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The term past life typically denotes the totality of your past existence, including your preexistence and past lifetimes as well as your existence between lifetimes. The term past lifetime designates a particular lifetime of embodied consciousness in your past to include your first lifetime or incarnation and each lifetime or reincarnation thereafter. Discarnate existence designates a disembodied state of continued consciousness in the afterlife realm which is also referred to as the other side or spirit realm.

This does not exclude the possibility of past life existence in other realities or dimensions. In view of the vastness of the universe, and the possibility that our known universe is only one of many, it is conceivable that we have existed, or even exist, in other dimensions that remain unknown or largely unknown to us. It is further conceivable that the theories and principles of contemporary science, at least in their conventional forms, simply do not apply to those dimensions. If, as Einstein observed, some dimensions are unknown to us, it would follow that the science required to explain them would likewise be unknown to us.Here is more on one perspective on the dimensions and a lot more : amp-karmic

The emphasis here is in the bi-directional endlessness of life. Incomprehensible as it may seem to some, only that which has no beginning can be endless. Your existence forever after your last lifetime must be counterbalanced by your existence forever before your first lifetime. You can't have one without the other. From that perspective, when we look backward into our past, we see no beginning; and when we look forward into our future, we see no ending. Your life's journey thus becomes forever continuous and immeasurable- it has neither starting point nor final destination. Simply put yet contrary to much conventional thought, your existence is from everlasting to everlasting.

This emphasizes the continuity of our evolvement within a flexible framework that acknowledges the spiritual nature of our being. We each exist within a cosmic scheme which is logical and orderly. It is a scheme that, like our own evolution, is neither rigid nor automatic but rather dynamic and on-going. It is not complete nor do we individually know all there is to know about it. The goal in soul exploration is to promote a deeper understanding of the cosmic scheme and the magnificent totality of our existence within it- past,present, and future.

The more we know about ourselves, including our past life, the more personally empowered we become in achieving our present life's goals. The more we know about ourselves the more effective we are in accelerating our growth and developing our highest potentials.

Wherever we are in our life's voyage, we are at any moment the sum total of our past, though we can scarcely comprehend its magnitude and magnificence. In one way or another,consciously or subconsciously, we bring with us into the present all our past experiences- from our preexistence to this present moment in time. Within this vast totality, we each become a never-ending work in progress.

Our past life experiences remain forever with us for a purpose. But rather than being automatically available to us at the beginning of each lifetime, they challenge us to retrieve them and discover their relevance for ourselves. Only then can we integrate them into our present lifetime. Its through concentrated effort and self-discovery that we learn and grow. It's then that the knowledge of the past becomes the power for the present. It's then that we uncover totally new potentials to be realized and enjoyed. Once we discover them, our past-life achievements in particular can build feelings of worth and well-being. We become less constricted in our self identity and more at one with the universe.

Even deeply painful experiences from our distant past life can be laden with amazing growth possibilities. Once we become aware of them through self discovery, past-life disappointments can increase our capacity for flexibility and adaptation. Past-life suffering, whether mental or physical, can empower us with great compassion for others who suffer. Past-life adversity can increase our resolve to overcome present-life obstacles.Self discovery of the past-life sources of our fears,anxieties, and conflicts can empower us to promptly overcome them.

Given the relevance of our past lifetimes, it is not surprising that many of us experience spontaneous glimpses into them. Among the examples are the past-life images that often surface during the dream experience and the detailed past-life experiences that can spring forth through altered states such as hypnosis and meditation. Yet another common example is deja vu, which can often be explained as past-life residue. Each of these manifestations is a clear call to probe the depth of the past and discover its present relevance.

Even our experiences in the spirit realms between our lifetimes can emerge spontaneously to empower us in the present. Among the common examples are inspirational glimpses into the spirit world that emerges as "peak experiences". They often awaken between-life memories that propel us forward with renewed insight and faith. Similarly, many of our dream experiences seem to recapitulate our between-lifetime interactions with loving spirit guides and teachers who remain with us to empower us in this lifetime. These experiences can be so profound that they literally alter our perceptions of the purpose and meaning of our lives.

It has been found that a loving presence from the other side often remains with us through multiple lifetimes to guide our growth. Furthermore, like a trusted friend, they accompanied us at our transition into the afterlife where they continued to guide our development in the spirit realm. Also during hypnosis some experience a spontaneous phenomenon called hypnoproduction in which they demonstrate remarkable, complex skills which they had not acquired in their present lifetime. For example, a man who regressed to a past lifetime in Germany spoke fluent German during hypnosis, a language he had not studied in this lifetime. Another subject during past-life regression discussed complicated scientific concepts and knowledge using terms he had not acquired in the present lifetime. Hypnoproduction can also include demonstrations during hypnosis of advanced musical and artistic skills that seem to be of past-life origin.

Each of these spontaneous past-life manifestations suggests a wondrous reserve of subconscious resources and inner potentials just waiting to be discovered. But for the most part, discovering your past-life experiences and retrieving past-life skills require deliberate, concentrated efforts. By discovering them for yourself, you will value them more highly, and you will better understand their current relevance. It follows that mastery of effective past-life regression strategies could access critical knowledge and even retrieve lost skills that otherwise would remain unavailable to us or else require years to acquire.

The basic goal of past-life probes is twofold: to acquire new knowledge and to use it for the greatest good, including your own evolvement as well as that others. Here are a few examples of the potential benefits of past life knowledge:

* Past-life knowledge can help satisfy the basic human need to know. Alienated from our past and devoid of its knowledge, we are like minnows darting erratically in a small country stream- enclosed,out of contact, disconnected. The unknown invites awareness and you possess the potential to experience it close up.

* Past-life knowledge can give new direction and balance to you life. As in mountain climbing, awareness of your past progress pushes you ever forward. It enlarges your perspective and steadies your resolve. Even past slips and falls can motivate you to try again.

* Past-life knowledge can build feelings of dignity and self-worth. You discover that you are a permanent citizen of the cosmos, not a flickering candle in the wind.

* Past-life knowledge promotes acceptance and understanding of others. Discovering that you were of another race,gender, or sexual orientation in a past-life can increase your compassion, understanding, and appreciation of others. Past-life enlightenment can eliminate bigotry,intolerance, and prejudice in whatever form.

* Past-life knowledge has therapeutic value. It is one of the most powerful healing and rejuvenating agents known. Mental, physical, and spiritual well-being is at your fingertips.

* Past-life knowledge has many global implications. Given the magnitude of knowledge available through past-life probes, we become more compassionate of others and active in solving pressing global problems, such as hunger, poverty, disease, environmental pollution,conflict, and war. Possibly more than any other single factor, past-life knowledge can aspire us to help others and make the world a better place for all.

From our preexistence onward, life can be seen as an unfolding drama in which we play out many different roles. In one life you may have been the star or the acclaimed hero who won the adoration of the masses. In another, you may be the villain who was reviled,hated, or even executed. In one life you may have been passionate dedicated,and committed to your role. In another, you may have been a passive,disengaged spectator. In one life you may have been a great leader who helped shape history. In another, you may have sought quite refuge away from the noisy crowd. In one past life you may have scaled great heights or made quantum leaps in your personal evolution. In another you may have struggled just to survive. Whatever the nature of you past life, your life's journey, when viewed in proper perspective, is forever forward.

Cosmic justice seems to be intricately woven into the broad fabric of our existence. When you recognize the adversity,reversal, struggle, and even tragedy are energized with tremendous growth potential, you can explore your past- and engage your future- with optimism and confidence. You will discover that where there was an imbalance of suffering and injustice in one past lifetime, joyous fulfillment almost always follows in the next. You will find that blocked growth in one past lifetime is a good predictor of quantum leaps in the next. Our experiences between lifetimes often rearrange and integrate our past-life experiences, to include our setbacks and disappointments, in ways that orchestrate a totally new growth spiral.We go through lifetimes of fear,"dark" deeds,scarcity, and missed opportunities, and lifetimes full of love,peace,growth,enlightenments, and lessons learned..Its all about balance, we must integrate the light and the dark in this great Cosmic polarity game.

Discovering the full landscape of your existence requires not only exploring your past, but more importantly,incorporating your findings into your present life. Clarifying your present life view of your personal existence is the important first step in that critical process.

Whatever our present views of our existence, our past experiences are powerful influences that continue to shape our lives. From a psychoanalytic perspective, our very early childhood experiences are particularly important. Many of our adult conflicts and anxieties have their origin in early childhood experiences buried but stil active in the subconscious mind. Once these repressed experiences are retrieved and resolved, our lives can become enriched and empowered with new insight and growth possibilities.

Like early childhood experiences stored in the subconscious, our past-life experiences are forever with us. As already noted, we are the totality of our past experiences- they cannot be erased. Furthermore, they are all relevant, and like forgotten childhood experiences, they can be retrieved and if needed resolved. They invite our attention and await our probes. Our most recent past lifetimes often seem to command our special attention. beckoning us to explore them and uncover their relevance. For instance, parental rejection in a recent past-life can result in an exaggerated need for acceptance in our present lifetime. Along a different line, poverty and deprivation in a past lifetime can result in a heightened drive for financial success and security in the next.

Any unresolved traumatic experience in a past lifetime can energize an intense reaction in the next. For example, falling to one's death in a past lifetime can be the source of a persistent fear of heights in the next. Similarly, long-term imprisonment in a germ infested dungeon in a past lifetime can be source of obsessive cleanliness and
compulsive hand-washing in the next.

An important part of our development is to figure out how to overcome past-life adversities and transform them into new growth resources. As earlier noted, past-life knowledge is therapeutic. Studies have repeatedly found that past-life insight into the sources of present-life dilemmas is almost always sufficient to resolve them. The power of that insight is especially evident for such conditions as obsessions, compulsions, and phobias which almost invariably vanish in the light of past-life knowledge.

A particularly intense past-life experience can become a powerful force that expresses itself in a more generalized form in a subsequent lifetime. For instance, if you were betrayed by a lover in a past lifetime, you may find yourself more cautious about entering romantic relationships in your present lifetime. On the other hand, you may be more objective in your present love relationships, knowing that they are not always lasting.

Along a similar line, a failed past-life friendship can result in a greater selectivity in forming present friendships, or by extension, it can foster a general distrust of people in your present lifetime.

Fortunately, the achievements of our past lifetimes are always with us a important growth resources. They become a part of our "soul span", or the capacity of the evolving soul to stretch and grow across many lifetimes. For instance, if you successfully overcame adversity in a recent lifetime, you are probably better equipped to accommodate adversity in your present lifetime. Along a different line, if you achieved important humanitarian goals in a recent lifetime, your humanitarian interests may remain very strong in the present, thanks to the strong reinforcement effect of recent past-life commitments.

On a very broad scale, knowledge of our past-life experiences, whether recent or distant, can equip us with the power we need to meet totally new life challenges. We become more empowered to overcome barriers, resolve conflicts, cope with stress, and build better social relationships, to list but a few of the possibilities.

All too often, however, we are encloses, out of touch with ourselves and alienated from our past. We experience life passively or second-handly through the interpretation and direction of others. Often we rely on others to do for us what we could more effectively do for ourselves. To expand our awareness and foster our personal growth, we must abandon the screens that filter knowledge and inhibit our growth. Only then can we focus with purpose on what is relevant to our existence.

As you begin to explore your past incarnations,extrasensory abilities, and the spirit realms through self hypnosis,dreams, meditation and other techniques, here are a few practical guidelines and safeguards that will help stay the course and empower you to reach new levels of personal growth and knowledge.

*Clarify your goals. Your goal may be to explore in depth a particular lifetime or to experience a panoramic view of your past life, from your preexistence forward. Your goal may be to only explore those past experiences that relate to your current life situation, such as personal relationship, problematic situation,or important decision. whatever your goals grab a piece of paper and write them down.

*Keep your probes focused. Target in on what seems relevant at the moment.Keep your perspective and stay balanced. Should your probes get off course, back away and bring them to a comfortable level.

* Build your self- confidence. Should you have uneasy moments during your past life probes, remind yourself that you are in control. Your written goals will give direction to your probes and bolster your resolve to achieve them.

* Invoke the guidance of your higher guides and teachers. Get to know these spiritual growth specialists. They are ever present and ready to assist you. They will accompany you and provide the support you need to achieve your goals.

* Fine-tune your past life probes. Periodically review your goals and evaluate the results of your probes. Look at your overall progress, and figure out where to go from there. Don't hesitate to make adjustments as need.

* Keep a journal of your progress. Record your regression experiences. Detailed documentation can identify significant events as well as small fragments of information that can be critical to your progress.

* Analyze your past-life findings. Group them into categories and prioritize them. Look for relationships and central themes. Explore the present relevance of your findings.Use your past life knowledge for decision making and problem solving. Past-life knowledge can increase the quality and satisfaction of your life.

* Stay receptive to Cosmic Love. The soul thrives on real love in whatever state or dimension it exists. Authentic Cosmic Love is the highest condition of freedom and growth. It can loosen karmic bands and energize your evolvement with amazing new growth possibilities.

Your existence at this moment is a manifestation of your immortality as a conscious spirit being. As a soul, you are from everlasting to everlasting. Your past is forever within you and your future is ever before you. By embracing both you enrich the present.Yet time is not linear and many believe past,present, and future all occur simultaneously, or this is all an ego driven illussionary existence. This may be true, yet from your 3D viewpoint past-life exploration is invaluable to spiritual progression.

Your evolution, like your existence, is forever. The greater your understanding of your existence in the fullness of its content and scope, the more effective you are in accelerating your own evolution while promoting the evolution of others. That's the challenge of each lifetime and each moment within it.

I will be adding a few more articles on past life exploration along with techniques, including self hypnosis, to help unlock the hidden dimensions and knowledge available through regression. Stay tuned!
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really interested in how to explore past lives, thanks!
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