Is this all just a classroom to learn responsible creating?

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:11 pm    Post subject: Is this all just a classroom to learn responsible creating? Reply with quote

In this thread (, the main subject is of a type of person who "lacks conscience" and seems to only care about themselves - no matter the cost to the outside world...

Later on, related but somewhat off topic, a brief history of our universal roots is summarized. It goes so far to say that these warrior-invader-psychopaths (often dubbed "Dracos" or "Draconians" or "Reptillians" - and yes, I know there is a difference between all of these according to some definitions, but I'm trying to keep it under the same classification of energy for simplicity's sake), were PUT HERE IN THIS UNIVERSE by a "future race" called the clear people to test humanity... it is even alluded that this may be a joke of sorts to them, though it is often misunderstood as to what the punch line actually is...

When the above is taken in the context of self-responsibility and that we create and attract the events, actions, and feelings within our lives - what can this mean other than WE created these Psychopaths in order to learn and grow from them?

...I have deep feelings, and I've tended to be empathetic to the suffering of others... But I would just as quickly admit that, especially if we are each responsible for our own experience, that leaving those who are suffering to their own devices is in many cases the best course of action... Or in otherwords, to become slightly pyschopathic ourselves as we let those suffer the consequence of their own actions/thoughts...

I've seen myself as wanting to "awaken the world" because it was a path I wanted to follow - what greater reward then the spiritual freedom to be Oneself and to be connected with the Divine All That Is? Makes every tangible reward pale in comparison to the fruits of such a difficult labor IMHO... I felt everyone wanted the same thing as me, and that they just must not know of it, or have been brainwashed into forgetting about it, or have been blinded by the pain of confusion and separation from the Source...

But what if my wanting to awaken the world is creating this conflict inside myself? Is it better to just allow myself to surrender to the flow and let others have their way - even if the cost is the world I would desire to live in for myself?

...Personally, I've been nursing a resentment for a long time... No, it's not the Psychopaths - it's actually everyone who goes along with them! Everyone who fearfully clutches to their lives, their creature comforts, and their fleeting possessions, all the while saying, "Well, it's just the way it is and there's nothing I can do about it."

Bullshit. Evil or Very Mad

I would rather DIE then live the life of a slave anymore... and so, it should be an easy thing to do since I have nothing to be afraid of anymore... or do I?

To be completely honest, I'm not afraid of dying... but I am terribly afraid of repeating the same lesson and life experience over and over and over... I can almost feel and imagine myself being a martyr lifetime after lifetime, putting my devotion to God and my ideals before my very own life... for, when there is such corruption, blindness, and suffering within the world - SOMETHINGS gotta give! Either it's going to be our souls or it's going to be our bodies...

I've felt the world a dark dark place for a very long time, and have attempted suicide in many different ways - some direct and others less so... And yet, part of me has managed to hold on, saying that everything happens for a reason and that the universe is actually a beautiful and loving place if I just open myself to it...


Anyways, this is actually my point: I'm afraid what I have to learn from the Psychopaths is that they are my survival instinct that I've denied within myself... That rather than peacefully linking arms and letting the military-police-mafia kill us all off, that we should learn marksmanship, band together with other community-minded people, grow our own food, begin our own culture linked with the earth, and learn to USE our survival instinct to preserve the LOVE and ONENESS rather than let us become the victim of it...

What do YOU think? I could use some insight and perspective into this... Confused
"Peace comes from within; do not seek it without."
--Siddhārtha Gautama ("The Buddha")
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not a few of us think the chemtrail thing is a "test" or sorts. It tends to focus the thoughts on "clouds" which are often a metaphor for "thoughts." Therefore, actively engaging clouds and altering them is a metaphor for changing our own thoughts and learning to control our mental powers even to the extent of changing matter. I doubt the perpetrators of the project are enaging in the exercise with tese metaphysics in mind. They are probably just unwitting players with their own little agenda, but the upshot of the exerceis in the long run may be all about expanding human thought power.
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PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2011 5:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think that just questioning the status quo is the mark of a growing awareness. Appearing on this board is proof of that.
TrueAce, glad you're still with us. Smile Waking up seems to make one quite angry at first. Realizing we were lied to our whole lives. The anger goes away and is replaced by a feeling kind of like relief, and clear seeing and calm knowing. At least for me it did. Cool
Yes, testing has always been a fact of life it seems. It might take the form of emotional control, resisting inner temptation, or living under outward tyranny.
If it really is a battle for our minds I think we can rise to that challenge and win handily once we start to operate from love (your enemies) and not exteranalize our fear.
As far as TPTB goes. Are we going to give much attention/energy to the crap? Better to turn our backs. Shun the psychos. Create our own local systems of commerce and law. And finally, when threatened, let them know we are armed and will protect ourselves.
This mundane world is where it's at.
The truth is neither like this nor that.
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