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PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 8:46 pm    Post subject: Newbie grandma shares experiences and asks questions Reply with quote

well i am new to this forum and only 3-4 months new to orgonite. The prices for orgonite objects on line are high so I have decided to make some. I have experienced synchronicitys, energy, and a little bit of scary stuff. I built three holy handgrenades. One has 6 crystals in it plus a copper spiral and the other two have 0ne crystal each no spiral but copper and mixed metal each. i built one tower buster because i had left over resin. I worked outdoors in the upper midwest so the resin is taking awhile to dry and is sticky. The 6 crystal hhg refuses to come out of the glass mold! Can I use it while its inside the glass mold? It seems as if it should work either way. i did spray wd40 on the inside of the mold before assembly.
When i was purchasing the resin and copper at the Home Depot 3 different clerks started talking to me about Tesla and Tesla coils, and were very helpful. The whole day was sort of magical that way from cashiers looking through their cash drawers for old pennies for me, going on a beautiful adventure to buy some crystals and then having good luck in purchasing some reasonable priced ones on line!
When I was sitting on the side porch mixing the resin and making the HHG's late at night, a small engined plane (I've never heard or noticed ANY around here before) seemed to be flying overhead often. Also it sure seemed as if large dark energy masses were coming towards me from every direction. I prayed and asked them to stay back as I was not used to them yet but I may have put some fear into the HHG's?
I do not feel the intenseness I felt when I had first put the copper coil, crystals, and metal in the glass to measure and get a feel for it. That night I could not sleep at all and had images of the coil around my son (whom I had asked the crystal that was in the middle of the coil to protect.) since I poured the resin and actually made the first HHG I do not feel that intensity or have the visions. Of course they are outside drying their stinky selves and I am inside since the pouring. Any input is appreciated. Any insight in charging these with intent also. Thank you.
Did I say that for no reason 3-4 months ago I became almost totally drawn to the topic of orgonite and making it? I am a Grandmother and a caregiver for an elderly relative and trying to support two households on pennies,,,lol! then out of nowhere an orgonite obsession! The spiritual blessings do roll in! Also people write that they start seeing ghosts, etc. I'd rather not. Is it a given when working with this stuff? thanks.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 5:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Don't worry, you have nothing to fear.
Orgonite does attract all types of energy, but you are protected by the very Orgonite drawing in these energies.
The planes were real. No coincidence. Most likely detecting a "hole" in the matrix, adjusting DOR energies to overwhelm your Orgonite.
That is also 1 reason for not feeling the energies as intensely as you did while pouring. The other reason is your own chi energy is getting used to the Orgonite boost. If not, you would still not be able to sleep.
Your intent seems fine. All you need. Unless there is something specific you are not achieving.

Great 1st pour Very Happy
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You will probably get more answers if you put your post in here ->

Have fun gifting Smile
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