Task Force 373 and TF 47

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today I'm writing about 2 informal units not being controlled by their governments but doing things they want to do.
Information about them can be found in Wikileaks Afghanistan War Log files.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jul/25/task-force-373-secret-afgh anistan-taliban

Top PSI educated with the fascist thrill to murder people, the so called bastards (in their language)... officially only the taliban, inofficially...
do what fascists of the NWO do.

Task Force 373 is belonging to the United States and the TF47, you wouldn't believe it, to Germany.

That are planned fascist style killers with a difference to normal soldiers, that's the special blackmagic PSI education to block the ,targets' spiritually.

Over 12.500 killers.

Task Force 47 comparatively small, 120 killers
only in German available : http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Task_Force_47


Extremely the passage:
...but have sometimes gone wrong, killing civilians and stoking Afghan resentment...

That's a sign that there's a mass murder happening, even written in Wikipedia but not directly ...

Thanks to Wikileaks, they were secretly hidden before the War logs came.
The Wikileaks journalist got envelopes with clear messages threatening him for that.

A very impressive person, we have to say thank you to him.

Well, the question is where is their homebase / Barracks they're located when they're not in warfare actions to bust it with orgonite.
A lot of people in the Middle East would be grateful for that.
That units are one of the main reasons we offer that with sending Orgonite to that area costfree that the nightmare stops.

Lovely Greetings

Gifting is fun Smile
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