Energy Working And Aura Reading Exercises

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:19 pm    Post subject: Energy Working And Aura Reading Exercises Reply with quote

The following exercises will help you develop your skills in seeing and feeling your own energy, and then bringing in universal energy to your body. They will help you develop healing abilities withen yourself and help you to learn to heal others through energy manipulation and concentrated effort.



1. Rub your palms together in a circular motion. Feel the generation of heat. This is your own energy.
2. Now hold your hands about two inches apart, palm to palm. Push your hands together without actually moving them. That is, visualize your hands pushing toward one another. Feel the resistance, similar to two like magnets repelling each other.
3. Spread your hands varying distances apart and feel the same resistance.
4. Establish the threshold distance at which your palms can be seperated and still feel your energy. With practice, you will be able to increase the distance as you become more senstive to energy.


1. Against a dark background, hold your hands in front of you with your fingertips pointing to the fingertips of your other hand, about two inches apart.
2.Move your fingers slowly up and down and in and out. Think about the energy flowing from one fingertip to the other. You will see a faint line of energy passing between them.
At first this may appear as a hazy band.

Practice this exercise against the background of various colors. With practice, the energy flow will look more defined.



1. Imagine all the energy of the universe circling above your head, available for your use.
2. Bring in energy through the top of your head and collect it in your heart area.
3. Send the energy from your heart area down through your right arm, through your right fingertips, back into your left fingers and up through your left arm and back to the heart.
4. Continue to imagine this flow as an energy circuit: from your heart to your right arm,right hand, right fingertips, to left fingertips, left arm then to the heart.

At first you may see just a faint line. You will be surprised at how quickly, with practice, you will see defined energy flow.



Look past the person whose aura you want to see. Concentrate on an area about two inches above the shoulders or head.
At first you may see a slight shimmering aura. The aura may appear as a subtle emanation surrounding physical objects. Some people describe this as similar to heat waves, others as a misty fog. Few people will see the aura with strong color intensity, but with practice, you may see the defined flowing colors. Keep practicing! This will also work on yourself in the mirror.



A body without injury or illness would have harmonious energy flow. A body developing an injury or illness has energy which is beginning to lose its path or direction. A body with a fully developed illnesss or injury has a break in the energy flow, and can't find its way back to a harmonious energy flow, or wellness. Here is an advanced exercise to see energy flow; keep in mind it is a long-term goal.

1. Stand in front of a full-length mirror.
2. Relax your eyes by not focusing on anything.
3. Practice seeing and feeling your own energy flow.

Try to do this in both light and dark conditions. You can do this exercise with another person as well, practicing to see each other's energy flow. At first, you may be guided by primarily by intuition- by feeling the energy. Soon you will be able to see it as well. As you develop this skill, you will find that your intuitive sense increases along with your healing ability. Trust that you can do this.

Everything that we tell our bodies through thoughts,words, emotions and beliefs is communicated through subtle energy, that is, through various frequencies of light. Subtle energies have a wide range of frequencies. Effectively connecting to this energy is a skill each of us can master by developing our inner porocess of feeling, "seeing" and knowing. It is up to each of us to recognize this communication skill that we can consciously access. Intention is the most powerful tool for this process. We must get in touch with our own awareness.



What shows up in the auras is more than an indication of what is happening physically. The aura reflects a variety of information, ranging from the emotional makeup of the person to his or her thoughts and intentions. With all the movement of energy in the aura, it is generally not possible to pinpoint the exact location of the physical ailment, but it is possible to determine the general area of the problem.

Each illness looks slightly different in the aura. As well, every aura has many variations, suggestive of minor blockages or potential difficulties. So the challenge in reading an aura is not so much to find physical problems but to sort through all the blockages and potential problems and select the one that is likely to be bothering the person or yourself the most.

Certain ailments have definitive signatures on the aura. Problems with the sciatic nerve are generally easy to see, as they look almost the same on everyone. When an aura has a static look, similar to a blurry television screen, this generally indicates there is a problem with the nerves, emotions or skin.

Anyone can practice reading auras by looking at an aura in a dark room. Many people will see what looks like distortions over certain areas of the person's body. This distortions will likely appear over a region that is bothering the person. However, do not be discouraged if the person can not make sense of what you relate: The aura shows a variety of factors, including old problems, emotional problems and developing problems. Medications tend to add a cloudness, making it much more difficult to read the aura. Do not strain your eyes looking at a specific area on a person. Scan the entire body and pay attention to the information that comes to you. Practice this, and you will be surprised at how accurate you become.

Another point to keep in mind when reading someone's aura is that pain felt in one location does not necessarily mean that is where the problem is. You might pick up on an area that seems unrelated to where the person is experienceing the pain, but they may in fact be closely linked.

If you are not seeing anything at all when trying to read someone's aura, practice relaxing and using your intuition. Ask yourself, what is wrong with this person? and the first thing that pops into your head might be significant. This nonanalytical approach allows you to practice the development of your intuition.

The next exercise is Advanced Aura Reading and is difficult to master. This is an advanced exercise because it requires integrating left-brain activities, or logical thinking, with the holistic view of the right brain. You must be open-mindied and try it without hesitatation. The only thing holding you back is your own mind. Just relax and feel it. This exercise will help you trust your intuition. Once you master the skill of combining your left- and right-brain activities, it becomes easy.


1. Visualize energy extentions coming out of your fingertips, similar to claws or chopsticks.
2. Put your hands several inches above the person's body and physically comb the aura with your fingers, letting the energetic extentions of your fingertips penetrate deep into the person's body.
3. Run your hands along the aura very slowly and smoothly until you feel a dull pain, a sensation in your fingertips or a slight resistance similar to two magnets repelling each other. At this point there is an energy blockage, which likely indicates a physical ailment of some sort.
4. Once you have indentified the location of the blockage on the aura, attempt to remove the blockage. This is the difficult part.
5. You must keep pinching and pulling the blockage away from the aura. Do not worry about these blockages affecting your health; they will not affect you if your intention is not to be affected by them. If you are worrying about this, then you likely have some subconscious intent to pull the energy blockage into yourself. Do not worry about it and nothing negative will happen. No negative outcome will occur when your intent is positive.

Moving your hands will help you in the visualization of removing the energy blockage. In your mind's eye, picture grabbing onto a problem in the aura and throwing it away. Simultaneously, physically move your hands onto the person's aura. The aura will be physically influenced by your hand movements.
6. Dispose of the energy blockages by throwing them into the garbage, a vacuum or a black hole. Let your imagination dictate this. The energy of problems will dissipate without a host organism.


Use this technique to give yourself a massage of light energy. Visualize light emitting from your fingertips as pure white light of pure intentions. Usually it can first be seen as smokelike extensions from the fingertips or faint shimming lines. Some people report seeing small bolts of lightning. Relax and let it flow.

1. Imagine that your energy fingertips are like a comb. Sometimes your energy like your hair, gets knots and tangles in it. Use your energy fingernails to comb out these knots so that your energy flows smoothly again.
2. Starrt at the top of your head and "comb down" over your entire body, about two inches out from your body. No actual physical contact is necessary. Feel and see the energy. It now flows smoothly and effortlessly in a harmonious pattern.
3. Comb the energy down through your feet and out through your soles. Many people feel an immediate calming sensation when doing this.


It may be easier for you to feel rather than think about what is happening, making energy healing a more realistic experience for you. Try changing the colors of light emanating from your fingertips and feeling the variations. You will know what suits you best when you find what color (frequency) you resonate with most effectively: You will feel sensations such as tingling or heat. Always be ready and willing to alter your visualizations and techniques. Only you can assess what works best for you. Know that you are doing these techniques correctly and you are on the right path.
You can comb someone else's energy as well as your own using this technique.
Children usually feel an intense calming immediately: It seems to be especially effective with hyperactive children. Pets love it, too.

I believe everyone has the ability to heal themselves and others. This is built into our physical, emotional, and spiritual natures as human beings. Some people are born with more innate readiness to use this ability than others. As with any talent, the time it takes each person to master reading auras will vary. Ultimately, it is a matter of motivation and practice.

In the realm of subtle energies, it is difficult top translate into words what is more of a nonverbal knowing. As you become more familar with these exercises and skills you will become more familar with trusting your feelings and sense of knowing.

We all have the power to re-create our own health. Everything can be positively adjusted as we become attuned to the power of thought. There are no bounds to what we can achieve in the recreation of ourselves

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PostPosted: Sat May 08, 2010 10:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

i liked the global earth energy practice...
from crown to heart and circulating thru arms Very Happy
good job
i am you
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It is never necessary to bring in foreign energy to oneself, thru any means.

It can be a dangerous practice(Energitcally, bringing in external energy into ones energy system, chakras, is asking and giving permissions for MANY possibilities, especially when focusing on a very broad thing, ie energy, white light) let alone its more consuming on our behalf as humanity, talk about bad karma.

WE must stop consuming energy and learn to connect with the unlimited supply (quantum) of energy WITHIN.

Try connecting with your own heart energy, or "higher heart"( if your experiencing sensitivities above the heart center, then higher heart will work better for you)

i have to say this because im saddened and have had enough of people disempowering themselves adn putting themselves at risk. I know CS is a great person.
ask yourselves internally on this one and see what u feel.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 10:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I liked most of the topics elaborated by the OP. But could not read all of them right now. I might come back to read it later. It is indeed a good attempt to shed some light over Aura reading topic.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

first time i took ecstasy i noticed the energy flowing around my hands. I could feel and see it. Mushrooms and pot also helped me notice it. Now I can see the energies without em. But i still like to use them on the occasion Wink. I feel like i've been feeling/seeing these energy streams my whole life. I especially love to look at the aura surrounding trees. On windy days you can see the energy being pulled off of them into the atmosphere, quite an awesome picture.
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