A note on the deeper meaning of nutrition

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Most of our exposure to information about diet and nutrition concerns the material realm of biochemistry. We learn about protein, carbs and fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, phytochemicals, etc. We learn how nutrients affect our metabolism and hormonal systems. And on and on.

The more we look under this kind of microscope, the more we try to micromanage the multitude of biochemical elements, the more complicated, confusing, and often contradictory the information becomes!

The answer is not to look at smaller and smaller pieces of this puzzle, but to view the whole picture from a higher perspective of what we really are and what it really means to provide proper nourishment for our body, mind and soul. This is the subject of Dynamic Regimen.

To explore the philosophical underpinnings of dynamic regimen is beyond the scope of this post, but we need to keep this larger perspective in mind as were talking about things like saturated fats, insulin resistance, etc. We can make use of insights from biochemistry while not being limited to them.

Rudolf Steiner explains how digestion is really a soul function, not purely a material, biochemical matter of breaking down material substances that we can use. Its about how we take in the forces and energies from foods, extracting those external forces and transmuting them into our own self, truly nourishing body, mind and soul.

How we do that is a function not only of the digestibility or nutrient content of the food. But its about the energetic nature of the food and which foods our own higher forces need for our development.

This is a profound subject which takes us beyond biochemistry into the dynamic realm of energy which is the template that patterns all of the biochemical processes. If we want to make lasting changes, we need to change the templates higher up in the structure.

Otherwise, we end up on yo-yo diets and chronically battling with our habits to try to change them forcibly. Sometimes a battle seems to be won, but any gain that way is usually only temporary. With dynamic regimen were working with the deeper patterns rather than losing the forest for the vastly complicated array of trees.

If youd like to explore further, see my article, A Deeper Look at Dynamic Regimen, http://dynamicregimen.com/2009/10/30/a-deeper-look-at-dynamic-regimen/ .
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