The Shocking Truth. A Personal Report by Marina Findlay.

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The Shocking Truth.
A Personal Report by Marina Findlay.

I came to MI5ís attention in 1996, when I was an environmental campaigner and spokesperson. I was exposing corruption in the Forestry Authority and the Scottish Natural Heritage. I was trying to protect an ancient semi-natural woodland in East Lothian. I had to deal with an MI5 agent provocateur and an MI5 agent saboteur.

Next I discovered a scandalous criminal conspiracy in which the royals were implicated. It concerned the felling of legally protected forests to provide oak timber for use in the rebuilding of Windsor Castle after its 1992 fire. Forests were clear felled, then appropriate shaped trunks were selected.

At this time I also discovered and started to use mediumistic abilities. To MI5, mediums are public enemy number 1.

By use of synthetic telepathy, MI5 blackmailed me into silence about Windsor. They tortured me for 6 hours a day for 1 week. They were using RCEMHBT to cause cutting sensations in my brain and were terrorising me about giving me a lobotomy. Using magnetism, they dragged mucous, moisture and my brain up to the top of my head and crushed my brain against my skull. They burst a tube in my forehead which caused my right eye to be Ĺ closed for days.

Next they decided to reduce me to the lowest of the low, and to distract me from campaigning by performing a series of top-secret experiments on me. They were also attacking me with radiation and electricity, using the frequency weapon aspect of the RCEMHBT. Very masonically, they experimented with connecting to and manipulating my energy body. One particular, unrelated experiment involved blowing the neural network in my parietal lobe. MI5 made sure that I understood, if I told anybody about the experimentation I would be killed instantly.

Having completed their research, MI5 decided to finish me off, so tried to give me brain damage and sterilised me. They used frequency weapons to cook my internal organs. Their attempt to brain damage me failed since I am a medium and donít need my physical front brain to be intelligent. However, as I can prove with ultrasound pictures, they were entirely successful with my sterilisation.

After that, I became a standard torture and sabotage subject. They tried to break me psychologically using rape and child molesting experiences against me. I endured much sexual torture by use of RCEMHBT. E.g. they would rape me with the technology by directing spikes of radiation up my anus.

Frequently they used car crash assassination techniques on me.

Eventually, since I was quite outspoken, they felt the need to have me officially discredited and blackmailed a local doctor to section me. I was cruelly incarcerated in a mental hospital, and was still classed as mentally ill until a year had passed after my release. At the beginning of my sectioning, MI5 mentally incapacitated me by parapsychological engineering. They put a magnetically suspended electric electro-magnetic barrier in my brain which blocked my abilities to think and feel. Consequently, I was neutralised for 2 years, during which time I suffered greatly.

Recently, my punishment came to an end, and the electric electro-magnetic barrier was gradually removed. It is such a pleasure to simply be able to think.

Thank you Ceridwen and the Green man.


texts by Marina

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What MI5 do with Remote Control Effect and Manipulation of Human Being Technology (RCEMHBT), magic and abuses of psychic abilities.

Marina Findlay.

RCEMHBT abuses- This technology connects onto frequencies of radiation emitted by the brain and body, electricity can be further directed via the neural network. Electrical stimulation of the brain and body is pinpoint accurate on a microscopic level. It can also be used to cook and burn internal organs by directing powerful radiation into specific areas. There are many other increasingly sophisticated ways by which the technology can influence you.

Experimentation - Experimentation on innocent members of the public is carried out by MI5. Fields they explore include manipulation of the energy body, emotional engineering, blocking the mind, disrupting the mind, parapsychological engineering, blocking parts of the brain with Electro-magnetic barriers, electrical stimulation of the brain and body, sterilisation, causing injury, incapacitation, causing pains, torture, induced experiences mimicking psychosis, murder and other RCEMHBT related activities. With subtle experimentation, MI5 will trick you into thinking that the effects of the experiments are the results of other occurrences in your life. Eg. Headaches as a result of caffeine withdrawal or swollen breasts due to a hormonal unbalance. More serious experimentation will usually include memory wiping and brainwashing that it was all imagined or symptoms of madness. Communicating via normal or synthetic telepathy and broadcasts on the speech level, subjects may be blackmailed into silence about it. They will often be sectioned (detained in a mental hospital against their will), for discrediting and mind destruction Ė thus they are unempowered from exposing the injustice they have experienced. Frequently experimentation is simply followed by assassination.

Torture- MI5 have actual torture programmes like causing clickings and crunchings in and around the head which work against you sense of natural rhythms (like anti-music). They will often combine these programmes with induced anxt, depression or infuriation caused by electrical stimulation of the brain (ESB). They psychologically torture you using synthetic telepathy, broadcasts on the speech level or using normal telepathy (research into your history and personality will be used against you).

Expressing their perverted nature, MI5 indulge in sexual torture. Eg. They will stick spikes of radiation up your anus or do induced sexual responses whilst stimulating induced happiness (trying to make you act as though you like them raping you), or molesting your private parts with different forms of radiation.

MI5 often cause terrible physical pains in your body and do evil acts like making you feel as though razors are revolving in your testicles.

Less extreme long-term torture involves generally negatively interfering in your life. Eg. Causing you to need to urinate at embarrassing or inconvenient times, or knocking you out just when your favourite TV programme is about to start. They also frequently bombard their targets into the head with high frequency sound waves.

Blackmail - Using the usual covert methods of communication, MI5 will tell you that you or someone you care about will be murdered, grievous bodily harmed or tortured for years. Or less seriously, that you will lose your job or unnatural psychic abilities.

Coercion- This involves subtle undetectable RCEMHBT interference confusing and misleading you to make you act other than you normally would to suit the ends of your controllers.

Murder- There are 3 main areas in MI5 murder.

1) Induced suicide - They may simply tell you that if you donít take your own life MI5 will, but very painfully, gorily and degradingly. They torture you by typical means whilst giving ideas and images psychically on how to kill yourself. They persuade you that itís better to be dead than revolting, evil or useless etc., depending on their psychological torture angle. Obviously, they can make the torture so unbearable that death seems like a better option.

2) Induced car crash - The most popular method of inducing a car crash is by knocking you out when you are going fast- They can cause you to lose your accurate perception of time, so that while on a country road you may feel like you are driving at 50mph when in fact youíre at 80mph Ė you will likely come off the road at a corner. Your sense of balance can be disrupted so you find it hard to steer - this is caused by auditory system manipulations. They can put pictures into your mindsí eye so you canít even see the road, and will subliminally suggest related thoughts to move you into a separate reality so you forget you are supposed to be driving. By altering your vision, vehicles can be made to appear to jump between 10metres and 30metres so your sense of distance is very distorted Ė fatal when overtaking.

3) Fatal injury - Using ESB they frequently mimic heart failure by stopping your heart completely, or heart attack by speeding it up. Also using ESB they can stop your breathing to mimic dying from the likes of a panic attack. Also, quite easily they can give you brain damage by causing pressure electro-magnetically. If they murder you carelessly they blackmail (or use conspiring) police or doctors to cover it up.

Grievous bodily harm - Frequently used to shut up intelligent outspoken people is the cooking of the front brain (a more serious form of Electro-convulsive therapy). Also, the sterilisation of hereditary witches and mediums.

Induced Experiences Mimicking psychosis (IEMP) - This involves the use of normal and synthetic telepathy and speech level broadcasts as the "voices in the head" to make you think you have gone mad. Also applied are many combinations of technological interference. RCEMHBT influences constitute the "external forces" symptom of Induced experiences mimicking psychosis the recently redefined (for social control) "schizophrenia". This symptom is listed in current medical textbooks; yes, MI5 really are hiding the truth of IEMP in the open.

Spying - It is possible for the person operating the technology connected onto you to hear vocal expression, the normal thought level and deeper subliminal levels of thought.


MI5 often give their enemies the Devil. This makes you encounter a murderous energy which can be survived. They also give you Death: this only comes out as physical death if you arenít aware of the real symbolism (ie. In the Tarot) which is actually positive transformation. They also give you the 10 of swords which results in being stabbed in the back very seriously and carefully set up.

MI5 also send energy forms into your soul which comes out in your life eg. An illness, years of torture, rape, sodomy, being sectioned or a car crash.

They also use ritual magic for evil; particularly Egyptian magic.

Using techniques originally intended for healing, they kill.

Psychic skills

MI5 abuse many psychic skills to spy, manipulate, dominate and control you. In particular they use the ability to shift their centre of consciousness into people, and all that that facilitates.





list of online texts by Marina Findlay
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