you in the experience. Relate the astral experience to your present life situation.


Keep a journal of your OBEs.
A college student who used the Hynagogic Arrest Strategy to travel out-of-body during sleep reported an interesting visit to the discarnate realm in which he interacted with Albert Einstein. Accompanied by his personal guide, he visited the spirit realm with its many planes and beautiful structures, including a garden-like setting in which Einstein led a group discussion on the nature of multiple dimensions, including the spirit world. Behind Einstein was an expansive concave screen which he filled with complicated formulas and calculations using a laser-like pointer to write on the screen. The student, upon his return, immeadiately recorded Einstein's conclusions as follows:

" As you can readily see from our calculations, the form of time as we know it in this plane is symptomatically caused by the dominant energy of this plane known as light and can be nonexistent or different on other planes determined by the dominant and subdominate energy forms."

Now that seems to me like something Einstein would say. As you may know, it was Einstein who said, "The fairest thing that we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. He who knows it not can no longer feel amazement is as good as dead, a snuffed-out candle."

In a later astral visit at the same setting as before,the student again interacted with Einstein in the garden-like setting. During a discussion of the timeless nature of the afterlife, Einstein confided, "We are all part of an unending stream of that life that has neither beginning nor end."

In researching his astral visits, the student uncovered the following quote from Einstein who, as a young man, was struggling with depression and illness: " I feel myself so much a part of all life that I am not in the least concerned with the beginning or the end of the concrete existence of any particular person in this unending stream."


Another student, a health science major, used sleep intervention to reunite with her deceased husband. Upon entering the spirit realm she recognized her husband surrounded by spectacular beauty. They embraced and he expressed his deep love for her and their child who was born soon after his sudden death. He called the child by name and pledged to watch over her, as he had since her birth.

The lead researcher in the Hynagogic Arrest Strategy, decided to use the procedure himself to visit the other side as well. He entered the out-of-body state with ease and traveled to what seemed to be a festival or celebration of some kind. He was among many souls, several of whom he recognized and felt a special affinity. Among those who commanded his attention was a classmate who had died soon after graduating from high school. He appeared youthful and full of life just as he had before his death. He then recognized an old friend of many years who had recently died of pancreatic cancer in his early seventies. Smiling and glowing in a healthful radiance, he now looked to be at his prime, totally free of the effects of illness and aging. It was a joyous reunion that affirmed his beliefs in death as a gateway to a more abundant life with power to restore souls to their peak of past growth.

Together the subjects who used the Hynagogic Arrest Strategy to visit the discarnate realm had experiences consistant with those of past-life regression subjects.
They stood in awe at the magnificance of the discarnate realm. They saw planes of color and forms of indescribable beauty. They expereinced a complete state of complete balance and attunement. Theyinteracted with departed relatives and friends. They recognized ministering specialists who had guided our growth during our between-life intervals. They returned with a renewed sense of purpose and direction in their lives.


The second astral projection strategy called Eye Blink Procedure utilizes eye blinks and innovative orientation techniques designed to induce the out-of-body state and facilitate travel to physical or non-physical destinations. The procedure, which is based on the research of Gene Chamberlain of the Parapsychology Research Foundation and tested in the labs of Athens State University, incorporates remote viewing as practice exercise into a procedure designed to induce astral projection. Astral projection and remote viewing are similar in that they both provide information concerning spatially distant realitites. They are different, however, in that astral projection, unlike remote viewing, incorportates disengagement of the astral body from the physical and usually includes a much wider range of experiences. Once you have developed your remote viewing abilities, astral projection is much easier to master.

It is important to read the entire procedure before starting. The steps are well defined and easy to follow. Here is the procedure:


Select a safe, quiet area that facilitates walking among a variety of items, such as , tables,chairs,sofas,appliances,and plants. The typical home setting with a living room,dining room,family room, and kitchen connected provides an excellent situation. If a large area is unavailabe, a single room or office with space for walking around furnishings will sufice. The setting should include a comfortable recliner or couch for use during astral projection. Select the specific path you will follow while walking, preferably a circular route which includes a variety of things to view.


Walk slowly through the path you have selected, paying special attention to what you see on either side.

After walking through your selected area several times, stop and pick a well defined object, such as a lamp or vase. Gaze at the object for a few seconds and then snap your eyes shut. Rather than closing them slowly, snap them shut as you would if blinking. Think of taking a snapshot of the item with your eyes.With your eyes closed, you will note that the afterimage of the object will remain briefly. When the image disappears, open your eyes and repeat the exercise. You will note that when you first start this process, the image may turn negative. This will change with practice.


As you continue to practice step 3, you will notice that the afterimage of the selected object stays with you longer. As the duration of the image increases, you will note that a mental impression of the image remains for a few moments even after the image itself fades. Developing this awareness requires practice, possibly for several minutes. Test your effectiveness by turning your head to see if the mental impression remains. When the impression of the image remains, you are ready to go to the next step.


Resume walking around the area you selected as your chosen path. As you continue to walk, repetively snap your eyes shut for about a second then open them for about a second while always facing forward. Carefully adjust your eye-blink rate and step so as not to stumble or collide with anything. Upon beginning this routine you will probably see the image in your mind's eye as stationary. After several times around and possibly more than one session, you will notice that when your eyes are shut, the items continue to move so that your eyes can be closed longer before the movement stops. You will know you have this mastered when the objects you envisioned are adjacent to you when you open your eyes.


Having mastered Step 5, find a comfortable place to recline or lie down with your legs uncrossed and your hands resting at your side. As you relax, make the entire trip mentally with your eyes closed. While mentally walking through your selected space, pay special attention to the familar details along your pathway. Observe them from different viewpoints as you sense yourself walking among them.


As you remain relaxed with your eyes closed, select a familar distant place and view it remotely. Pay particular attention to the specific details of the distant setting you are viewing. Take plenty of time for the setting to emerge in full detail.


Having remotely viewed a distant setting, you are now ready to travel out of body. With your eyes remaining closed, mentally walk around your selected path once more. View in detail the settings as you move around its furnishings. As you continue this mental exercise, you will beging to sense yourself literally walking out-of-body through the room, maneuvering among pieces of furniture and noticing objects in even greater detail. You will then sense that you can travel out-of-body beyond the room to experience firsthand other surroundings, including the place you remotely viewed in Step 7. You now ready to walk out the door and travel to that place. Take plenty of time to travel to that place, and once there, add to your awareness such sensations as hearing and touching. Remain in that place long enough to get a full sense of your presence there.


You can now travel to places you have not physically been to before. Note your sense of freedom and control. By intent alone, you can travel in any direction to any location you choose. Your destination can include both physical and spiritual realities. You can travel to familar distant setting or places totally unknown to you. You can observe others, including other astral travelers, and possibly interact with them. You can engage the spirit realm, again by intent alone. You can interact with your spirit guides and other entities in the spirit realm. You can experience the magnificent beauty of that dimension and the empowerment resources it offers.



To return to your physical body and re-engage it, give yourself permission to return to the familar setting you visited earlier, and from there to your physical body at rest. Allow plenty of time for yourself to slip into your body, fully re-engaging it. When you notice such sensations as breathing,heart rate,and weight, you will know you are back in your body.


Tae a few moments to reflect on your out-of-body experiences. Explore the relevance of the expereinces, particularly your visit to the spirit realm. Verify as far as possible that what you experienced during astral travel was accurate.

In three-phase studies conducted in the labs of Athens State University, twenty volunteer subjects used the Eye Blink Procedure to develop their remote viewing and astral projection abilities, though the line seperating these two skills are sometimes blurred. Phase 1 studied the usefulness of the procedure for remote viewing. Phase II studied the procedure's effectiveness as an out-of-body travel strategy. Phase III investigated the capacity of the strategy to induce astral travel to the afterlife realm.

Under controlled conditions, several of the subjects in Phase I were able to use remote viewing to view photographs they had never before viewed, including a volcanic eruption, a cruise ship, and a wooded snow scene. The photographs were placed top side up on a table in a warehouse behind the Parapsychology Research Foundation by a research assistant who was not present for the experiment. Of the twenty subjects participating in the experiment, eleven accurately desribed the volcanic eruption, thirteen accurately described the cruise ship, and nine accurately described the wooded snow scene. Eight of the subjects accurately described all three photographs.

In a second phase of the study, all subjects who had participated in the remote viewing phase used the Eye Blink Procedure in an effort to travel astrally to a spatially different location of their own choosing. All subjects who participated in this phase beleived they were successful in traveling out-of-body to their selected destination, which they each described in considerable detail.

In the final phase of the study, the twenty subjects were instructed to travel out-of-body to the afterlife realm. They were provided no information concerning the nature of that realm or how they could disengage physical reality to experience it other than the techniques detailed in Step 9 of the Eye Blink Procedure. All subjects participating in this phase reported success in traveling to what they believed was the afterlife realm. They used a variety of strategies to enter that realm, including affirmations,imagery, and even consultations with their spirit guides.

The subjects descriptions of the afterlife realm were varied, but with certain common features, all of which were consistent with past-life studies using EM/RC and the Past Life Corridor.(refer to my Past Life Exploration Group) Upon entering the realm, all subjects reported that they stood in amazement at its unparalleled beauty. They were flooded with soft light as they viewed the afterlife stretching out endlessly before them. They felt a natural part of that realm and did not hesitate to engage it. They experienced a "connected oneness to it". a term commonly used by them, and a strong sense of belonging. They freely interacted with other souls, and like past-life regression subjects, several of them experienced the other side as a "homecoming" in which they were warmly embraced. All souls were seen as attractive beings. Some of our subjects recognized their personal guides as well as acquaintances they had known in this lifetime. Like past-life
regression subjects, these astral travelers experienced a variety of beautiful energy forms, to include the spirits of animals. Genuine, unconditional love prevailed throughout the spirit realm.

These astral travelers descriptions of the structual features of the spirit world were likewise similar to the descriptions of past-life regression subjects. They saw beautiful planes of color and several subjects actually engaged then to experience their empowerment frequencies. One of the subjects interacted with an emerald green plane of shimmering energy she believed to be healing in nature. Another subject visited a radiant blue plane with frequencies she described as peaceful and serene. These findings are consistant with other research which found that astral interaction with spirit planes of color resulted in effects consistant with those color frequencies.

Some of the subjects visited beautiful gardens with fountains of fluid energy and other exquisitely designed settings in which souls gathered to be enlightened and draw from the growth energy that infused these special places. Nowhere did the subjects experience the domination of superior souls- oneness and equality prevailed. Evil,threat,danger,and oppression were nowhere to be found.

Upon ending there excursion into the afterlife and returning to the physical body, they felt that they had brought back with them a new understanding of the afterlife realm. Some of them reexamined their views of death and the afterlife. They concluded that death is a rich transformation after which our growth reaches new peaks of enlightenment and joyous fulfillment.


The emphasize is that REAL LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe. Real love energizes our evolution, ensures our immortality, and enriches our daily existence.

Second in power to real love is imagination. As Albert Einstein noted, imagination is more powerful than knowledge. It is imagination that gives rise to knowledge. Where would be today without the brilliant imagination of Nicola Tesla, Da Vinci, the Wright brothers, and Gallileo?

Mental imagery is the brick and mortar of imagination. Through mental imagery, we can build powerful structures withen which we can achieve our highest goals. To imagine your goals is the first step in achieving them. It's the picture that's worth a thousand words.

While out-of-body travel is a reality, not imagination, the most effective procedures for inducing it use imagery. If you can envision your astral body disengaging your physical body to travel to other locations, you are well on your way to astral travel. And if you can envision your astral travel destination, you are well on your way towards reaching it. The Astral Excursion is based on this simple twofold premise.

Astral Excursion was designed to promote the highest form of astral travel: out-of-body interactions with higher astral planes. Through this procedure, you can actively engage various astral planes and inteact with advanced astral entities, including spirit guides, teachers, and other growth facilitators. They are loving, caring beings who await your interaction, constantly poised to accompany you and guide your travels among various planes in the spirit realm.

Before iniating Astral Excursion, it is important to familiarize yourself with the full procedure. Allow approximately one hour for the procedure which is conducted in a quiet, safe, and comfortable setting. Here is the procedure.


While resting in a comfortable, reclining or prone position with your legs uncrossed and your arms resting at your side, close your eyes and reflect on your goals. State your goals, both general and specific. If possible, envision your goals as positive realities. For instance, if your goal is to travel among distant cosmic planes and draw energy from them, envision the various planes and yourself engaging and interacting with them.


With your eyes closed for the remainder of the procedure, relax your body by first slowing your breathing and then mentally scanning your body from your head downward, letting all tension go as your body becomes loose and limp. To deepen the relaxed state, envision a scene that is particularly relaxing to you- a tranquil lake, moonlit landscape, mountain vista, a golden meadow, or secluded beach, to mention but a few of the possibilities.


With your body now relaxed, affirm your intent to travel out-of-body to interact with the spirit world and to experience its relevance to your stated goals. Affirm the presence of personal spirit guide as your partner and protector throughout the experience.


Induce the out-of-body state by first envisioning your physical body at rest. Take plenty of time to form a very clear image of your body at rest, noting your physical characteristics and your fully relaxed state. With the image of your physical body clearly in your mind, sense your astral double as a bright light form rising gently upward from your body and bearing with it your conscious awareness. Note the sense of disengagement and release as you float gently upward.From your out-of-body position, you can again view your body at rest below. Let yourself become fully immersed in the experience of being out of body.


You are now ready to travel to the spirit realm. Re-affirm your intent to explore distant astral realms and engage their powers in the company of your ministering guides. At this point, envision the spirit dimension and give yourself permission to experience it. You will sense yourself actually engaging the spirit realm and becoming a part of it.


Upon engaging the spirit world, note the wondrous infusion of cosmic love, the most powerful force in the universe. You cannot engage the spirit world without experiencing it. Infuse yourself with it to empower your total being. Remind yourself that love is the essential element of your spiritual evolution.


Joyful reunions with departed friends, relatives, and animals otten occur at the state of love infusion, usually in the presence of your personal guide along with other ministering guides. These interactions are invariably empowering for all involved.


In the company of your ministering guides, you can now interact with the spirit realm's multiple planes of color. Force your attention upon them, and engage them at will through sheer intent alone. The color of each plane signifies its specialized empowerment properties. For spiritual enlightenment, engage the violet plane; for balance and attunement, engage the blue plane; for mental,physical,and spiritual healing, engage the green plane; for intelectual growth and learning, engage the yellow plane; for your motivational and security needs, engage the orange plane; and for a rapid infusion of energy, engage the red plane. Linger in each plane as long as you need to fully experience its empowering properties.


To end the excursion experience and return to your physical body, affirm your intent and focus your attention on the phyical body at rest in its familar setting. Intent alone is a sufficient vehicle for ending travel and re-engaging the physical body. Once in the presence of your body, view it again at rest and allow yourself to gently re-enter it. Such physical sensations as tingling, warmth or coolness, weight, and breathing will signal full astral/biological reengagement.


Reflect on the experience and contemplate its empowering effects. Notice your sense of well-being and personal empowerment. Recall your goals as previously stated, and reaffirm the empowering results of your out-of-body travels in your own words. Examples are: I am at my peak mentally,physically, and spiritually. My life is filled with love and power. I am enveloped in peace and tranquility. I am empowered to achieve my highest goals. You may wish to conclude the procedure with affirmations of global and personal relevance, again in your own words. Examples are: I am forever guided by my Higher Self and commited to helping make the planet a better place. I will use all my resources to spread love,peace,acceptance,and compassion to all I meet.I remain calm,balanced, and centered at all times and hold my composure in all situations.I follow my inner convictions and visions and articulate them clearly to others. Use whatever affirmations or reenforcements that are most relevant or comfortable to you.

Studies have shown that astral travel to the spirit realms has implications on rejuvenation, health and fitness, and such intellectual functions as memory and problem solving. They found that out-of-body interactions with green cosmic planes seemed to actually slow aging and in some instances reverse its visible effects. Subjects who bathed in astral pools of shimmering green energy were convinced that they had been infused with age defying energy. Patients in a pain management program who used out-of-body techniques to control pain found that interacting with green energy planes not only reduced the intensity of pain but also accelerated healing.


For those that interacted with yellow energy planes, performance on tests of memory and problem solving dramatically improved. Many of them began using the techniques regularly, particularly before exams, to improve their academic performance. They attributed increase in their grade point averages to the continued use of the procedure, a reflection of the very pratical benifits of guided OBEs.

Astral projection is one of the most direct ways known for experiencing the spirit world. Through astral projection, you can further extend your search for new understanding and self-empowerment. You can travel outward to directly experience the spirit world and access its abundant resources. You can interact with disincarnate loved ones, masterful teachers, and ministering guides. You can bathe in celestial pools of revitalizing and rejuvenating energy. You can draw multiple powers from the many planes of color and use them to achieve your highest goals.

It's comforting to know that there's a place for everyone in that forever endless dimension we call the other side. Rich in new growth opportunities, it awaits our return to bring out the best in us. It's a dimension of abundant love, understanding, and peace. Its breathtaking beauty and wondrous appeal surpasses all physical realities- They pale in comparison to them. It's a place where our highest dreams our realized. It's a realm of eternal reality where our soul finds its noblest expression.

It's an exciting place of freedom, diversity, and challenge, a place to both give and receive. It's a place that welcomes our interaction, a place poised to share its power, knowledge, and enlightenment. It's the perfect place for the continued evolution of souls. It's a realm devoid of hellish forces, punishment, or monster beings- these are the intemperate creations of the imaginative human mind.

As Einstein noted, " The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility." We could add to that observation, the eternal mystery of the spirit world is, likewise, its comprehensibility.

Through astral projection and past-life regression nothing is beyond your reach. If you've ever dreamt of soaring into the great reaches of the cosmos, you can do it now. You can discover new meaning to your life in the present and the magnificent realities that await you in the future. You can now take that extraordinary leap into the great beyond!
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I have had this sort of things happen to me.
One time i flew out the window when i was almost asleep, my women was laying in bed reading a book, so when i returned, after a quick tour around our house, i looked over her shoulder, and when i then got back in my body i told her exactly what page she was on. That was kind of cool.

But this is a state that we are not suposed to go into, at least not spontaneous.
And if anyone think about investigating this deliberately bare in mind that, unfortunately we are not the only ones here, and in the etheric plane you are much more exposed and vulnerable. And the etheric plane is their playground while its foreign for you.
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I have had some spontaneous occurences such as you describe here. One very unnerving, the rest rather pleasant. I did try to enter into the mindset/practice of Astral Projection/Travel but was never successful.

Like most of the 'gifts' my family has, they function independently of conscious intention - the moment we try to focus them they disappear like so much mist in the morning sun...
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