Fluoride Risks

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Fluoride Risks

Although many people have believed for a long time that fluoride in our drinking water was good for our dental health, there have now been many studies that demonstrate that there are significant risks of fluoride in drinking water. Our kids have fewer cavities than we did, and we're credit that to fluoride in the water supply. However, many European countries outlawed fluoride in drinking water decades ago and their dental health has improved as much as in the US, in some areas more. To ascribe all of our dental health improvements to fluoride in the water doesn't hold up. Some in favor of fluoridation endlessly argue that there is no science to say it is bad for us. This is simply not true.

Nearly always the argument for adding fluoride to drinking water is that it is in a dosage that is safe and even good for us. But drinking water is not the only way we ingest fluoride – so isolating one source and saying the level is okay is absurd. More and more the original untested assumption that fluoride in water would help with dental health is being confronted.

Another issue is do you really want ‘medicine’ delivered through your drinking water? Our view is that we should each have the right to determine what medicines we intake - or don't.

Fluoride doesn't break down and disappear. It accumulates over time. An NRDC study says people today ingest 4 times as much as they were when they started putting fluoride in our drinking water! This is pretty evenly spread across intake from water, other drinks, food and dental products. If you did everything you could think of to avoid fluoride, you couldn't eliminate it! Cut back on fluoride when you can. You'll still get lots!

There are many risks that have been identified from the intake of fluoride.

Children’s brain development came to the forefront as a concern after three 2007 medical studies suggested that fluoride may have a detrimental effect on childhood IQ. Several studies published in 2007 showed shortcomings in previous research studies. A Mexican study linked high-fluoride (5 ppm) in water to reduced IQ by controlling other key factors by multiple regression analysis. The study also eliminated bias by assuring that the psychologist conducting the IQ tests did not know which of the children had high fluoride exposure. According to the authors, exposure to fluoride was associated with reduced Performance, Verbal and Full IQ scores. The individual effect of fluoride in urine indicated that for each mg increase, a decrease of 1.7 points in Full IQ might be expected.

While the levels at which problems were identified will lead some pro-fluoride folks to conclude this and similar studies should be ignored, remember: Water is by no means the only source of fluoride. It can be argued how much fluoride we intake from various sources, but there ARE various sources and there is extraordinarily hard to manage levels of intake. (Municipalities add in the area of 1 ppm.) Add to that that individual sensitivities vary. There are serious risks to drinking fluoride from our water supply.

Proponents of fluoride in the water supply frequently say that there is no science to prove fluoride in the water supply is dangerous. While the use of the word ‘prove’ makes that statement narrowly correct, the fact is there are many many scientific studies indicating risks. Every year there are more studies showing fluoride risks, some of them from very low dosages. Studies showing benefits of fluoridated water have been questioned for their scientific validity. Our view is that common sense suggests we should stop drinking fluoride.

And of course the studies showing benefits from drinking fluoridated water also don't prove that the view they support is right.

We all like to point to studies that support our views. But let's also consider that science is an exploration - and does not provide the 'final answer'. Things change. Research includes different variables. We recall being told that asbestos was safe and that cigarettes were good for you. At some point you have to make up your own mind. And you should not be forced to ingest something you don't want to ingest.

Here at friendsofwater.com we hear from many many people who cannot drink the water in their own home, or in a restaurant or public place. We've heard from people who have been overfluoridated and if they drink fluoridated water become desparately ill. These people are of every age and both genders. There have been moms hugely concerned because their children - who get sick if they ingest fluoride - were about to go to college. At home they had water filters; what could they do at school? Recently we've heard most from people with thyroid disease who can't drink fluoride or their condition worsens. (See about.com for more.) We hear from people sent by their cancer clinics where they were told "You must stop drinking this poison." Some who talk to us are just extremely sensitive, and react badly to fluoride. Some have immune difficiencies and are damaged by fluoride. Some have reported they experience what looks and feels like rhumatoid arthritis from exposure to fluoride. We know people who became bedridden from exposure to fluoride. Skeletal fluorosis is real. See http://www.fluoridation.com/skeletal.htm

If fluoride is added to our water for health reasons - why is the reality of these peoples' lives ignored? Likely that is because if you actually look at the reality you can't sustain your support of fluoridation. Who could deny the personal experience of so many?

We have yet to hear one proponent of water fluoridation address the issue that fluoride is found not only in the water supply and that means we are intaking more than what they claim is a safe level. But fluoride is found in fresh produce, in most foods that have water in them now, and in toothpaste. There is lots of fluoride in canned foods, like soup for example. There is a lot in soda cans. How can they continue to look at one source only and say the level of fluoride is safe? It is apparently easier to throw around words like 'hysterical', 'paranoid' and 'fear-mongering' than it is to acually consider that water fluoridation is causing suffering for many people.

It's not easy to test fluoride levels at home. One customer paid the $380 needed to get a good fluoride tester. Among all the many places he found significant levels of fluoride was in the vegetables in his home-grown 'organic' vegetable garden. He realized that he is watering it with fluoridated water and the plants pull it right in. The levels vary in different vegetables, but in some like tomatoes it is quite high.

We recognize that many proponents of fluoridating the water supply are sincere people interested in the dental health of others, particularly poorer people. And there are studies that indicate such benefits exist. But several European countries outlawed fluoridated water decades ago. Some of them fluoridate salt. Solutions are available that allow those whose bodies cannot tolerate fluoride to readily avoid it.

It's time to stop putting medicine in the water.

A story in about.com called

Hidden Danger in Your Drinking Water and Toothpaste
Fluoride and Fluoridated Water's Link to Thyroid Disease

has this to say: "This common additive to your water supply, and ingredient in the toothpaste you and your children use may be contributing to the increased rates of hypothyroidism -- and other health concerns -- in the U.S. . . without improving dental health."

<> <> <> <> <> <>
A 2006 review of peer-reviewed studies in respected journals by the National Research Council (NRC) reveals that fluoride added to water supplies - even at low levels - is a health risk. Particularly at risk are high-water drinkers, babies, kidney and thyroid patients. The NRC panel found that fluoride’s links to cancer and lowered IQ are plausible.

(friendsofwater suggests that fluoride might not be good for anyone with kidneys or thyroids!)

<> <> <> <> <> <>

The National Kidney Foundation has advised “Individuals with CKD [Chronic Kidney Disease] should be notified of the potential risk of fluoride exposure.” Too much fluoride damages bones and malfunctioning kidneys do not excrete fluoride properly allowing a toxic build-up in the bones.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>
American Dental Association reverses position,
warns its members that
fluoride is too dangerous to be consumed by infants
Tuesday, November 14, 2006 by: Ben Kage
reprinted from newstarget.com

- - - - - -

On Nov. 9, 2006 the American Dental Association released an email alert to its members warning that, in order to prevent tooth damage, fluoridated water should not be mixed into formula or foods intended for babies aged 1 and younger.

Currently, two-thirds of the U.S. public water supply has fluoride chemicals added, a move centered on a now-disproved theory that fluoride ingestion prevents cavities. Research by the Centers for Disease Control has shown that fluoride absorbs into tooth enamel topically, but ingestion of the chemical can cause adverse reactions. Also, the CDC admitted that enamel fluoride concentration was not inversely related to cavities.

(Bolding added by friendsofwater.com)

Fluoridated bottled water is available in stores across the United States along with instructions to mix into formula, which is what prompted the ADA to warn its members.

"Infants could receive a greater than optimal amount of fluoride through liquid concentrate or powdered baby formula that has been mixed with water containing fluoride during a time that their developing teeth may be susceptible to enamel fluorosis," stated the ADA report, describing the condition marked by pitting and white spotting as well as yellow and/or brown teeth.

Paul Beeber, lawyer and New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF) president, noted that news releases from the NYSCOF in 2000 and 2004 cited studies that linked fluorisis to infant foods mixed with fluoridated water. However, Beeber remarked, it took the ADA until 2006 to release its alert, right after the FDA disapproved of marketing fluoridated water to babies in October and the National Research Council reported that babies are fluoride overdosed from "optimally" fluoridated water supplies.

"The ADA claims the NRC report didn't question the safety of fluoridation but it did, as the ADA now admits," Beeber said. "The NRC also revealed fluoridation's adverse effects to the thyroid gland, diabetics, kidney patients, high water drinkers and others."

He added that the ADA warning had only gone out to its members, and asked, "Who will alert parents?"

The Environmental Protection Agency, which sets allowable water fluoride levels, is required to consider the most vulnerable members of a population, so allowable fluoride levels should be near zero to protect infants.

"This should end water fluoridation," Beeber said. "Fluoridation is a failed concept that must be abandoned before more Americans are harmed."

Thanks to Ben Kage and www.newstarget.com

Recently, at a dentist appointment, the dental hygenist was raving about the health of my mouth - as they always do. I pointed out that I had not used fluoride toothpaste for years, nor had I drunk fluoridated water for years. She said: "Oh, fluoride serves no purpose for someone your age." (59 at the time.) So it's dangerous for babies, useless for older people, harmful to many and - let's give full credit - helpful to some. So just what is the rationale for making everyone drink it - even those who are damaged by it?
from the Big Splash at friendsofwater.com

Additional Comments on Fluoride

"I am appalled at the prospect of using water as a vehicle for drugs. Fluoride is a corrosive poison that will produce serious effects on a long range basis. Any attempt to use water this way is deplorable."
Dr. Charles Gordon Heyd
Past President of the American Medical Association.

Fluoride is a controversial topic, and there are many who believe that in the correct quantities it can be very beneficial for dental health. Some research suggests that may be true if used topically, but not through ingestion. And there is no question that too much fluoride does irreparable damage in many ways - including to teeth! Put that together with the reality that you can't control how much fluoride you are exposed to now.

Friendsofwater.com works to share well-reasoned views, and we looked at the issue for quite a while before we took the stand a few years ago that we should not ingest fluoride. (Although we personally got a fluoride-removing water filter earlier.) The evidence has accumulated to too high a level to continue to avoid the conclusion that fluoride is too dangerous to be trifled with. Adding it to everyone's drinking water is a bad idea.

Some have voiced that their kids have had far fewer cavities than they did, and that must be from fluoride. The reduction in cavity rate in several European countries that outlawed fluoridated water has equaled that of the US over those years, and in some places have improved even more. Some offer fluoridated salt, which leaves individuals with a choice.

Calcium is the primary hardener for bones and teeth. It can form two bonds with carbonate or oxygen to create chains. Fluoride can only create one bond. When fluoride combines with calcium, it breaks the chain, preventing calcium development.

Fluoride doesn't break down and disappear. It accumulates over time. It is estimated that people today ingest 4 times as much as they were when they started putting fluoride in our drinking water! If you did everything you could think of to avoid fluoride, you couldn't do it! Cut back on fluoride. You'll still get lots.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

More from the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation

".....fluoride ingestion is not stopping tooth decay in primary teeth.

According to a systematic review of fluoride supplement research published in the November 2008 Journal of the American Dental Association, "There is weak and inconsistent evidence that the use of fluoride supplements prevents dental caries in primary teeth." In fact, the authors could find only one study, from China, showing any fluoride benefit to primary teeth and that study was probably biased with a high withdrawal rate, the authors write.

Fluoride supplements never underwent FDA testing.

"Fluoridation began with the untested belief that ingested fluoride prevented tooth decay in small children, only. Evidence-based-dentistry now shows that swallowing fluoride poses dental risks without benefits to the very children fluoridation was supposed to help," says Beeber

"It may...be that fluoridation of drinking water does not have a strong protective effect against early childhood caries (cavities) reports dentist Howard Pollick, University of California, and colleagues, in the Winter 2003 Journal of Public Health Dentistry.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Fluoride Action Network New Zealand says it very well:

Would you let someone put drugs in your drink at a party?
Would you drink industrial waste with heavy metal contaminants?
So why do you accept it in your water supply -
day in, day out, for your entire life?

* * *

Drinking fluoridated water
will double the number of hip fractures
for older men and women.
Bordeaux Study JAMA 1994

* * *

Fluoride can cause Skeletal Fluorosis, a potentially crippling disease.
Skeletal Fluorosis occurs in phases. Phase 2 includes chronic joint pain, calcification of ligaments, osteosclerosis and possibly osteoporosis.
Phase 3 includes crippling deformities of the spine and major joints.

See additional information from the World Health Organization. This is only one selected quote that shows reason for concern - particularly since we are exposed to fuoride from many sources.

* * *

“All studies of fracture rates relative to long-term fluoridation exposure indicates a significant increase in fracture risk.” This includes at least 8 studies in low-dosage situations.
John R. Lee, M.D.

former Director Marin Medical Society California
For more on fluoride from Dr. Lee see hip fractures.

* * *

The Food and Drug Administration scientists have reported a
close correlation between increased fluoride ingestion and
decreased fertility rates in women.

Friendsofwater.com points out the comment in the article above that 2/3 of the US water supply has fluoride added. So how will you avoid giving your babies (and everyone else in your family) fluoride in their water? We think you should be drinking a lot more water. But you should not be drinking a lot more fluoride!

It has been reported that those with a particular intolerance to fluoride may experience skin ulcers, breathing problems, stomach upsets, headaches and/or rashes. Some studies suggest their may be a connection to bone cancer in boys. Other fluoride-induced problems are reported to include lethargy, asthma-like symptoms, a drop in lung function, painful joints, swollen glands and chronic arthritis. If someone in your family is experiencing unexplaned problems of this nature, you might explore greatly reducing their fluoride intake.

For another site with a great deal of information on fluoridation, visit www.nofluoride.com.

Get a water filter that removes fluoride!
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