British Geological Survey: Pole Shift Forthcoming

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:57 pm    Post subject: British Geological Survey: Pole Shift Forthcoming Reply with quote

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British Geological Survey: Pole Shift Forthcoming
28/02/2011 17:27:58

27/02/2011 By Ray

It seems now like it is going to happen. Yes! a pole shift. The Earth’s geomagnetic field is well known to anyone who’s ever used a compass. Such usage is typically on the surface of the earth, but it must be noted that the geomagnetic field permeates the planet itself and extends outward into space. At the surface of the Earth the field is proven by the behavior of the magnetite material, such as bar magnets, which when suspended and free to rotate, align themselves with the geomagnetic field. By theory and observation the magnetic field is believed to extend deep into the Earth, through the Earth’s mantle and into its outer core of what is believed to be molten iron.

The field also extends into space where it surrounds the Earth in what is termed a magnetosphere of which the Van Allen Belts are a part of. The first of these beliefs is that the Earth will actually tilt on its axis, as stated in the readings of Edgar Cayce and numerous other psychics. Look at it and compare it like the skin of an orange that is sliding round the fruit inside, and the crust of the Earth is predicted to move accordingly. And there is some evidence to support this: For example, the poles, over time, can make the planet “top heavy” with the accumulation of ice and thus, in conjunction with the natural wobble in the rotation of the Earth, combine with this to tip the axis over. Perhaps this would explain the Mammoths found in Siberia with frozen daisies in their mouths, and dead in their step. This could be an essential part of the ongoing Earth Changes that are preparing us for our great change. And now a British geological survey suggest just this.

The South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) is known to be growing in extent and spreading westwards from South Africa, as the Earth’s internal magnetic field rapidly weakens in this region. This may be early evidence of a forthcoming reversal in the direction of the Earth’s internal magnetic field. We do not know in detail precisely what occurs during such reversals, including the changes observed in the magnetic field and the time a reversal takes to complete. However these factors are important in knowing where the radiation risk may be increased and how the atmosphere might respond.

Earth’s magnetic field has had many highs, lows and reversals in its past. The last reversal was around 800,000 years ago. So the Earth is known to be able to re-generate its field and has done so during human prehistory. Understanding the development of the SAA may therefore be significant in understanding the reversal process and its impact on life and the natural environment.

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Pole shifts are very gradual and take hundreds of years to complete.

Definitely not an issue.
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