HAARP or am I Implanted?

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:09 am    Post subject: HAARP or am I Implanted? Reply with quote

Hi I have had this ringing sound in my ear since being targeted by the NWO. It comes and goes. Am I implanted or is this HAARP? I did have this one episode where they gave me a fake heart attack and I was hospitalized and I could have been implanted then. Thanks!
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 6:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Likely it is implants. You do not need to be in a hospital to be implanted. You can be disabled w/ frequency weapons and given quick "smart" injections, that lodge in the body in the targeted area.
It could also be a psychic suggestion carrier wave. Often used in conjunction w/ implants, but does not rely on them completely, or necessarily.
Don't rule out abduction implants as well.
I know I have a lot to say about this...That is because it is happening to me frequently, and has been going on since I was an infant. For a long time I thought everyone was as heavily implanted as I am- doesn't seem to be the case.
I know I have dozens, possibly hundreds, of implants. I can remember some of the machines now, and some of the procedures.
Ask your higher self if you need to treat this problem as an implant. Dowse. Try to recall the memories of the procedures.
Strike back w/ your wand, or SP. Ask your wand to make all implants and psychic suggestions useless. Ask to reflect these attacks 1000x w/ love and light, placing responsibility to the attack initiator.
Boost daily to avoid becoming manipulated by these psychics and their tech.

Peace to all
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PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2011 7:04 am    Post subject: look for pro. w/ experience/referrals w/ implants locally Reply with quote

glad BL mentioned the ET implant angle. so crucial to keep in mind this ultimately, whether by apologist or directly, their presence and activities is/are the source of so much of the greater darkness in the world today. a darkness that is growing and building, you can feel the dissonance and discord building, especially, did you ever wonder or contemplate where this is coming from? where this influence that is cast upon people that pacifies and disables them, is really coming from? because its not all human generated.

re: the implants, I suggest you consider with discernment and patience what it would look for you to take an active, self determined, and sovereign of any manipulation in your life stance, and come from the place of self empowerment, responsibility, and direction setting in your own life.

1. find a local pro. psychiatrist/psychologist/social worker/pastor/dentist/MD/naturopath/energy healer/body work healer, etc. who has experience with these types of influence, manipulation, and implanting 'opportunities' type of things locally
they're going to be discreet but they're out there, could take a while. not something many can advertise for at this point obviously.

2. get referral from person above for anyone locally, or even regionally, who
or otherwise prevents implants and/or psychic influences from interfering

3. go see this person directly, get all the implants and influences directly dealt with, follow their advice if it resonates for you, for coming up with a protocol to end the influence and manipulation, piece by piece.
a. start with making a Protections list/script of things to say to yourself, while smudging with sage may be beneficial for you, with great intention that breaks and voids all contracts and agreements that may have been made, which do not hold your Higheset Good and Higher Purpose in life, at heart. say this with intention. repeatedly, 3-4 times, stating what is so. shout if you feel like you need to.
you may have to say this once / month for a few months to estabilsh and root it in your life.

4. pray, meditate, and ask with earnest intention, repeatedly, for weeks and months, possibly years ( consider peharps if you must make it a weekly guideline, such as on a checklist like the one here

ask, pray, cry if you have to, scream at the stars if you feel you want or need to, to create real need to know intentionality for your next steps clarity and inner guidance on how to become stronger and throw of the yoke of this oppression in your life.

gist: don't be victim.
don't assume everyone you're around/in contact with is a beneficial influence, on your life either. big mistake. you must become objective, to do so, you may have to be out of relationship (w/ partner or family or friends, or all of them) for a while.

don't just assume this influence is beneficial for you or anyone around you.

don't give in to any further attempts to con, deceive, or trick you into giving over your own sovereignty over your own life in the future. this is critical btw.

I can guarantee if its an abduction implant from an ET / foreign race, here intervening in human affairs, on our planet: that it is dark, deceptive/persuasive, permanent in its intent to control your entire life and the lives of those around you, and potentially--has the power and reach over most people's psyche--to make you crazy and/or kill you or those around you, influence instability and conflict in your relationship, etc. it is that dangerous. no joke.

Read: The Threat by David Jacobs, or any of his work actually. It is so very real and wrong and it happens everyday against peoples will. it is also secret in its true intent and actions, except for the few sightings reported/cases of abduction reported.

and there are many many missing people around the world who vanish, from all continents, without a trace. did you ever wonder where they all 'disappeared' to? and how?

do whatever it takes to get yourself free and clear, and in the open with what you must do next, to become stronger, more capable, and more in control of your spiritual path in life. and if you don't have a spiritual path and daily practice, begin with one of the one's that focuses on the mystical inner preparation of meditation, chanting, breath work, yoga, etc.. there are many, and there are teachers locally for many of us.

and begin cultivating that spiritual foundation in your life immediately, starting with the journey and experience within.

this means meditation (you can chant Om, Ya-Hey-Va-Hey, Na Rahn) before hand to quiet the mind down. this means prayer. this means journaling daily where you lost yourself and focus, and where you stayed with the current of direct inner knowing or Knowledge in your life and what you know you must do.

this is what has worked for people: get stronger, and you are a much less 'appealing' and 'receptive' target. build your mind up, your connection with your inner holy Spirit up, build your way out of this hole, step by step. and begin to refine out of your life neg. people and influences. just my feeling on it.

see how this all feels for you, what resonates. but the Spiritual development is key. and begins to impact and make you more capable, in my experience, in all other areas of your life too. so its very practical. and empowering in that sense as well.
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