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PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2011 8:39 am    Post subject: Essential Read. Free Online: The Allies of Humanity-Book 1 Reply with quote

" ...Over twenty years ago, a group of individuals from several different worlds gathered at a discreet location in our solar system near earth for the purpose of observing the alien intervention that is occurring in our world.

From their hidden vantage point, they were able to determine the identity, organization and intentions of those visiting our world and monitor the visitors' activities. This group of observers call themselves the "Allies of Humanity."

This is their report."

"Its all about freedom, never forget this" the Allies say, "your freedom, our freedom".

This is a strong experience to have; it could be really powerful for you.

Unlike most et-material sources, the Allies themselves are NOT and will not be on our planet, in our atmosphere, or contacting the human family at all.

This means, unlike those groups of races here on our native planet at this time, The Allies message is only impart their hard won wisdom and experience. They physically have never been on the planet, and will not. The Allies of Humanity don't come bearing trinkets and contacting individuals and leaders, etc. The Allies say its time for us to evolve out of tribal mindsets and values and conflict. For this to happen with stability and the prime directive of non interference, they realize we have to become strong on our own, and they will allow us to grow up on our own, without their interference on our planet.

This is a major difference in ethics, in agenda, and in tone of the Allies Briefings that stands in contrast to almost everything else you'll likely encounter out there by other well publicized authors. In my experience, the truth and confirmation borne out in my own experience of the Briefings, years after reading them, only compounds the importance and validity of Allies' core message of inner and outer freedom.

Beyond that the true Allies of Humanity want for us what they want for themselves, freedom to pursue their inner spiritual inclinations, freedom for creativity to flourish, and freedom from intrusion and conquest by outside, deceptive forces. There is no free lunch in the universe, we in the human family are the ones we've been praying for to turn things around, rarely do things change except by necessity: and now there is a planetary necessity for human contribution & cooperation and a new level of unity, born of need.

"Its all about freedom, never forget this" the Allies say, "your freedom, our freedom". No one is going to come save us, that is our job, that is why we're here, on the planet now, to work to become free.

--edit: Allies of Humanity Book 3 just released as an ebook download

The Great Waves Of Change is now a No Cost ebook download @

The Book of Spiritual Practices: 365 daily spiritual practices
Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing, no cost pdfs (2)

Optional -- My personal experience:

If you need a free / cheap hard copy (as I did) remember Interlibrary Loan at your local city or university library, it is usually free to use and check out a copy, if your library does not have a copy itself.
used online book stores like,, etc.

I feel this is the most essential perspective on the ET-UFO phenomenon present in the world today, detailing the ET interventionís connection to the greater darkness in the world, the growing dissonance among peopleís of the world, and the Allies themselves describe that an inner spiritual preparation is needed, at the level of reconnecting to spirit and bringing the sacred into our daily lives.

Probably the most important book I have ever read. A watershed event, spurred by a prayer for guidance.

What helped me a lot:
Fairly quickly beginning to take the Steps to Knowledge spiritual preparation.

The Way of Spirit and Knowledge can be started today, in 2 parts of the no cost pdf downloads at

This is not the only way of Knowledge in the world today, but for many, it may feel like a real homecoming.

For those who have not found a home in the traditions of the world, many are waiting to experience a book of practices like Steps to Knowledge and the New Message.
Its easily the clearest and simplest, step by step spiritual practice I have ever found, to prepare for a practical enlightenment, an enlightenment that calls you into action and ignites you, like a rocket booster, to push through ambivalence, fear, weakness and your past, into what you're here to do now, at this time. Perhaps for YOU it will resonate.

This is a self-study format spiritual practice, 365 daily steps to be taken and practiced by you. They are amazing, meant to be experienced and practiced by many, regardless of prior beliefs or religious traditions, it builds the core spiritual connection, starting where ever you're at.

It is not part of any existing tradition, and it is about bringing you closer to God and what God wants you to do in your life. It is about relationships, about higher purpose, destiny, and contribution to a changing planet.

----Suggested follow up reading

(~2-3 weeks after reading Allies of Humanity Book 1,
in this order perhaps, or the order which feels right for you)

1. Allies of Humanity Book 2 &
Allies of Humanity Briefings: Book 3
[url]same link:[/url]

2. The Threat by David Jacobs, PhD. -- first person experiences & accounts
(preferably don't read it immediately after the above books read it a month or so later; read only when calm, clear, stable in your life overall, not in a time of great transition or upheaval in other words. probably don't read it before bed either, its a day time read).

3. Living the Way of Knowledge: Building the Foundation for Becoming a Man or Woman of Knowledge in an Emerging World
free chapters: ing-in-an-emerging-world/

4. UFO's and the National Security State Vol. 1-3
Richard Dolan, MA

5. Greater Community Spirituality: A New Revelation
half book free here: ter1.php?bg=black

6. Above Top Secret by Timothy Good

7. The Reality and Spirituality of Life in the Universe -
4 chapters free ummers.html

Enjoy the journey this will take you on.

------Optional -- Possible aides:

Still your thoughts to truly feel & hear this: its not about answers.

it is a message intended to be felt, by you, in your heart, experienced....
not just thought about in the past-referenced surface mind
(try to set aside movies, tv/media conditioning to really experience this fresh.)


1. read deeply through and remain centered inside yourself spiritually in your awareness. there are layers of things being spoken of here, repeat readings will bear these out.

a. listen inside to Spirit within, for the truth of this to be revealed to you, in your experience

2. What are your pre existing views about the ET-UFO phenomenon?
write these down so you're aware of your own starting point, as you begin to read.

3. Start a deeper experiences daily journal, if you don't have one already.


1. after reading this, give yourself 2-3 weeks to digest and feel what this could mean for your life, be with your experience you may have

2. do not go into fear, judgment, ambivalence, or romanticization reactions to the ET-Intervention phenomenon, that will come from your surface intellect *

3. Listen within to Spirit, for the truth to be revealed to you, in your experience

4. Try to not take other's views & experiences as your own.

5. If you already have UFO-ET experience, see what you now know about them, things that may have come up for you. You could ask-pray in inner inquiry:

"Is there anything I need to know here?"
"What is the truth of this?"
"What must I do now?"

Here's how I was able to really be with this, after reading Allies 1 and starting Steps to Knowledge: I would think about it and be with it....

- in focused inquiry contemplation--like an active meditation
(taught incrementally in Steps to Knowledge) or
- in a stillness meditation practice, (how to in Steps to Knowledge) or
- in silence on nature walks, or
- in quiet down time/travel time/ time spent waiting in line/bus during your day, or
- in communing with your real deeper experience,
and deeper conscience of things in your life aka in reflection, daily reviews while journaling in the evening, logging insights and/or introspection.

* Note: some people get automatic negative intellect / emotion reactions from any et/ufo material, it stirs deep things for them, things avoided or unseen perhaps.

Some of them suspect they are ET abductees, some know they are abductees taken & manipulated against their will by ET, onto ufo craft. This is unfortunate, but very widespread circumstance; if this is the case, this material will shed light on what you felt and knew and experienced, yourself, and why you felt the way you did then, and still do now. the important thing, is not to seek answers, seek experience; with time and climbing to a higher vantage point, if you stay with your experience, understanding will emerge on its own naturally.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ty. will give It a read & some introspection.
Do no harm.
Humility is not a sign of weakness. Love, Truth, and Humility are powerful weapons to have in our arsenal. Selah.
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PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2013 10:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


thanks for the feedback on post.

what was your experience of the Briefings like?

feel free to PM me if you wish. curious about your experience.

recently tried to clean up orig. post. hard for me to be succinct with this one.
sorry ahead of time for that.
"Spirit is with me, where am I?" Step 2,
STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE: The Book of Inner Knowing

A profound gift of empowerment from the Creator.
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