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PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2011 10:05 pm    Post subject: discover the secret of the In-Between(vid link) Reply with quote

VId link- scroll down & tick box for free access to listen to video. 02.06 mins.

When reality becomes something more than you thought
it could ever be . . .

"Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of
places if you look at it right."

This is not an imaginary world where you live out imaginary
lives. This is real and its an extraordinary experience that will
change your life forever.

For thousands of years shamans and mystics have known that
alternate realities co-existed with this one. Many used
hallucinogens to get access to these states of consciousness.

This is where most researchers stop and assume that is how
they do it. But what most researchers do not realize is that
those same shamans through many hallucinogenic experiences
eventually learned what parts of their brains were being accessed
and over time they learned how to turn it on at will!

They secretly shared this knowledge with a select few, but what
if you had access to a technique to enter these realities without
ever using hallucinogens?

Imagine an easy technique that allows you to have these experiences
first hand! If you desire the experience, you can learn this method
in a very short period of time.

Hallucinogens can be overwhelming and may cause psychological
melt downs, mental and psychical discomfort, and even vomiting.
And the body often feels assaulted by the chemical concoction and
attempts to expel it.

But the In-Between method is unique and allows you to enter these
states without the negative backlashes.

Plus, your recollection and understanding of your experience is multiplied

By learning to mentally apply our technique, your brain releases precise
amounts of DMT that are naturally stored in your brain. This allows you
to enter into higher states of consciousness under complete control.

While you may at some point experience mild nausea because your body
has not yet become accustomed to this state of conciseness, it will pass
quickly. And you will learn techniques that allow you enter and exit this
state of consciousness at will.

You will learn to enter a dimension that overlaps this one. Unlike programs
or techniques that require you to lay down, relax, and imagine other realities,
you will be fully awake and physically exploring your environment.

Let us be perfectly clear. At no time are you required to imagine that you
are somewhere else.

Are you ready to expand your consciousness?

Good journeys my friend,

Eric Robison
Author of Bending God: A Memoir



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